Friday, July 26, 2019

Sims 4 Playthrough: Island Living Part 2

During my beachcombing, I got an "ordinary" conch shell. There are quotes around it. I blow it.

Nothing happens, so I do some snorkeling.

Snorkeling ends up with me upping my fitness skill and getting a cramp. Hm.

After I finish snorkeling, I end up possessed. Possession leaves me with an hour for work, so I head home.  I practice singing until work happens.

Once I get back from work, it's off to the cave (after I roam around a beach in hopes that maybe that will find it. Nope, thank you for your help Google).

The cave is located in the Admiral's Wreckage, so that's where I head to. And sure enough - cave!

I put my name on a wall in the cave, and then head back in for one more round.  I run into some bats, so I start to look around. I find some trash and of course I clean it up.

I see a very populous fishing spot, and so once I'm done cleaning, it's fishing time.

New skill, woo. Hopefully I'll fish up some buried treasure with this.

I catch a lump of clay, and head home.  On my way, I pick up some more trash and end up swallowing water and getting cut by the trash. Woo, super uncomfortable.

I pay my bills before anything can get shut down, and then eat before I start a landscape painting.  I end up inspired and so practice singing some.

I sing until I'm possessed, then when I'm no longer possessed I find a new job. Time to be a conservationist, I think.

I get the assignment to research conservation, and so I do.  It upgrades my handiness skill to four, although it's supposed to be boosting logic... ok. It also boosts my gardening skill to five, so clearly it does multiple skills. Neat.

Winterfest begins while I'm working. Yay Winterfest!  I buy a fireplace so Father Winter will come and do some decorating.

I then invite people over to begin the holiday and start on a grand meal.

It's not an official party, it's just me inviting over whoever I can, but... Cassidy seems to have fun and so does everyone else, and that's what counts.

I get a bunch of Strangerville fanmail, including some spoiled food (ew), a cupcake, and a lump of clay. Okay.

I regret the two fish I got and get rid of the food, and then Father Winter has arrived!

He rebuilds the present pile and makes it BIGGER, nice. And that's for just me this time :P  I give him the remainder of the cookies I had baked, since that's traditional and they haven't spoiled yet since they've been in the fridge.  I also invite him to eat the leftovers of the Grand Meal.

I suppose it is the thought that counts, because he has none of the food.

Father Winter makes his departure just as I become possessed. I go ahead and chat with the plant. After possession ends, I clean up, garden, and then practice guitar until work.

I get a promotion, and then my job's daily task is to 'spread conservation awareness to other sims'.

I head over to the beach after filling my motives to get started on that (and then I can look for buried treasure after).

After some beachcombing, I start fishing.

I catch a cichlid fairly quickly, which is cool, but not what I want.  I also get myself a plumbing upgrade part, a digital camera, a digitalistic sketchpad, and a 'rainborz'.  Possession ends my fishing expedition and I head home.

When the possession ends, I make a mobile app. I head to work in the middle of it, and the holiday Night on the Town starts.

 When I'm back home, I'm off again to mooch food and drink off of some venue or another. I head to The Sand Bar, since it's in Sulani.

I order my favorite drink, which is supposedly a 'frizzy fruity drink', and enjoy it.  I also order some fish and chips, and then practice singing.  Possession ends the session, and once again I head back home.

I finally replace the observatory once the posession ends. I reach level nine of the programming skill, and it's New Year's Day so I don't have work.

I decorate and buy a TV and radio for the holiday, since both will be needed. I stop making the app to go ahead and worry about doing the holiday activities.

First off: Making a resolution. I decide to aim for a promotion. I invite people over to my house to make holiday activities a little bit easier (and to have someone to talk about conservation with for my job).

Almost everyone heads home, but only after I complete all but the final task, to watch the New Year's countdown.

Roger invites me to the romance festival, lel.

I dance some more now that I'm entirely home alone and with no other goals to complete (FOR NOW).

I reach dance level 2. Once I level, I resume making the mobile app.

