Thursday, January 23, 2020

Sims 4 Playthrough: Get Famous Part 3

To start off with, I use my two fame points to give myself 'Rally' and 'Career Hopper'.

I then buy the 'forever fresh' trait, meaning only the fun and social needs decay for me now. I'm so close I can taste it. To what? I don't know, convenience?

Prank day pops up and I invite someone over so I can get into some mischief. I reach level two and complete the goals for the day. Then I chat some with the person I invited. Woo.

Someone invites themselves over so I chat with them when Brittany leaves, fulfilling some whims while I hang out and all of that.

You know... going someplace might be a good idea. Boost my fame some, incite cheers, sign autographs...

Once the uninvited guest leaves, I head off to San Myushuno and the Waterside Warble. Karaoke!

I incite some cheers, sing some songs... to be honest, I'm having a blast. I sign some autographs, then a karaoke contest starts, so OF COURSE I participate.

I end up scoring 85/100 points. Meh.

I order a 'sea of fire' from the bar and then try inciting some more cheers. I win the karaoke contest, which. Yay!

I sing a duet with someone I know a little bit, getting myself some fame in the process. By the time prank day ends, I have 13/25 positive responses from inciting cheers.

I head on over to Del Sol Valley again, hanging out Studio PBP. I bring Dusty, cuz why not? They can't stop me, I have four stars of fame!

Before entering, I ask Dusty to go potty and then take a long walk. Finally, I hang out on Starlight Boulevard (or whatever it's called) and play some songs on my guitar.

I get a whim to earn fifty simoleons in tips, so I just start practicing it. Once I reach fifty I stop and head back home after doing one last 'incite cheer'.

At home, I take care of my bees and do some gardening. Someone calls me to make a donation to charity, so I do. I take care of Dusty, and end up teaching him not to jump on counters. Yay!

La'ei invites me to the Humor and Hijinks Festival, so I head on over.

After a moment of debate, I decide to join the pranksters so I can work on my mischief skill. In general, I lean towards more harmless pranks. Pranksters win, so I get a voodoo doll, some fireworks, and 500 simoleons. As a bonus, I got my mischief skill from level two to level five.

I light my fireworks off to complete the wish for the outing and thus have a successful one. Yay (:

My personal ones went off too fast for me to capture it, so have a big view.
Once the festival's over, I fulfill a couple of whims and then busk at the little station that's set up where I'm at. All of the Humor and Hijinks festival stuff is gone, of course.

However, the busking station soon disappears. So after only a short time, new things are up... including a floor mural. I decide to paint a cultural mural on it, and enlist the help of the individual who invited me to the festival in the first place. (That is, 'Paint Cultural Mural Together')

She ends up leaving to go to the bathroom or whatever else, but slowly the mural takes shape. Honestly, Sims can have some cool things.

Once that's done, I head back home.

I get a wish to take Dusty for a walk, so I do, and then I 'pamper on couch'.

A girl and her dog
I take a celebuserum, check my mail, and then start painting. Another figure painting of course :P

While painting, I also get a very special notification...

HELL yes. Now to just max out my career... I've given up on finding mermaids lol. But when I max out my career, I can work a different job :P

Reiko invites me to her birthday party while I'm authenticating an artifact, but I don't want to miss her party, so I head on over.

...particularly since, apparently, her party takes place at MY house. Okay then.

She doesn't like my gift of a firework (rude) so I try giving her a bunch of simoleons instead. THAT, she is much happier about.

I show off some of Dusty's tricks too.

The party: a caterer, Reiko herself, me, and Dusty.
When the party's all done and Reiko's aged to elder, I research some of the plants in my garden, just to have something to do with my time.

By the end of it, work's started. I head to work. When I get back home, I check my mail and then go ahead and do the 'survey ocean wildlife' task. I also buy a lottery ticket, since today is the lottery, apparently.

I also get my final promotion! I'm going to go to work just one more day, then quit my job and focus on selling various things for my money. Right now, I want to finish my current aspiration before I get a new one for UNIVERSITY and explore that.

Dusty is getting dirty, so when I get back I give him a bath. I then upgrade the tub to be self-cleaning, cuz why not?

When I finish upgrading the tub, I upgrade the toilet too. Note to self: bring tub and toilet WITH me when I next move. When the toilet's upgraded, it's off to work.

Once I get home... I quit my job. Sweet freedom! I do some gardening, take care of my bees, and then research plants and up my gardening skill to level nine. Woohoo.

I turn to painting once more, upping my painting skill, getting some fame, AND earning money in the process.

Since I AM working on fame, I decide to actually rejoin a career - this time, as an actress. My gigs will pay higher since I'm already a little bit famous, AND I should progress pretty fast in the career in general.

I join the Everyday Extras talent agency and immediately look for a gig. I sign up for Dead Sea Adventures right away, hoping to get on the higher price end, and then decide to head on over to a gym to boost my fitness skill by working out, since that's a job task.

Being famous, I acquire a crowd just by working out. In the yoga room, I practice acting... and also switch out the fake mats for real ones since I have Spa Day.

No regard for anyone, exactly like a celebrity.
When I finish that task, I try inciting some cheers. I get a couple of positive responses, bringing me to 16/25 cheers. Nine left!

In the meantime, I practice some singing to get myself some fame. Why not, right? A yoga class starts, and I decide to join, thus unlocking the wellness skill. Woo. After the yoga class, I hang out in the lobby and practice guitar because I can.

Once I reach level eight guitar skill, I switch to practicing singing so I can reach level eight there, too. With both guitar and singing at level eight, I can start writing songs, so I decide to compose a song on the guitar.

In the middle of that, I get invited to the spice festival and so I head out to check it out. I harvest the plants at the festival and then buy some ingredients to fulfill my goal for the outing.

Then, knowing I'll fail, I enter the curry competition. Despite my low skill, I somehow manage to eat the curry. Nice!

I drink a celebuserum before hanging out in the karaoke bar and doing some karaoke. It's raining out there, dangit!

Afterwards I head home and continue writing the song on my guitar. I had a small glitch with it, but apparently just... taking the guitar out of my inventory and writing songs from there works. Still. Annoying.

Aaandd it turns out I can't license my songs until level nine, rip me. Duly noted. Once I write the song, I authenticate an artifact and feed Dusty, then take the pup on a walk.

I am feeling the urge to move. So... I store the things I want to keep, sell the things I don't, bulldoze the lot... and move on out.

I move to Glimmerbrook Watch in... I'm sure you know where. I take full advantage of basements, this go-round... particularly because the lot is smaller AND I want to keep the trees.

I ended up not keeping the trees, and... accidentally ended up deleting ALL of my collectibles. I'm upset about that, but... hey, the house looks nice, and now that I'm not collecting things I don't need a basement.

Part Four (Finale)

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