Friday, September 13, 2019

Sims 4 Playthrough: Jungle Adventures Part 4

At the bar, there's someone I know so I start talking in hopes to boost my social need. I give an archeology lecture right off, since it'll boost my fame too.

After my social need is full, I go to the bathroom and then order and eat some food. It's "normal" quality so of course, I get a debuff. Sigh, the price of fame. xD

Once I eat, I refine the sapphire crystal in my inventory and debate about going back into the jungle. Has it been enough time? Pro... probably not.

I go ahead and check out the statue again, deciding to "show respect" to her. After that, I take my guitar and sing songs because why not.

I drink an inspired celubuserum and then do it again (the guitar) because SKILL GAIN. Yeah. Then I fulfill a whim to authenticate an artifact.

I play guitar until I get 50 simoleons in tips to fulfill another wish, then play chess for YET ANOTHER whim. Woo.

I head back to base to take a shower and then make food, using my gourmet cooking skill since I'm maxed on cooking. I have a variety of maxed skills and I am so proud of myself.

While I play the guitar to fulfill another whim, I get attacked by spiders. Luckily, I effortlessly avoid any damage. Aw yiss.

Finally, I head back into the jungle. It's time to finish this aspiration, methinks. I rescue someone from a carnivorous plant and get some treasures which is always nice.

This temple is especially lovely.

I excavate the piles and then examine the mechanisms in hopes to find my way through. Apparently, they're based on handiness skill, which I thought it was logic? Whatever, close enough, same difference, or... something?

All the same, first puzzle is done with zero guessing on my part.

I get a "Blessing of the Ancients" and attacked by spiders that I easily outsmart. Take that, spiders.

Next level has a type of mechanism I haven't seen before, with no option from it leading to opening the door. Sadness. However, I am easily able to move on. The next room has a wall of glyphs, although they seem randomly placed.

Unlike previous temples, when I open to the next stage, I go down a level.

Much spook, many wow.

The next room holds the final treasure chest. And the verdict is...

No base. Drat. Looks like it's time to cheat one in then, because... no. Just, no. My vacation ends pretty much as soon as I finish the temple, which is excellent timing.

I make a wealth relic with the cat statue and the watcher relic base and get some simoleons. Nice.

When I get home, I give some love to Dusty, then garden, and slowly begin to uncover, authenticate, and organize my goodies. It's a Process.

Actually, scratch that, hold on. There's a whole archeology knowledge tree. I pay my bills and then use an artifact on someone. Tada, ambition completed, moving on.

The next ambition is archeology scholar, and so I immediately uncover an artifact from a dirt clump before I go to work.

With my newfound vacation day, I head back to the jungle but only for a couple of days. I also try a fancier living area, a bit curious as to what it looks like. Hey - I'm wealthy from my time in the jungle, and I'm only going to earn more money as I go on.

This time, I take Dusty with me, because I don't want to leave him alone at home again. I set it for three days, just to make sure I have plenty of time.

I make food for myself and Dusty after claiming the downstairs bedroom. I'll be staying with Madison Gamble it seems.

After bathing Dusty, I dance the rumbasim to up my fun need, and then it's time to head into the jungle to do some excavations.

While I'm in the jungle excavating and exploring, Dusty gets bitten by a squirrel. Uh-oh.

I come back and make Dusty and myself some food, maxing out my gourmet cooking skill. Now the only reason to cook is to make myself meals for the next few days :P

With harvest fest coming tomorrow, I do some cheating to get some decorations in. Of course I'll invite as many people over as possible and make a grand meal and it'll be fun and great and etc. And then hopefully I'll never be on vacation during holiday again :P

I authenticate the three artifacts I need to to move on to the next level of my ambition and comfort and love on Dusty. Sure enough, he's gotten sick from that darn squirrel. When I get back, the first thing I'll do is take him to the vet's.

Harvestfest starts after I establish the necessary number of excavation sites, so I start participating. I appease a gnome with pie.

I think I made a mistake. Red fire is not promising.

Then I invite a bunch of people over and start cooking a Grand Meal for everyone. Obviously, for Harvestfest - the Sims equivalent of Thanksgiving, I think - I make a turkey dinner.

Dusty gets bitten by another squirrel while I'm cooking. I appease the gnomes some more, and then with almost everyone there I call everyone to eat the grand meal.

I manage to make one gnome happy. Hurray! The other one also acquires red fire instead of a halo, which is... not hurray.

I plead the angry gnomes for forgiveness, which apparently makes them angrier. Crap.

With angry gnomes, all of my guests quickly leave. I don't blame 'em, I don't want to be around angry gnomes.