At about 11:30, I start to watch the countdown to midnight. Midnight comes and goes, and finally, it's spring.

Once that's done, I continue to make the mobile app until possession time (tm). The holiday ends as a resounding success.

Once the possession ends, I open a present (the present pile is very big and I live alone) and then continue working on the mobile app.

Brittany Ceja wants to come over, so I let her, because I want to spread conservation awareness for my job :P

I finish the app and max my programming skill level. Noice. I do gardening when the app is done.

Someone joins in my conversation with Brittany, but either way I finish the conservation and do motive filling after. AND THEN. My toilet breaks. Because of course it does. -sigh-

I upgrade the tub with sturdy faucets, and then it's Possession Time (tm)

I play in the rain some when the possession ends. Immediately after I finish that wish, I get a wish to level up my dancing skill, so that's what I start. Meanwhile... I have enough money to build a pool, so I FINALLY complete that wish.

It's a small pool, but I like it :)

My sim gets a wish for a bee box, so I buy that too. Why not? x3

I interrupt my dancing to bond with the bees. After bonding, I garden, then dance until work.

I get bills to the tune of 1244. Woo. I also get that promotion I put into my resolution!

I play in the rain and open a present, taking care of the two wishes.

I buy a floor mirror and practice dancing in it for yet another wish.

Someone stops by with exta food. It isn't 'excellent', so I'm just going to throw it out. But I spread conservation awareness to complete that for my job.

I level my charisma to five and become 'good friends' with a neighbor... so I ask him if he's a mermaid. Haha.

He is not a mermaid. :(

I make four grilled cheeses so I can make him one, since he brought me food. It... it makes sense, right? I garden after we eat, and then practice dancing into the floor mirror. It levels me up to three and I get a portable dance floor.

I chat with Makoa (the neighbor) until I get possessed. And then I chat with him more, as a possessed sim. Mwahaha.

When it ends, I create a social media profile. I then stargaze with the observatory to fulfill a wish.

I garden and play around until work. I open another present and get a pet poop. Today for work, I work from home to try it out.

First thing's first: I research conservationism. And then I need to take samples from the ocean.

Researching levels several skills. I find some debris on the beach, then take samples from several areas.

When I finish job tasks, I locate a diving buoy. It's in the Lani St. Taz area, and I buy a rebreather and a treasure tool. And then I DIVE FOR TREASURE :D

I do it twice, and on the second time I get 'The Heart of Sulani'. SUCCESS!

My milestone finished, the last thing I need to do to complete this is to doze off in a lounge chair or float lounger. I head home, to use the bathroom and eat.

While analyzing the ocean samples I took earlier... suddenly, I'm blue?

What Happened Here o_o

I safely collect honey from the bee box and fulfill a wish (:

From there, I head out to relax on the floating lounger and hope it a) doesn't glitch and b) lets me fall asleep before I get possessed by the Mother.


Houston, we have landing.

While I may have finished the beach life aspiration, there's obviously a lot more of Sulani to discover. So I'm going to find a new aspiration that seems like fun and keep working on conservation and beautifying Sulani. Along with finding mermaids and island spirits, of course.

See you next time!

Part Three

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Sims 4 Playthrough: Island Living Part 1

I save enough money to move into Tangled Flat. It isn't on the ocean like I was hoping for, but it's my best bet since I don't have that much money.

I first start by upgrading everything and converting the second bedroom into an office.

Here we are, with about 500 simoleons left. Not bad, eh? Of course, much of this was already bought, haha.

After defeating the mother plant, my needs were full when I got home, so now I can start off by Doing Things.

Like finishing that mobile app I've been working on for a while now, haha.

I become possessed during this, and realize I need to create a vaccine for myself since I ate a bizarre plant. -headbang-

In other news, mail is delivered once I return from work, so I grab that. Oh, hey, elements from the Geo Council!

Someone also randomly comes in and starts panting.

