Saturday, January 18, 2020

Sims 4 Playthrough: Get Famous Part 2

Last we left off, I was questioning my mortality while Cassidy played chess with Brittany Ceja. You might remember the fact I fought the mother plant with her - although I'm pretty sure she was a young adult, just like Cassidy still is, at the time.

Brittany leaves, but I keep playing by myself for a little while longer.

My bills get delivered, and I pay all 8,000 simoleons of them. Yargh. It's all the artifacts I keep holding onto... the dangers of collecting, I s'pose. In the meantime, I max my logic skill. Heck yeah!

With that, I head home. Time to take care of Dusty and then do... whatever else, I guess.

Apparently, there's a famous celebrity at the lounge - Orchid A-Go Go - so that's where I go. I perform the comedy routine I've got written - fame! - and then hang out.

I get a really creepy message from Roger Barajas...

-backs away slowly-
I then chat with the person who invited me. She leaves before I can ask her if she's a mermaid. RIP.

I sing a song with an overwhelmingly positive reaction. I want fans to ask me for pictures please. Aaaa.

I then go ahead and write another comedy routine, because why not, right?

A fan attempts to bribe her way in...
And there's a fight.
When I finish writing it, I go ahead and perform it.

I get a call to make a generous donation to charity, and OF COURSE I do so.

I drink another energy celebruserum - again, just to GET RID OF IT - and wait for someone - anyone - to ask for a selfie with me....

I level up my acting skill, because apparently I can practice acting at the microphone. Sweet. At level two, I stop practicing.

The trash can outside has been knocked over, so I scavenge for parts in the trash and then pick up everything. Why not, right? I go back inside (it's raining like crazy) and play a song on the guitar. Someone ask me for a selfie. Please.

While waiting, GeekCon starts and I get invited. Let's do it, why not?

Rocket Time
Meanwhile, I notice that I have the quirk 'public number' (...yaaay .-.) and I decide to spend my extra fame point on 'Networking'.

So that makes my quirks

  • Refined Palate
  • Public Number
And my perks
  • Giving Back
  • Established Name
  • CelebuSerum
  • Noticeable
  • Networking
All pretty cool.

I spend the entire GeekCon building the rocket, but nevertheless... IT IS BUILT. And my rocket science skill is now level 3, almost level 4.

Someone asks me for a selfie, and then, JUST before GeekCon ends... I use the rocket ship.

I head home now, planning to take a shower. I really need the Forever Fresh trait, but it's 8,000 points and I only have 5,000. RIP me.

I take the shower, love on Dusty, and jam on the guitar to fulfill a whim. Then I do a figure painting on the easel just cuz.

Winterfest is tomorrow! So I change out my large window and replace it with a small one so I can fit in a fireplace. And then I buy an evergreen tree and decorate it. So much fun.

I sell my painting to a collector. Then I rummage for decorations, get them all set up, decorate the fireplace...

Aw yis, it looks good. Very holiday.

I authenticate the artifact sent to me from the museum and get some fame and a decent price for it.

Winterfest is here! When it gets closer to 8, I'm gonna start up a party and cook a Grand Meal for people. So much fun~

I walk and then bathe Dusty, making sure he's all taken care of. I do some gardening as well. At about 3, I start the party and then start making the meal. I host a dinner party, which is usually goaled, but there's no goals during the holiday. Which - thank. goodness.

Since I'm in Sulani, I go ahead and make a fish dinner. Om nom. Father Winter arrives just before the party ends, and I get my present. Then... everyone says goodbye as it ends, leaving me to clean up alone. RIP.

Winterfest ends at 2 AM with a resounding success! I take a shower, because I'm dirty now - after, of course, feeding Dusty.

I authenticate an artifact sent to me from the museum for the money and the fame. Father Winter gifted me a new fridge, so I give the old one to a fan cuz why not, right?

I drink a fun celebuserum since my fun need is getting low, then update my social media stuff. Gotta boost that fame, yo.

I paint a 'mathematical diagram' since I'm focused, then head off to work.

...Except I don't actually go and earn zero dollars but it says I've done work??? What???


I go ahead and survey ocean wildlife, then head out with Dusty. We go for a jog around Ward Park, and... well, there's paparazzi and fans.

I get a call about a world-famous circus, and who am I to pass on the opportunity?

Paparazzo gets a picture of me loving on my dog.

Back home, I take a shower. Then I do some gardening. C'mon, I wanna level up xD I don't, but when the garden's all taken care of I fulfill a whim by walking Dusty.

I then just talk to plants, trying DESPERATELY to level up my gardening skill. I wanna max it, dangit! I make it to the next level, level eight, and call that good for today xD I play with Dusty some more, and then I'm off to work.

When I get back, despite the fact there's a thunderstorm, I go ahead and survey wildlife. Dolphins arrive and so I play with a dolphin a bit. Yay dolphins! I get a call to go head down to a talent showcase at the Stargazer Lounge, so I do.

I sign up to perform, just playing the guitar. And then since I don't have to get off the stage, I sing a song on the microphone, Because I Can.

I sing a duet with the person who invited me, AND THEN FINALLY, THE LAST SIM I NEED... asks me for a selfie. Now all I need to do is boost my fame that last little bit and we're in business, baby!

Ah yes, facing the wall: the only way to perform.
All that done, I head back home. I didn't actually succeed at surveying ocean wildlife - possibly because it was raining crazily - so let's go do that.

(As a side note, I did so well at karaoke I got a 'songbird deluxe' moodlet. Which. Nice.)

It fails AGAIN, but my work task is completed so I go ahead and move on with my life. I paint, in hopes to sell the painting for both fame and money.

Dusty ends up being sick, so I rush off to see the vet and hope that I get holiday pay for New Year's Eve.

I mop while I wait, and get Dusty the most expensive treatment. I love my dog, dangit! Once cured, I head back home and get ready to throw a late night New Year's party.

I decorate and make a resolution (to complete an aspiration milestone, which I am SO CLOSE to doing), and then decide to chill until about 8 o'clock when I'll get the party started.

I do some gardening and then paint, trying to get my fame up.

I get my mail, authenticate an artifact for the museum (or whatever), give said artifact back for fame and money, drink and inspired celebuserum, and then paint some more.

I complete my resolution and level up my ambition. HELL yes.

Now, I need to:
  • Sign three autographs
  • Get 25 positive responses from inciting cheers
  • and become a five-star celebrity
I'm hyped, honestly.

I try out the 'shoot nature documentary' I have for Cassidy. When I get back, I invite people over so we can celebrate the new year properly.

New Year's Eve ends up being disappointing, but I try my best. And then I try to take a shower.


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