Sunday, March 25, 2012

Collin Raye - If You Get There Before I Do

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Messed Up World

Don't you point an accusing finger,
I'm not the only one to blame.
Don't you think you're the only victim,
Because I've been hurt too.
And the person on the roof,
They're going to end up dead because,
Of something everyone did or didn't do.
And the person in the car,
They're going to go home and cry,
Because nobody cares when it's you.

Don't you scream and say I'm wrong,
Because I've been doing my best,
Don't you dare think you're perfect,
Because you're broken too.
And the person on the floor,
They're never going to rise because,
People let them lay there.
And the person in my heart,
They're going to go home and pray,
Because there's got to be a God somewhere.

But what kind of God would let this world die?
Because it's so messed up,
And babies get beaten up 'til they die,
Loose a life before it's even begun.
But there's got to be a God out there,
Because even though it's so messed up,
People are still willing to die,
People are still willing to pray.

But what kind of person would not give up?
Because it's so hopeless,
And people get shot because they're different,
None of us perfect but someone hates me,
But there's got to be some hope out there,
Because even though people give up,
I'm still willing to try,
I'm still trying to pray.

And sometimes the words don't come straight through,
And sometimes my heart is dead even though they do,
And sometimes I give up before I try,
And I wonder what makes you think,
I'm wrong and you're right,
When there's six billion people all living here,
And only one million manage to agree on anything.

So here's the facts, here's what I need to say,
There's not a single time it's been okay.
But people are still trying,
And people are still believing,
And none of it is black and white,
And we're all put to shame.

But I believe in a God out there,
And all the gods are really just the same,
A way to hold tight to a little piece of faith.
And I don't care what name He goes by,
All I know is He's there, somewhere.
And I'm not saying you're wrong,
Because I know you're not,
This world cannot be black and white,
And everyone's wrong and at the same time right.

So I will hold tight to the faith,
And I will hold on to my hope,
And it will be hard, I know,
When all I wanna do is leave the hard stuff for the heroes,
But what happens if I'm the only hero left?
Or maybe the hero is you?
One of these days I'm going to be a hero,
Because everyone ends up a hero to someone,
And then in the end everyone dies.

But even though this world is hard,
And even though I'm too small and too young,
I can make a difference for someone.
But even though this world is messed up,
I'll love instead of hate,
I'll believe instead of doubt,
And I'll find the words to pray.

There is a God somewhere,
And there is me right here,
All my convictions come from somewhere,
All of my dreams come from me.
All of my heart goes to somewhere,
All I believe goes to someone bigger then me.