Friday, January 27, 2012

Ready to Do Something

I'm ready to do something, anything,
But not as small as smiles and waves.
It can change a person's day and life,
And keep it going,
But I'm ready to do something big.
I want to change the world in
Some small way.
I want to go out there
With time and money,
Loving, living, doing.

I'm ready to do something,
Something that's bigger then before,
Like rescuing a human
Who's never had a home,
Or an animal,
Who's only known pain.
I have a heart and I keep saying,
"I want to do something.
Let's stop the wars."
I'm sick of being a hypocrite.

I'm ready to do something,
Share with the world who I am,
So everyone can see, and everyone knows,
Where I am has brought happiness,
And sometimes even fools find truth.
So I want to go, to help and to aid,
So I want to go, to show the world
How each and everyone is made.

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