Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Tell Me I'm Good

Tell me I'm lovely, and worthy, and good,
Tell me you love me, and adore me, and should.
Tell me I'm beautiful, tell me I'm right,
Today is a day when the doubts I can't fight.

Tell me you've known me, and will know me for years,
Tell me that it's okay, you'll protect me from my fears.
Tell me that when I'm about to give up hope,
You'll tie me together with glue, tape, and rope.

I'm slowly beginning to fall asleep,
The darkness around me, and still I weep,
For the things that I've hidden and the things that I've learned,
And for every word said to me, it seems I have burned.

So as I rest, and as I change my mind,
I will remain here, loyal and kind.
To be forgotten and used, disbelieved and disliked,
At the end of the days, my own head on a pike.

Tell me you'll linger and not take me for granted,
Tell me that one day life will be enchanted.
Tell me that happiness will come if I wait,
And then to show me open up the filling gate.

Tell me if the world is snow white,
Or if the black has taken away the bright.
Tell me that by tomorrow I'll have found a friend,
And that THIS relationship may never end.

It seems I am fighting a lonely battle,
In which I am herded, a part of the cattle.
So tell me I've done even better than 'well' ,
And let me remember when my smile fell