Monday, September 5, 2016


So I went to the bathroom just before I passed out, right...


There was a spider.

Scared the crap out of me because I was all "la la la la!" and relaxed and chilling and then


So I watched it and it stayed where it was, right, all chill. So I washed my hands and stuff and then I thought...

Could this spider be the same one I saw almost a month ago?

It LOOKS very similar. I know like two days ago I saw an earwig when I was taking my shower and then it was gone later.
did it... eat the earwig?

Did it hide, knowing that the spider that stayed in plain sight for like two weeks got killed by my mom even though I was warming up to him pretty well?

Did it stay away, knowing I am afraid?

Is it.... a friend?

Man I don't know but I kinda hope that is the case because I would totally rather have a spider eating all the earwigs and shit than anything else in my bathroom.

So I'm just gonna... leave it.

We're chill, spider bro. Just don't climb in my shower, or let my parents see you.