I try pleading for forgiveness a few more times, and one gnome comes around. After the other zaps me about ten times I give up and start dancing to boost my fun need.

(The Sims is so random, sometimes.)

I comfort Dusty again, and then decide screw it - priority number one is vet's office. I use my phone to see if I can get there. I can't go without cutting my vacation short, it seems, so that is exactly what I do. I don't need to stay in Selvadarado for the rest of my ambition anyway.

And I take Dusty to the vet clinic, at last, so he can get better.

Man alive, I wish vet tables did that in real life. It'd be so convenient.

I pay the 750 simoleons for the expensive treatment. Cure my baby.

I give him love then take him home to feed him.

With that being done, I go back to authenticating and uncovering artifacts. Wheee.

Harvestfest finishes as a success, so that's nice at least.

After I use the bathroom, I authenticate one more artifact before having to go to work. RIP work: ruining Sims dreams as much as real ones.

When I get home, I have to feed Dusty, repair the toilet, clean things, and then make myself food before I garden and give my bees a mite treatment and collect their honey.

I authenticate another artifact and then play fetch with Dusty before... going back to authenticating and uncovering, and only 'EXCELLENT' quality.

After another two artifacts, it's back to work for me.

Home brings about more gardening, then feeding Dusty, then feeding myself. Yay leftovers.

Someone throws a charity benefit in the middle of me authenticating an artifact, so I head out. Sadly, they're at a place I can't bring Dusty. Sadness.

I had authenticated enough artifacts to be on the last stage of the ambition, so I go ahead and give an archeology lecture and hope it's successful. It's a success, which means just chillin' about until I can go back home. I find a spot to stand and play the guitar.

Someone is giving a comedy performance, so after playing a few rounds I go and watch that.

I become focused from my genius trait, so I go ahead and just "read something". The party ends, and I leave without finishing the book since my whim is completed. When I get home, I give Dusty some loves, then go ahead and start on my archeology book.

And with that, my ambition is completed.

Next time, I'll be moving on. Most likely to Realm of Magic, but I might stop and do some other DLC in the process.

Also - this is my thirteenth book with this post published on Friday the 13th, with a full moon and harvest moon. Spooky Times (:

Get Famous

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Sims 4 Playthrough: Jungle Adventures Part 3

For the vacation, I leave Dusty at home. Presumably, someone will come and take care of him.

I stay at the Hillview Hideaway again, deciding that being cheap is for the best. Before I left, I DID add a stove and a couple of other things for convenience and such.

It doesn't add much to the price - from 221 simoleons per day to 236 per day, it still is absolutely the cheapest rental property and that's fine by me.

The first thing I do is order food off of the secret menu. And then it's into the jungle for me.

Even before I go through the vine-covered pathway, I find something to excavate - which is potential income.

I find another abandoned campsite and search for gear. Thanks once again to my high logic, I am able to avoid a scorpion bite. Nice.

I continue onward, past the falls to the other door and clear that. Of course, I clear out another excavation site on the way. I run into a jaguar, relying on my fitness skill... and I take the risk... and succeed and get a shiny out of it! Yay! Some Amazonite.

With three paths before me - and one previously opened now closed - I pick the one farthest away.

I use spider repellant on a plant to confuse it, not trusting my handiness skill since I have to rescue a sim.

He gives me some collectible goodies.

I dodge some plasma bats and open a chest before going fishing. Lovely little area I've found. With a fishing hole. I use the amazonite as bait and hope I don't waste it.

I catch an armored catfish with the bait. After catching another fish, I head back to the previous area and use one of the bushes as a bathroom before moving on.

I find some plants and attempt to get the shiny. I succeed this time, yay!

And then I make my way to the royal baths, which is. It's just awesome.

There's actually someone here with me - Reiko Ishikawa. I decide to start befriending them, since, y'know, they're at this hidden area in the jungle too.

When I'm done chatting, I head back.

I get attacked by bees, and thus complete my milestone. The next goal consists of opening 3 rare omiscan treasure chests (at the end of temples), activating mystical relics 5 times, and finding five treasures.

I have two relics in my inventory, so... I activate one.

I end up cursed. Yay. .-. I quickly leave the jungle for now, deciding that the best idea is to take care of my needs and attempt to reverse the curse.

Desperate attempts to get rid of it lead to success - the curse is gone and I end up with the blessing of self-care. Hurray! I activate the other relic I have on me, fingers crossed that I don't end up cursed again. If the chaos relic cursed me, maybe the watcher relic will bless me...? Of course, since I'm affected by a blessing already, I can't bless myself.

But I can use the relic on someone else, and so I do. And I'm very glad I used it on someone else - it's another curse!

