Friday, January 24, 2020

Sims 4 Playthrough: Get Famous Part 4

I ended on my new house, but I forgot to mention: I used 'Quirky Family Shell' by Peanut1330 from the gallery for the base and then HEAVILY edited it, and I gave the house the lot traits of 'Celebrity Home' (I'm a celebrity!), 'Home Studio', and 'Great Acoustics'.

I start off by looking for frogs in a log behind the house and grabbing some stones from a rock. I get a striped dart frog and throw it in the house, then take care of my garden and order a packet of uncommon plants. I get three lilies from it and plant two of them.

The welcome wagon for Glimmerbrook arrives. Remembering my mistake back in Sulani, I go ahead and let everyone inside.

Work starts in the middle of the welcome wagon, and so... we're off!

The joys of fame: zero costuming.
After steering the wheel, doing a sword fight, flirting, and finally performing a vampire bite scene, I'm done with gold. I also did all of the risky versions and leveled up to acting level three. (:

I introduce myself to my costars with my remaining time, though I'm pretty sure I could leave early. When it ends, I have 1300 more simoleons to my name and have earned a promotion. :D My next gig is Critters from Mauven Forest.

I start by practicing the guitar, and then I have to get into a playful mood and do funny interactions with people to 'research playful emotion'. Hmm. When I'm done with the guitar, I'm level nine and I fulfill a whim to upgrade a dryer. Done. I license the song I wrote for the guitar... now to just get singing to level nine. Licensing the song gets me to level five celebrityhood, which means all that I need to do now is get people to have positive responses to my cheers.

Holy moly.

With my three fame points, I get 'Star Treatment' and 'Easy Street' (these feel so... cheat-y), then 'PR Agency' because nothing else really seems all that interesting.

I decide to craft a bunch of furniture on the woodworking table.

I want to be a down-to-earth famous person.
I also level up to level seven handiness skill while make said furniture objects.

Once I make the furniture things and love on Dusty, I watch the comedy channel to try and get that playful mood.

My confident moodlet from woodworking is Too Powerful, so I go ahead and take a bubble bath as well to try and boost the playfulness further.

It works!

I take Dusty to Ward Park in Del Sol Valley to do my tile ceremony on Starlight Boulevard. My timing is poor, however... I'm going to miss Mua Pel'am's turtle hatching ceremony. Aaahh... oh well, I guess.

I incite some cheers, because you know, gotta finish that ambition yo. After getting 23/25 positive responses, I go and do some playful interactions with Reiko (since she showed up) in an attempt to complete my work tasks. In the process, I level to comedy five.

I do two more 'incite cheers' and... complete my ambition! HALLELUJAH. I become a 'fan favorite' with my extra perk.

Since I've completed my aspiration, I select a new one: 'Academic'.

That's right baby, we're headed to University!

University Time

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