Saturday, September 8, 2018

Best Foot Forward

Here I am, walking the tightrope again;
It's one foot forward (best foot forward)
And hoping like a nightmare, fingers crossed
That I don't fall like I have before.

I can almost reach the sun
I can almost open my wings to fly -
I'm no Icarus, there's no 'too close'
I just have the need to be free.

I am twelve steps away from the edge
And a deep breath from coming back down
I'll write my words on my skin
If only to remember who I am.

There is a puzzle I know I'll never solve
And sometimes life is being okay with that.
In some ways, I am so infinitely small
But then, infinity never began.

I am a flower not yet bloomed,
I am a pearl still hiding in the clam;
Don't forget me, don't regret this -
Tomorrow the sun will rise again.

Here I am, at the end of the tightrope.
Best foot forward and despair behind me.
Hope was a nightmare but I made it here
Though I've fallen before.

I've opened my wings to fly
And danced in starlight and sunlight alike -
There's no need to be afraid of day or night
When the universe is on your side.

I am twelve steps away from triumph
And a deep breath away from fear
I've written my words on my skin
And I do remember who I am.

Somehow the puzzle, impossible, I've solved it;
But I'm still okay with the ones I haven't.
In some ways, I am so infinitely big.
But then, infinity never ends.

I am a rose the likes of which you've never seen,
I am a string of pearls that are stories;
Don't regret this, I won't forget this -
And today the sun rose again.