Saturday, December 29, 2012


Wait, why am I linking a blog?  It's my blog.  My secondary blog.  Don't go "NOOO!".  It's where I'll be putting any new stories I write.  This way, I can focus on silliness, poems, and deep thinking.  Hopefully more silliness and deep thinking.
So yeah.  Go poke around there.  No stories yet (at the time of writing this), but I write so much that there should be something soon.


Sunday, December 23, 2012

But You Hurt Me Too

Somehow you read my mind,

Now I’m thinking about this all the time.

You took my hand, and flew with me,

You taught me how to dream.

It was one night, years ago,

That made it all become something more.

I leaned in close, I didn’t let go,

My whole world was changed.

It was the touch of lip to lip,

The passion of an instant when you cry,

But yesterday, a little slip,

And it broke down and died.

Since I’m not seeing you, this is the best I can do,

I’m sorry for saying the wrong thing,

I never wanted to hurt you…

But you hurt me too.