The mobile app got me a fame point so I'm a 'Notable Newcomer' now. I'm gonna ignore fame, so I'll probably be jumping up and down. Although, hmm - maybe after all this my next aspiration can involve fame? We'll see.

Meanwhile, the welcome wagon has arrived. Which still doesn't explain the blonde chick.

Oh yeah, that reminds me... now that I'm on the island, I should probably update my wardrobe.

I sell the painting left (a decent landscape) and then decide to buy a thermostat to complete a wish.

After that, I start a book. Why not? I start off with a short story.

I have no idea. I just like relating the books to the current section of the playthrough I'm on.

Another person from the welcome wagon arrives, and another person comes right into my house and start painting on my easel. Since I have a wish to meet someone new, I introduce myself to the other person from the welcome wagon.

I get a relationship drop from all the welcome wagon people because I forgot to invite them inside. Argh.

Although everyone seems happy enough to come inside ANYWAY...

Okay, back to writing the book.

Also... I can sell the paintings other people make. Mwahaha.

I finish the book, publish it, take care of needs, and change my outfits, before finally going to sleep.  I wake up at 1 AM possessed. Ah... yes... right. That.

Random person in my house (still) breaks my computer, so once I'm no longer possessed I go ahead and fix that.

At least possession fills ALL of my needs.  Hmm... Maybe it's not a problem. 3 hours to fill Every. Single. Need? That takes less time than doing it manually...

Even at work, the person is. still. there. My goodness!

I fulfill a wish by buying an umbrella stand.

I go ahead and ask if she's a mermaid, and lose some relationship. Darn. She finally gets up, but I have a wish to paint, so... I do!

I immediately get another wish to paint and do it again. Haha. I reach level two of the painting skill while doing it, so I'd say a good use of time.

My current goals for the aspiration are: have a gold-level kava party, get a suntan, and eat a coconut. Eat a coconut, huh...? Well, let's find a coconut!  Since it's winter, suntan will probably have to wait for spring. But a coconut, she just has to find where to buy it.

Meanwhile, Roger wants to invite himself over, but I decline. After all, I'm about to head out!

There is a vending machine with beach supplies, so I get myself a coconut. And splurge on a canoe, a towel, a floating lounger, and some kava root. I am left with 601 simoleons.

Coconut: Eaten.

I take a brief detour back to Strangerville, in order to work on that vaccine. You know, just in case I ever do want it.

I get a bizarre fruit and some riches (915 simoleons) from Mother, then make the vaccine before heading back home.

Once home, I fill motives.  I was going to write a poetry book to fulfill a wish, but I have the opportunity to write a motivational book while confident so of course, I do that!

Here we go. I reach level six pretty much as soon as I start, and acquire the ability to write screenplays. Nice.

It's raining outside, so I start on a poetry book before publishing the motivational one.

In the middle of it, I end up possessed. I plant a bizarre plant to have something to do while possessed.

Once done with that, I continue writing. I do some quick gardening, then sell both of my books to a publisher.

Since it's Saturday, I don't work, so I see about putting together a kava party. I invite Roger, Brittany, and George, then the people I've met from the island.

I start with preparing kava, and someone socializes with me while I do that to work on the goal to socialize with guests. Nice.

Once the kava is made, I invite everyone to drink it, as you do.

While drinking kava I just... start taking... a bath?  Okay...

I make a kava toast for one of the goals, then a group fruit and yoghurt parfait.

I autonomously tell a joke, completing half of that goal, while I'm cooking. Nice! I go ahead and intentionally tell another.

I call people to meal and buy a radio and start music to have dancing happen, since that's a goal.

The party ends on a gold. Nice :)

I start working on a screenplay, since I don't have anything I have to do at the moment.

While writing, I buy an observatory to fulfill a wish.

I have over 7000 lifetime rewards points, but my first priority is 'Never Weary' so I no longer need to sleep, so I must save more.

My sim wants a pool, but I can't afford it. On the other hand, she also wants to bake cookies...

With someone hanging out in my house occasionally chatting with me, I level up to charisma level four. Nice.

