Saturday, January 25, 2020

Sims 4 Playthrough: University Part One

When we last left off, Cassidy had become the pinnacle of fame. She went ahead and did one last acting gig (that I didn't type about) and did some skill-building. On Monday, Roger Barajas - a scientist - ended up dying. He was one of the three I fought the Mother with, so this is... sad. Cassidy ends up becoming 'very sad' from it and gets the Emotion Bomb quirk. I also painted a masterpiece on Tuesday and got my skill in singing to level nine so I can now license lyrics and leveled my painting skill to level nine as well. That's it for things of note.

Time to apply... to University! I send out three scholarships (Glimmerbrook Resident, cooking skills, future star) and then my 75 simoleon application. Now... to wait.

Someone invites me to a party at the bluffs, so I head out.

I swan dive into the pool and then do laps.

Dancing gets me a whole group watching me. Spoopy.

I also light off some fireworks since I still have those. During the fireworks opening, I get the "fan" mail quirk. How... delightful.

You can guess what happened here, I'm sure.
Despite being burnt and having stink lines, paparazzi still want pictures of me so I pose. Okay then.

When the party ends I leave, changing into clean clothes. Then I take Dusty on a walk, fulfilling a whim and giving the boy some attention.

Josephina Rojas shows up after I paint, tend to my bees, and garden some, so I go ahead and invite her inside to do some socializing.

Also, as a note: My famous sim, since level three, kept 'react with disgust' to EVERYTHING. It's a fame thing, it's an Issue. There are some mods out there for it, none of them updated. So I risked this save - that I would be miserable to lose - to test one: Coolspear on the Sims Asylum has the best ones, and I now have 'no bah humbug after fan interactions' (hugging, autographs, etc) and 'no react in digust'. They work and my save is undamaged.

She leaves after some brief socials, so I do more bee care (applying a mite treatment) and get honey. It's all excellent quality, and I just sell it because I'm lame and also want money. The log and dirt clump have respawned, so I get stuff from that (an eggplant frog and

That reminds me... new DLC, new outfits. I change clothes. I have a whim to do laundry when I get back, so... I do.

While that's going on, I write lyrics to an 'Epic Ballad' on the guitar. Which reminds me that I need to buy and place a piano...

I manage to squeeze the piano and a music-mixing station into the house.

After I finish writing the songs, I feed Dusty, tend to my bees, and then garden. I max out the skill... and hire a gardener. Because, uh, yeah.

Love Day also starts, but like... I don't want to get Cassidy romantically involved with anyone yet. I end up loving on Dusty enough to fulfill 'Romantic Spirit' so... that's cool.

I also craft another garden planter on the woodworking station, so I have enough space to grow some more flowers.

I am enjoying having two spawns right behind my house, because I look for yet another frog (surfer leaf) and dig once more.

I win all of my three scholarships, and get a University acceptance letter. It's Time to head out!

I head to Britechester, choosing Language&Literature and taking four classes this semester. Four total terms and I'll get the degree - and then I think I'm going to try out a science degree at Foxbury. Might as well be well-rounded, right?

However, I run into a problem: since Dusty is at home, I can't move out! Let's... table my University dreams, and see about getting a roommate to live with me so I can go and live on campus.

As small as it is, I'd totally be happy to live there. It has everything I need: a big window, a dresser, a bathroom, a Murphy bed (so it turns into a couch), and a desk with a computer...

The room is, essentially, a tiny home... aaanndd I forgot to wallpaper it. RIP.

I prune the bonsai I bought to fulfill a wish and gain the flower-arranging skill. So much for saving it for new skill day :P

I get the urge to produce a new track on the music mixer, so I do. Dusty... does not like the music mixer. Poor puppy.

I calm him down and then go and take him on a walk. I also finally get around to buying the 'Needs No One' trait, meaning the only need I have to worry about now is my fun need. Nice.

After I make a couple of paintings (including a mathematical diagram I keep), I bathe Dusty. I'm really just waiting for someone to respond to the roommate advertisement.

I'm gardening when I'm startled by a RANDOM PERSON IN MY HOUSE.

But, turns out, this is my future roommate! Cool beans.

After doing some Talk Like a Pirate Day interactions with her and getting us on good terms, I accept her as my new roommate.

I try out one flower arrangement, and then once more attempt to head to college.

...Nope, still no dice. So, with that being said... I go ahead and ask Samantha to join the household. Why not, right?

At last, FINALLY, I am off to University!

Here we go (:

I have zero simoleons because for some reason it wouldn't let me transfer any over, so off I go to earn some money. I also didn't even have to pay 200 out of pocket because of my qualifications and scholarships, so that was nice.

I head out to the quad to practice guitar for tips.

After a couple of hours of this, I give up and switch gears and go to UBrite Commons.

I go ahead and practice singing on the microphone, once more hoping for tips.

After I get over a hundred simoleons, I decide to work on my homework so I can be all prepped for classes on Monday.

It turns out to be a terrible idea because of how busy and crazy it is, so I head back to the dorms so I can actually get to work.

Summer starts while I start on the third class's homework. Woo, summer. Also, she uses a different, random desk every time instead of the desk that should be 'hers'. Maxis, allow us to assign Sims to desks plox.

I also get my royalties, so I actually have a decent amount of money.

After doing all my homework, my fun need is super low, so... time to go to the bar, maybe? Let's go have some fun! I also leveled up my writing skill to level nine. :)

Before I leave, I buy a bicycle and a 700 simoleon course book. uuughh. Maybe be a little LESS realistic, Sims.

I go ahead and dance the Rumbasim there. Wish I brought a boombox so I could dance in my dorm :P

Once I fill my fun need, I head back to the dorm.

Back there, the statue's been covered in TP, so I take it down. I then practice singing for more tips. I get zero tips, but max my singing level so that's pretty legit. I switch to practicing guitar. There are very few people around because it's past midnight in the Sims, but maybe I'll get some tips anyway. We'll see.

I max out my guitar skill and stop playing guitar. Now to figure out what to do from 4:30 AM until 11, when my class starts...

I decide to study for The Write Expectations - my first class - with my coursebook, and a fan comes and asks me for an autograph during (which of course I do). At ten, I kill the studying and see if I can't go to class early - nope, no can do. Time to wait...

When done, I get a head start on the homework for that class until the next class starts.

I go to class, my fun is WRECKED, so I drink a fun celebuserum and go back to doing homework. Yaaay. .-. Homework brings me to charisma level eight, and then I'm upset because the serum wore off.

I upload a viral video on the one computer in the dorms, then go ahead and play some Blicbloc. After blicbloc, I study for my classes of today. After studying, I'm off to class. In between, I do homework... and after, more homework.

My fun need is low, so let's head back to the dorms and watch some TV.

And this is where I end this part, because it's gotten a bit long.

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