Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Thanks for the Free Sites

Oh yes.  Websites that don't cost money.  Maybe for additional feautures, but the basics... Nope.  No money used!
Furcadia, Neopets, proboards, and more.  The places that let you create or make friends or learn things.
This is just a "THANK YOU" from a member of several websites who complains about updates.  In the end, I really appreciate what ends up going on.
I suppose I'm really focussing on Neopets and Furcadia, as these were the websites where I learned to roleplay and began to come into myself.  And have been signed up to off-and-on for about, what, six or seven years now?
Holy fudge I feel old.

I also notice that they tend to be obsessively harrassed, to the point of rudeness.  Well, this is just to let them know that I appreciate the updates.  Even if some of them drive me up a wall and makes me want to try and take over the company.
I want to take some space out of *my personal blog* to just say thank you, and put a message up where they can see it.  Yeah, you're not perfect.

But honestly?  Thanks Furcadia.  Thanks Neopets.
You're still free.

If you know anyone who works for Furcadia and/or Neopets, please direct them to here!  I just want to brighten up people's day
(and become famous... *shifyeyes*)