Possession occurs! I chat with the bizarre plant and sit out in the rain.

Once the possession ends, I bake the cookies Cassidy wants to make.

Without much to do, I practice the guitar skill.  It becomes new skill day and I level up, thus completing the tradition with zero effort. Woo.

The kleptomaniac in the house has stolen my posters, all but one. At least she didn't steal the freaking autographed picture.

George Cahill invites me to the flea market, and I agree.

It's a blizzard in San Myushuno, but I ignore it to start tending a table and make some mons off of random crap in my inventory.

Yup. With that done, I head back home to take advantage more of New Skill Day's increased skill gain.

Or I would, but Lia (not the klepto) invites me to her house. Alright then!

When I get hungry, I head home.

I get a quirk - 'refined palate'. Okay then.

I practice guitar, paint, then level my singing skill to two, then three, and then I'm possessed. Time to just stand around for three hours, whee.

My observatory broke at some point, but I can't afford to replace it and there's no option to repair it, so for now I just ignore it.

I get two art pieces from looking at plant samples, and then I'm off to work.  When I return, I head to a beach lot. It's time to sunbathe and get that tan!

Tanlines are overrated.

Tanning on the floating things is glitched, so I save+quit and then move on over to a ground-bound seat. I get a perfect tan thanks to being nude, and then start combing the beach for things to fulfill one step of the next level of the aspiration. I get hungry, so it's time to grill, barbeque, or roast something here.

I light a fire and grill something, then hang out and eat. When I'm done, I beachcomb one last time before heading home.

I buy a grill and then just. Grill excessively.

I finish the goal as I level up to cooking level seven. Nice.

I travel back to the beach to do more beach combing and lay out my food for random people to eat.

I finish my goals and get 'explore the beach cave' and 'discover buried treasure' with the new ones. Cool.

Onwards to the next part.

Part Two

Sims 4 Playthrough: Strangerville Part 6

The first thing I do is open the final door in my way.

I stand against this behemoth and attempt to communicate with her... the mother plant.

In short... y i k e s.

I head upstairs to scan for spores and collect bizarre fruit; I need both to create vaccines.  And vaccines are step one in defeating the Mother.

I collect enough for three experimental vaccines and then make them.  Then I rush home to take care of my needs, because they're all low by now.

After motive-filling and work, I invite George Cahill over to my lot, planning to boost my social need and vaccinate him.  Hell yes he is coming with me.

While he's there, Brittany Ceja invites herself.  Person #2 to fight the Mother.  The final person will be Roger Barajas.

...I immediately run into a problem: none of these sims are infected, therefore I can't vaccinate them.  Aarrgghhh!!

I give them both gifts of bizarre fruit, hoping that maybe that'll help.

George and Brittany leave, leaving me without any allies as of yet. Sigh.

While I boost my fun need, I look for possessed sims.


All three sims I try it on fall asleep.  Time to boost needs, work, and then return to the secret lab.

Once I finish making the vaccines, I head back home and then call some friends over. George Cahill and Robert Barajas, of course.  Hopefully, I can vaccinate them...

I go ahead and invite Brittany Ceja, too.

To fulfill a wish, I buy an expensive microscope.

Still have 973 simoleons left, so Not Bad.

I successfully vaccinate Brittany, but she runs off before I can recruit her. However, George Cahill and Robert Barajas are successfully recruited. Yay!

I call Brittany back in hopes to recruit her because vaccines are time-consuming and take a fair bit of resources.

And with that the team has been assembled. Time to motive-fill.

Once my needs are full, the final step begins: the fight with the Mother Plant.

Together, we defeat her, and thus ends Strangerville.

Next time, I'm moving to Sulani and beginning my aspiration there: Beach Life.

For now... it's time to head home and prepare for my move.

Island Living Part One

Sims 4 Playthrough: Strangerville Part 5

I fell into the trap of playing another game obsessively. Visual novels, man. I had started this before the visual novels, so... let's get into it.

