Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Piece of a World

There's hundreds, thousands, a countless number of worlds out there.  This is just one of many, and not the full world at that.  This is just a small glance into the possibilities that are everywhere.  The place you call home is a place to go to.  Your imagination is a place for magic.

Info: Here, there are different types of stones almost "grown" for different tasks.  In the pictures, the stones seen are stones used for heating.  They have shrines in which money is occasionally left.  Their religion is that everyone and everything is equal, but there must be guidance.  This Guidance is what the shrine statue is.  Large pieces of rocks float in the air from the ground, and they can be moved to the will of the inhabitants.  The more important a person or family is, the higher their house sits.

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