I head back into the jungle and to the temple. I get a bag out of some quicksand with the guzmania flower I have. As a reward, I get a cool artifact. Neat.

Examining the mechanisms gives me the right answer right away, so I do that and move on in the temple.

I get three options in the next group - leaves glyph (which worked upstairs), or two option of skeleton statue warrior weapons. I try the right warrior first.

Lucky duck that I am, it works. The next group gives me the answer right away too which is SUPER nice. I get the last room, and from there it's back to base to get the temple to reset.

I use a fire opal on a llama relic on a death base. For some reason, however, it won't let me use it on anyone. Darn. I guess... back into the jungle?

Sadly, the temple is closed, with "check back in half a day or so". Well then. I've been kicked out.

I... for some reason... get a call to come into work... even though I'm on vacation? -squint- I'm hoping it's a one-time bug and call out sick, but if I get it again I'm going to just head into work. I'm paying so much for this thing, I DON'T WANNA work...

When I check the jungle again, it's open. Time to tackle another temple. And maybe wait long enough to use that new artifact I have...

The temple this time is fairly empty, but it does have some books. I go ahead and read them. Well - I read the two books that aren't the archeology volume 1 book. It'd bore me, considering I'm level 9.

My blessing has worn off by now, so I use the relic... and summon a skeleton! Spooky! That's fine, Cassidy is a brave adventurer. I give the skeleton my autograph and then give it a Selvadoradan greeting.

I wonder if Grim would want an autograph too?

After chatting with the skeleton a bit, I go ahead and finally examine the mechanisms.

A temple guardian - another skeleton! - appears, and I go say hey to them too.

Examining the mechanisms leads to just one solution, so I use that and pass through with zero problems.

During my examinations, the holiday 'Night on the Town' starts. Well. I can't exactly participate, so...

Work calls and I say I'm going to go. I'm... not actually, and hopefully, no nonsense occurs because of it. I'm on vacation! Why are you calling me? Why don't you just not pay me? You did last time! Good grief!

I proceed deeper into the temple and study more mechanisms. I find the right one and proceed.

This explains the skeletal temple guardian - it's a crypt. I also get a personal sun. I think there's just one room to go until the reward, so I look at the single mechanism in the room.

It gives me the answer, and that's two temples down, one to go. I get a golden chaos relic which is INCREDIBLE. Just straight-up INCREDIBLE.

I head back to base. There, I find a fire opal and refine the crystal to make a new relic, which I test on someone since I have the blessing of personal sun going on right now.

It's a curse the opposite of my sun, a little cloud. I am sorry random Sim. I appreciate your sacrifice. One more relic and I'll have completed that goal.

I spend the night collecting things. In the morning, I get called into work again - but of course it doesn't actually take me there. Weird Sims glitches... Anyway, I get and refine another fire opal in preparation for the next relic I'll make.

I play some chess at the bar to boost my logic skill and fun need both. Then all I'll need to do is socialize, which, uh... easy, since I'm at the bar.

With all my needs in the green, it's back into the jungle for me.

On my way to the temple, I notice some capybaras with some bees. I use a flower to save the capybara from the bees. For my good deed of aiding the friend-shaped, I get a treasure.

Temple time. I do the excavations and then study the mechanisms. During this time, I max my archeology skill. This skill gives me the know-how I need to immediately unlock the gate, no risky guesses or accidentally activating temple defenses. Once again, I don't need to make any guesses. A third time gives me the answers... and voila, treasure chest.

However, I don't leave the jungle yet. I want one more base so I can unlock the artifact - along with getting the last omiscan treasure I need. I establish an excavation site at a pile, and start trying to get that base.

I get attacked by bees, but only stop excavating when I get the sad moodlet because I need to socialize. I head to the baths in hopes someone is there.

And... nope! Fine. Finally, finally, I leave the jungle, debating about doing one more temple in hopes of achieving a base.

Or maybe I'll just cheat one in. Shhh. Find out next time :P on dragonball z

Part Three

Sims 4 Playthrough: Jungle Adventures Part 2

I decide that even though I'm moving to a different lot, I still want to stay in Sulani. After all, it's a beautiful island.

I move to the empty lot of Key Point in Mua Pel'am. No room for a basement since I'm by the ocean, but also I'm by the ocean with the lot trait 'Oceanic Paradise'. Plus, Mua Pel'am is good for my conservationist career when I get back to that.

The first thing I build is a pier. The second thing is a room for all my goodies from both Sulani and Selvadorada, and future goodies I'll get from other places as I continue to have Cassidy explore the full extent of what the Sims 4 and its DLC has to offer.