Monday brings bills.  328 simoleons.  I'm trying to earn money, dangit!

Since I have the wish to write a book and the last short story book I wrote ended up with Debug, I make one with the same exact description, but call it 'Stranger Than Fiction' instead of 'Strangerville Fiction' and hope that works.

I level to level five and I can now sell to publisher (which earns me more royalties!) and write love emails (letters) to sims.  Haha.

It's been a while since we visited George (George Cahill, y'know, the pilot), so I invite him over to my house.

For some reason, he starts a water balloon fight.  I'm not complaining, though, because it boosts my fun AND social!

He leaves afterward, and I garden, before taking care of my bladder and food needs.  Then it's time for work, I get home, I sleep.

Clear out vines, more needs care, blah blah blah.  I enter yet another novice video game tournament.  This is where, like, the week-long break happens.  The computer breaks so I fix it and then try again.  Gotta up that fun need yo.

After another loss, I go for a round of vidya games (Blicbloc) and garden before writing a book to tackle a wish.

It's a nonfiction book.

Infinite obsession with Strangerville.

During this time, I sleep, things break, nonsense occurs, I take one of my many (like 5?) vacation days.  Blah blah blah.  And... I make enough money to be able to afford the suit.  Woo!  I have, however, made zero progress on my fitness skill, because of the need for money. Sigh.

I invite George Cahill over to the lot to get some social need.  Then, to boost both fun and social, I have a water balloon fight with him. Yay!

With some of my newfound wealth, I buy the cheapest bar I can and then also buy an easel to fulfill a wish.

It drops me down to 840 simoleons, but THAT'S FINE because now I have another way to make money! Yay!

When I get back from the next shift, I start practicing the mixology skill to finally get that sweet, sweet promotion.  Making a drink fulfills a wish, so of course, I do that.

She is super happy about that drink.

When I hit 1000 simoleons again, I continue my Strangerville investigation to up my social need... and finally, finally, buy that hazmat suit. Time to make enough for bills and then boost my fitness skill, yee haw.

Jogging is the easiest way to do that while staying within Strangerville, so jogging it is.

Since the neighborhood brawl is going on, I take the opportunity to start a fight without losing any points towards relationships. Hell yeah. Time to do more so I can get the goals for this holiday and make Cassidy happy.

Roger invites me to the gym after I jog.  NICE.  At the gym, my fitness skill reaches level two. After I work out, I go ahead and play on the basketball court some with Roger in hopes to boost my fun need (and maybe more fitness skill? fingers crossed!)

It does not boost my fun, so I finally decide to read one of the books in my inventory to do that, allowing the time with Roger to come to a close (and reward me since I completed the goals).

Time runs out, fun gets full, so I head home and get some shut-eye.

I hack some places for money, and then get to programming level 7 so I make a mobile phone app since I can now. Ta-da.

Next shift, I get a promotion. Nice! Roger invites me over to the lounge, and since I need both social and fun, I agree to go.

I meet Judith Ward, dance until my fun need is full, and then go back home to take care of my other needs.

Here's the autograph, by the way. Moved the posters so it has the place of honor.
GeekCon happens, Roger invites me, and I go to my first festival of this game. Woo.

I participate in the Hackathon, since I'm pretty sure I'm pretty good at that!  I get a score of 64%, so I doubt I win. I also do the Ultimate Gaming Test on the gaming rigs - might as well, right?

I earn a score of seventy and get a future cube. Neat.

Hackathon ends and I WON FIRST PLACE.  I get a new, fancy computer. SWEET, I can't wait to replace my old, repeatedly-broken laptop!

GeekCon ends, and with almost-full social and fun bars I head back home to sleep.

The new computer.
With Harvestfest happening tomorrow, I put down Patchy the scarecrow by the garden plots.

I decide that since I now have over 2000 simoleons, I'm going to try and impress Madison again. And if I can't, I'm bribing her. It's time to continue the Strangerville investigation, dangit.

