Saturday, January 28, 2012

Gravitating Towards Hate

The morals and religions of this world are probably the most difficult to decipher, the most easy to misunderstand, the most likely to bring hate towards each other.  But why?  It's not right to hate someone because of hair, or skin, or eyes, or religion.  Religion is possibly the biggest reason we find to hate.  But it's not religion.  To those who offer acceptance and hope that others can be saved or protected or what-have-you according to their religion's doctrines without shoving it down other people's throat, religion is a peace of mind.  It's a guiding light; it's something to believe in.  However, when it comes to religion things can be drastically different from one to another.
But let's be honest.  If there was no religion, none whatsoever, people would find other ways to hate and to control and to be greedy.  Religion has nothing to do with any of the world's problems.  It's human error.
Yet because of religion we are seperated and hateful.  I'm not saying everyone.  I don't care who the freak you are or what religion you practice, you're still a human.  And I know other people like this.
However, it seems to be the theme.  We hate on each other in the streets, over the phone, over the internet, over television even.  Everything we can is a weapon of hate.  We're even preaching the wrongness and horribleness (often made up from lack of better knowledge) of other religions in THE PLACES OF WORSHIP (or lack thereof).
Like I said, I'm not saying everyone is doing this.  I'm generalizing (ouch.  that's not a good idea).  I know my church at least doesn't preach of the wrongness and horribleness of other religions, just the truth and goodness of our own.
But the people who think 'join or die' or that 'Christianity is a religion of hate' or what-have-you (all those extremists!)  put a bad name on religion.  These MINORITY groups cause yet more hatred, because, "If these are like this, then the rest must be the same."
It's like saying that just because I'm white, I hate every black or vice versa.  Just because a small group does, doesn't mean the whole does.  Even big groups don't mean this!  (So yes, just because a small/big group hates doesn't mean everyone does).
And the wars in the name of religion.  How can one say that God/G-d/Allah (Christianity/Judaism/Islam to show the difference in spellings/beliefs) condones a war?  God would never want a physical war in the name of religion unless He felt it was necessary for the belief to be spread or the believers saved.  And most of the time, in these modern days, it is not true.  Is He not a God of love and mercy?  Why do we believe He is not, then, and fight against people who are practically our brothers and sisters in the similarity of their beliefs?  YES.  THE BELIEFS ARE SIMILAR.  In so many ways, in ways we cannot even understand.  Each bounds off of the other!

The similarity between human beings - compare yourself to anyone, and your DNA is AT LEAST 99.9% the same (as long as they're human, heh).  A fruit fly compared to a human has 98% of the same DNA.
What are the basic needs?  Food, water, and shelter.  Why are romance books so popular? Because everyone cares about love in some way, shape, or form.  What should everyone have?  Family and friends.  What do we sympathize with the most in books, movies, and reality?  A lack of food, water, and shelter, as well as a lack of family and friends.
If you answered similarily, agree with, and/or answered exactly what I said to these questions, you understand that everyone is so much the same.
It doesn't matter what you believe in.  You have SOMETHING to believe in.  Even atheists and agnostics have to take a leap of faith.
That's what the true definition of religion is: Something to believe in, and taking a leap of faith.
So why, if we are so similar, share similarities with everyone on the planet, do we keep gravitating towards hate?

Friday, January 27, 2012

Ready to Do Something

I'm ready to do something, anything,
But not as small as smiles and waves.
It can change a person's day and life,
And keep it going,
But I'm ready to do something big.
I want to change the world in
Some small way.
I want to go out there
With time and money,
Loving, living, doing.

I'm ready to do something,
Something that's bigger then before,
Like rescuing a human
Who's never had a home,
Or an animal,
Who's only known pain.
I have a heart and I keep saying,
"I want to do something.
Let's stop the wars."
I'm sick of being a hypocrite.

I'm ready to do something,
Share with the world who I am,
So everyone can see, and everyone knows,
Where I am has brought happiness,
And sometimes even fools find truth.
So I want to go, to help and to aid,
So I want to go, to show the world
How each and everyone is made.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Why Is This?

Before School: "So, I'm going to do my homework, then work a little on my room, and then practice my guitar, and that's not much at all."
After School: "Ugh... I know I said I'd do it... and it's not a lot... but I don't want to...  No energy to..."

Why is this?  I feel fail.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


*pokes title*
This post just consists of random tidbits from conversations today.  They'd be a lot funnier if you were there.

Me: "There's a chance for magical leprechaun elves to steal your invisible nonexistant imaginary hat!" (yes, I DO know that's a reduntant phrase)
Friend: "Oh, they do that all the time!"

Person 1: "Where's Maria?!  She said she'd be playing a tuba!"
Person 2: "She's not here."
Person 1: "WE NEED A TUBA!  You!  I thought you were going to play a tuba!"
Person 3: "I was, but I just got in the class today!"
Person 4: "We should have a tuba war!"
And something like that.  TUBAS.  OH THE MANY TUBAS.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

But We Try

Bitter torn pieces
that make us up,
each and every one,
a formation of dark and bitter,
regret, forget,
fallen ignorants,
a sky too blue to understand,
but we try.

No leaving things to rest
no magic in the world,
no love and peace,
no letting things be,
always have to understand,
explain, and be right,
sometimes it's not possible,
but we try.

Where did the faith go
and the hope,
and the dreams,
building us up into
more then we are?
they're long-lost,
but we try.

My heart aches,
because I will never get it right,
and you will never get it right,
and they will never get it right,
we will never get it right,
but we try.

And perhaps I should find the peace,
if I could get it right,
that's something,
but everyone is fighting,
a fight for peace, contradiction,
a fight for love, contradiction,
it's not religion, it's human error,
but we try.

The blame is not on us,
even though it is,
the fault of each and every one,
the other,
some people try, and maybe they get it right,
but most get it wrong,
but still we try.

But we try,
to find the hope,
the love,
the things long-lost,
and bring back happiness,
the stuff we forgot.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Piece of a World

There's hundreds, thousands, a countless number of worlds out there.  This is just one of many, and not the full world at that.  This is just a small glance into the possibilities that are everywhere.  The place you call home is a place to go to.  Your imagination is a place for magic.

Info: Here, there are different types of stones almost "grown" for different tasks.  In the pictures, the stones seen are stones used for heating.  They have shrines in which money is occasionally left.  Their religion is that everyone and everything is equal, but there must be guidance.  This Guidance is what the shrine statue is.  Large pieces of rocks float in the air from the ground, and they can be moved to the will of the inhabitants.  The more important a person or family is, the higher their house sits.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Shine, Star, Shine

Shine, star, shine,
Grow into the sky,
Let the world see you're beautiful,
A million miles away, a billion lightyears away,
Hot gases changing, growing, glowing,
Ha! what ugliness it turns to,
As we bring science to a close!

Shine, star, shine,
An angel you must be,
For glorious is your light,
Shining down on me.
Take me away, carry me through,
Why can't I live up there with you?
But sadness only, as belief comes to a close.

Shine, star, shine,
God's gift you were to me,
No, there's no such thing,
God gave it just to me!
But it's only a star, the world can see,
The world to us, God's gift,
Oh please, his gift would be more; religion to a close.

Perhaps some things should be seen
With better eyes then these.
A star is just a pretty light,
A firefly, an angel, hot gases and a gift,
Joined all together in a unity,
And such would it all be,
If only we could agree.

(This is about people's stubbornness and lack of acceptance, but I think you get that feeling.)