I also build a greenhouse on the opposite side, thus allowing plants to be grown easily year-round.

I go for a shift at work, feed my dog...

And then Roger decides to throw a birthday party at my house. Oh... kay. Well! Birthdays, yay!

He ages up to an elder in the process.

After the party, I craft a barstool.

Don't mind the unfinished house...

Afterwards, I head off to work. I come home and make food for Dusty. Then, I clean up some trash in the ocean and places before surveying ocean wildlife. I need to get to level 8 logic skill, so I start working on that after I make food. I mess around on the microscope first.

I decide to work from home today, and have two goals: survey ocean wildlife and interact with a dolphin.

Ah yes. A dolphin. That I have not seen once. In my entire playthrough.

Google and struggle provide me with...


As soon as I succeed, I get invited to a charity benefit. I go ahead and attend despite my low needs - I can fill 'em up there.

I get back home and feed Dusty and take him on a walk after using the microscope some. And it becomes Prank Day.

After some glitching, I invite some people over and pull pranks to complete prank day. I feed both Cassidy and Dusty. I also make a second bar stool.

I also fulfill a whim by buying a dishwasher. I then let chaos reign in order to read a logic book. Everyone leaves during this time. I just wanna level up my skill, don't mind me.

I take a brief break to feed Dusty and make sure my needs are all in the green, then return to reading the book.

I take another break to clean up Dusty's bathroom usage and garden. Then I use the bathroom and make myself food again. I get bills to the tune of 4k, and so take a break from reading the logic book to try and find collectibles to sell since I only have 2.6k.

Oh, yeah. And I give Dusty a bath because he's dirty. Pfff.

After fishing, I play fetch with Dusty. Work time comes after I do some collecting and cleaning, and of course, I choose to work from home. Once again I need to survey ocean wildlife and interact with a dolphin.

I garden, and then head out to the dive buoy that attracts dolphins in Mua Pel'am. I can't quite catch a dolphin, but I survey ocean wildlife before I make Dusty food and eat some leftovers myself. After that, I clean up some trash and head back to the buoy so I CAN get the dolphins when they next show up.

Next time the dolphins come, I'm ready and call one over. After playing with the dolphin a bit, I head back home to pee and take care of Dusty.

I sell my two underwater photos to publications and then make a painting so I can earn enough to pay my bills. Whew, just barely! This feels an awful lot like the beginning, huh...? After making food for Dusty and eating my own food, I head off to work at the rabbithole.

Once I get home, I read more of the logic book.

On Thursday, there's a TV season premiere. Okay then, that's a holiday apparently? -shrug-

After doing some activities, I drink a focused celebriserum and then "search for the truth" in the observatory.


After the abduction, I go to work and get a promotion. Yay!

It becomes fall.

I'm... doing a lot more than I'm writing, of course, because I'm mostly just saving/earning money for when I next go to Selvadorada.

Oh, hey, I'm writing a mood book! I'm in an energized mood, so... I make it to writing level 8, and can now write sci-fi books. Sweet.

Here's a confident book. Next up: two scifi books.

My stove breaks while I make food, so I repair it. Yay handiness skill.

I get bills again and am able to pay them off right away. (:

I also made a masterpiece painting. Sweet!

With over 5,000 simoleons, I decide that it's time to head back to the jungle and continue my adventure. After all, I'll be making more money there.

Part Three

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Sims 4 Playthrough: Jungle Adventures Part 1

First off, I book the cheapest place (despite the Creepy Crawlies trait) for seven days.

Then, after that, I change out my clothing to something more appropriate to brave the Selvadoradian jungle.

Even though it's 10 PM and raining, the market is open, so I buy things there. I get three things and then a Selvadoradian meal, meaning all that's left for the first step of my ambition is to view the statue of Madre Cosecha.


The meal is unpleasant and I can't manage it. My refined palate quirk and low Selvadorian (this spelling is going to change a lot) culture skill make it awful.

Alright then! Moving on! I head to Belomisia Trailhead to see if I can't make my way deeper into the jungle.

I read about the poison warning (consult local sims) and preparation checklist (buy at marketplace) before using the machete that came with the vacation things to clear the path and heading deeper within the jungle.

I come across sloths and try to distract the flies with dance this is going to be terrible i have a skill of one...

I upset sloths and there are. There are fire flies. Like, literally, they have fire and they are flies.

(2:00 - 2:11)
...huh. They don't hurt me.

I head back to my camp and try to make my mood better, because yikes.

I realize there's nothing at my camp because I'm cheap and head to the museum instead.

I view some collections and make myself focused instead of uncomfortable, then write a conservation article. Then pee.