Well, of course... the Harvest Festival first.  I appease some gnomes and get some seeds, and then it's time to Make a Grand Meal and invite as many people as I know over as I can!

Gnomes in my way... but happy gnomes.

House... so small...

Cassidy... so tired...

Freaking gnomes!

Nevertheless, I finish the holiday as a success. Yay.

At last, I invite Madison Gamble over. It's time to get that dang spore scanner.

It doesn't work, so then I bribe her.

At last!  At last I have it!  Now I need to collect fifteen scans, head to the lab to make a sample, then go and find a scientist. At least the last part is easy?

The noise it makes is very unpleasant, ugh.  I don't Like That.  I get invited to a talent showcase while it's charging, so I head on over to boost my social need.  Once I do, I head home to take care of all my other needs. Woo.

I head to the lab to try and find a good amount of spore clusters. It's tiiiime.  With three scans, I get all of them, so then I head down to make an infection profile.

Once down with that, I invite Roger Barajas over to the secret lab so I can have him make the infection scanner.

Meanwhile, Cassidy really needs to pee and there are zero bathrooms. >(

Of course, the spore filter is sent to my mailbox, so it's time to head home.

Roger Barajas invites me to the romance festival, but I am BUSY, so I skip it.  Winter starts while I sleep.

When I wake up, I fill my needs, and then head back to the secret lab to finally go through the spore room.

Now it's time to descend to the deepest part of the lab, and figure out this mystery once and for all.

Part Six (the final part)

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Sims 4 Playthrough: Strangerville Part 4

I am greeted with a room full of spores leading to a door, and a flashing red desk.  I'm going to avoid the spores for now.  It's evidence time, baybee.

Except it looks like I need a scanner from military personnel to use the flashing red thing.  Welp.  With no other option, let's go through that door and downstairs.

The spores are too toxic to go downstairs, so I end up possessed. The plants upstairs... possessed, I can now 'chat with plant'.  So I pick one and do that.  I end up unpossessed before I can.  Hmm...

I 'nurture' the plant now instead, and then take a picture.  It produces a bizarre fruit.  Interesting... I try taunting a different plant.  Nothing happens, that time.  But another round of 'nurture'...

More fruit this time.

Welp, time to head to the bar and see if I can't get a spore scanner from someone.  Or, wait... maybe I can invite Madison or someone over...?

I ask about her career and then question about the spores in the lab.  She tells me about the infection scanner, so I try 'impressing her and after a hundred pushups... Nope.  So I try seducing her instead.  This fails, so I give up for now.  Time to improve my fitness skill, I guess.

I head home and get a notification about needing to protect myself from the toxic spores.  Time to ask people how to avoid being possessed, then!

The curio shop has a 'Britney' there instead of 'Erwin', so I ask her.  I get access to a hazmat suit for 1000 simeleons.

Time to earn 827 more, which means that with my needs high that's my primary goal.  My secondary goal?  To up my fitness.

I start by making a programming plugin, since I have that option now.  I then practice writing to level 2 and write a children's book.  Let's see, let's see...


I self-publish the children's book, make something to eat, and since I leveled my writing skill to three... I get started on a short story while I'm still inspired.

You may notice a theme.  You know, besides the fact that I'm terrible at cropping images.

She writes it, uses the bathroom, publishes it, cleans up, and then...


I clear out the vines, of course, and then boost the fun need with some video games.

Once done, I head to sleep.  At 10 AM... I stayed up the entire night, oops.

My garlic ends up dying on me ( :( ) so I dispose of the dead plants after I eat, plant new ones, and then use the toilet and take a shower.

I try to make an app, only to have my computer break.


With less than 200 simoleons to my name, my only option is to try and fix it myself and hope that I don't end up losing the computer.

I manage to fix it, but my social's low and I have an uncomfortable moodlet from the chair.  Let's go pay George Cahill a visit, shall we?

I learn he's hot-blooded, paranoid, and unemployed before Cassidy gets hit with the boredom bug.  So I play games on his computer.

Ah, the sims: socially acceptable to be super rude.

I head to work after the game, and get my bills for 323 simoleons.  Yikes, everything costs it seems.  After I eat, I 'find odd jobs' on the computer in hopes to earn some more money.

Joaquin wants someone to play blicbloc, so that is what I do.

I beat the world record score but everyone thinks he did.  RIP Cassidy.  Speaking of video games... at level three, I can enter into tournaments.

So time to enter a novice tournament and see about getting some money THAT way.

...After, of course, I sleep.

I wake up focused, which is perfect!

I don't get any prize and I spent ten dollars, so I make a plugin and then mod a game to make up for it.

I pay my bills and am left with 85 simoleons before I head off to work.  When I get back from work, I check my needs and then try hacking.

She made 140 simoleons from it, so... time to hack some more it seems!

After another successful hack, I use the bathroom, play some video games, and then go to bed.

Wake up, breakfast, work, and now my social need is low.

I invite one of the scientists over, deciding to see if I can't do something with him to earn simoleons and/or help uncover more of the Strangerville mystery.

From him, I find out that if I get the fifteen spores I need, I can ask him to make a spore filter.  Sweet.  Thanks, Roger Barajas.

My sim wants to have a water balloon fight.  It's hot outside because I decided to start in summer.  I buy the 35 simoleons bucket and start a water balloon fight with Roger.  Mwahahaha.

While we get started, a possessed sim wanders on by.  Oh boy.

After the water balloon fight, I do some more hacking (yay) and then practice my programming skills.  It makes me more money than writing at the moment.

I make a plugin and then look for some more odd jobs.  I help someone hook up their TV.  Woo.  Easy.

I get home and make some franks and beans to fulfil a wish, and then I hack again before making yet another plugin. I make it to level five so I can now take side jobs. I take a shower and everything breaks and vines come out of things, so I repair and clean up.  During this time, a scientist friend (David) wants to come over so I let him and then promptly ignore him.

And finally, it is time to sleep.

Vines. Everywhere. They've shown up in my shower too but I didn't mention it.

In the morning, I sleep until 5 and then head off to work.  When I get back, I get some food to eat and then enter a video game tournament in hopes to not only earn some money but up my fun need.

Alas, I lose once again.  I write a poetry book since I leveled my writing skill to four.

While I'm working on it, my computer breaks again.  Of course I go ahead and fix it.  My handiness skill goes up to two now (yay).  Once I fix it, I finish writing the book of poems and then head to bed to get some more sleep, because poor Cassidy is exhausted.

When I wake up, I eat food and play a video game to boost the fun need, and then it's off to work again.  When I get home, I shower, and then I splurge on a woodworking table.  I do some gardening and fulfill a wish by working on the new woodworking table.

I woodwork for long enough to upgrade my handiness skill (woo). With the newly made planter, I get some flower seeds.  I sell everything else I made.

I hack all the places I can (three) to earn some money, then pee, play a video game to boost my fun, and sleep.  In the morning, I call someone over.

It's Talk Like a Pirate Day, so... of course, I do pirate-themed socials!  I finish the tradition, then clear out vines, go to the bathroom, take a shower... and clean up more vines.  By now, my social motive is full and Roger heads on out.

I try out a programming 'side job'.  It has me level up my hacking... so now I can hack work performance.  Which I would do if my work performance wasn't already stellar.  I get about 200 simoleons from the side job, and so then I garden before I do another.

After that, it's time to sleep.  Another long bit with minimal progress towards my ambition and unlocking the Strangerville mystery.  But let's be real here, I kind of need the simoleons to keep going.

Fall begins as Talk Like a Pirate Day ends!  Woo, fall.

For now, I'm going to just focus on earning Simoleons and keeping Cassidy's needs high.  Part 5 will come up when the investigation is ready to continue.

Part 5

Sims 4 Playthrough: Strangerville Part 3


Bladder was super low so the first thing I did was use the bathroom when Cassidy woke up.  The second thing was eat.

After eating the vegetable dumplings, I read a book to boost the fun motive.  After that... my motives were full, and I had more secrets to uncover.

I go ahead and call the bartender from before and invite her to my house.

...However, it was 3 AM and she was asleep.  Oops.  I take the moment to buy a mirror so I can change outfits, and... my motives are pretty much entirely full.

I take the opportunity to practice programming until work.

After work, I try getting the bartender to my house again.  This time, it's a success.

I can immediately request evidence.  Yes!

I try inviting over another known conspiracy theorist to get all buddy-buddy with her and acquire even more evidence.

Evidence: Acquired.

I make food then head to the bathroom and shower.  I also play guitar.

While playing guitar, I get a random text from one of the conspiracy theorists.  "I can't believe you've been drinking people's blood without their permission!"

Uh... I haven't... not a vampire... but okay?  Is that a conspiracy theorist thing?

Once I level in my guitar skill (level two), I go to bed to fill up my energy.  At 4:30 in the afternoon.

I wake up at 2:30 AM and make some food before work.  I use the bathroom and it's 4:38 AM with 22 hours for my job.  Really not enough time to do anything (at least in the Sims), but I also discover a task when seeing if I can go in early: I need to reach level 2 mixology skill.  Well, looks like it's time to save for a bar.

I throw my guitar in my inventory; might as well, right?  Glancing over at my garden, I notice my garlic is ready.  I make sure to harvest it, but only have time to do that before work.  When I get home, I'll water everything.

When I get home, I can harvest MORE GARLIC (gasp) and then I begin watering.  I can't make anything with the garlic to hang up around the house... so looks like it might be time to research vampires.  Maybe I'll see if keeping it in my inventory, for now, will work.

I'm sore from work, but I go ahead and meander over to the library.  If I can find another scientist, I'm sure I can persuade them to give me more clues to Strangerville.

For some reason, I head over in my barista outfit.

Okay, then.

I find a scientist and start chatting away, just waiting to unlock the option to ask for evidence.  We whisper about a celebrity there (because when celebrities show up, might as well use the stuff with Get Famous, right?) and I do lots of 'get to know him' actions (including 'get to know' and 'ask about career')

After learning about minnows by 'discussing fishing spots', I finally can use the option.  Except then he immediately walks off and... is gone.  The frick-frack.

Well, there's a military personnel sim here.  Let's see if she will not walk off in the middle of  the conversation.  I'm plenty high with my needs, so...

My scientist pal from earlier shows up just as I ask her for evidence, so I get his evidence too.

That leaves just one more piece of evidence, which judging from my success and how things are going so far... My fun need is getting a little low, but I should be able to chat with one more person and get what I need!

I'm currently in a group conversation with a strange scientist and my military+scientist "buddies", so I start trying to buddy up with her so I can get her evidence.

She walks off just when I open the option, so then it's time to head home I guess.  The fun part of this is I can just call her over to my house when I get there :P

She doesn't come up in my invites, so I invite a 'Madison Gamble' who appears to be military.  I get and eat some leftovers, and while I'm eating I start chatting with her (yay for Sims 4 multitasking).

While chatting, I get to charisma level 2.  Nice and unexpected :D  I get a call from Lilliana Read, and go ahead and let her come over since I'm already at home and already with a guest.  Whatever, they can entertain each other once I get to the part where I need to up my fun, right?

AT LAST... I get the final piece of evidence I need to create the dossier.  Cassidy finishes eating, and then it's time to boot Madison off the computer and play some games.

...After I use the bathroom :I

I get invited by someone to a talent showcase.  Apparently Cassidy is REALLY popular.

Both of my guests leave while I play Blicblock.  I compile the dossier, and then when I'm done I go say hey to Erwin and show him the dossier.

I get the keycard for the dossier and 250 simoleons.  Tomorrow's Saturday, so once I wake up and meet my needs, it's off to the secret lab.

Look how peaceful she looks!
I eat, use the bathroom, shower, and then it's off to the lab for me.

Part Four