By then, it's 5:15, so I travel to the bar to see if there's people to socialize with.

I chat with a man named Santiago, asking him about the jungle. I learn about plasma bats (plasma bait box, noted!) and also get a pristine reputation. Heck yes.

I also reach level 2 of the Selvidaran skill. I chat with someone else, practicing my introduction, then dance some.

With my mood up, I buy more supplies and then it's time to brave the jungle once more. I also get an archeology table.

Chatting some more also upped me to level 3 culture skill, and so I bought another meal. I learn how to cook it, but get a negative moodlet since it wasn't 'Excellent' or higher quality.

NOW, finally, I go and brave the jungle.

I make it through to the other side, and start exploring.


As I excavate things, I acquire the archeology skill.

At the next doorway covered in vines, I lose my machete. RIP machete, you will be dearly missed. Like, seriously. I'll have to use my hands now.

I get the opportunity to take a statue. And... I leave it. My skill is too low to risk it, honestly.

I miss some mystical fire being thrown at me, thank goodness.

Thanks to my decent gardening skill, even though I have to clear away vines with my hands, I do just fine on that.

I search an abandoned campsite for gear. Thanks to my high logic skill, I avoid a scorpion but still get the gear. Yay!

At last I locate a temple. "The temple".

On the lowest level, I harvest some plants and then examine a puzzle.

I also get invited to make a donation to charity, because somehow my phone works out here, so of course I do.

Messing about in the temple and investigating puzzles and excavating things bumps my skill to level two.

I end up peeing my pants because of a trigger. RIP me. I press forward, moving on from the angry stone thing to the little pedestals.

Maybe an offering to the sun glyph will aid me?

I get lit on fire. I quickly extinguish myself in the pool of water. Okay. Time to try another glyph. Again: RIP me.

I try the tree glyph next.

Again I'm lit on fire. One more glyph to try, and then I can take care of my needs and try to figure out a different way. Hmm...

The arrowhead glyph works! The door opens and I get blessed with 'Glorious Tastes' for two days.

I descend further and am faced with more puzzles. Oof.

I examine it and have the tree glyph hole ruled out. I notice lots of sun themes. So... I try the sun glyph hole.

As I'm sure you can guess by the red glow, that was the wrong answer. Nothing more happens than decreasing my hygiene, thankfully.

Well, arrowhead worked upstairs. Maybe it'll work down here?

I pee my pants. Come on, leaves glyph hole, lead me to glory!

Love Day starts as I am "lead to glory". There are two potential mechanisms, 3 skeletons and some offerings.

I'll try the skeleton triggers first, and then move on to either tree or sun glyphs since the leaves and arrowhead have been used.

Course, examining the skeletons gives me that they're the correct trigger. HURRAY.

I have skeletons and glyphs - it's either one weapon of the skeletons or one offering with the glyphs. I try the glyphs first and offer to the leaves glyph.

...after opening the treasure chest in the room, of course.

It works! I get it on my first try! Sweet hallelujah!

There are two treasure chests in the final room, and I open both.

With the discoveries unlocked, I leave for home base and take care of all my needs.

Once my needs are filled, I start to take care of authenticating and uncovering the artifacts I've found so far. I also level up to level 10 cooking skill, suh-weet.

During the time I'm working on the artifacts, I manage to dodge a plasma bat attack. Okay, that is... pretty dang awesome.

Love Day also ends, bringing with its end a sadness moodlet. Well, Cassidy, I don't want you to date anyone yet. Deal with it.

I manage to make it to level 6 archeology skill from the artifacts, and I do some serious need-filling. Finally, it's Sunday and Spring turns into Summer.

Chatting with a local gets me to level 4 culture skill, so I ask about local myths.

I go back to the jungle. And get poisoned in my pursuit of shinies. RIP me. However, I find a secret location and advance to the next stage of my aspiration, so yay.

I find sloths again. I walk with the sloths, taking the riskier route...

And fail. RIP. Jungle bat time. I am the sad.

This time, I find a different temple. I start to explore, because of course you do! Time to unlock more secrets!

This temple has a bar in it and some different stereos. Huh, cool.

I have two potential triggers, but the first one I try is the right one. Yay!

The next gate gives me the answer for the mechanism. Also a yay. I receive the Blessing of Self-Care. By now, the poison from the plant wears off and I'm feeling AWESOME.

I learn of the correct mechanism in the next batch of mechanisms, too. And that gets me to the final treasure of the temple.

After all the loot has been looted and excavation piles excavated, I leave the jungle for the bar. Why not? xD

I socialize with a local in the bar, fulfilling my social need which is the only low need at the moment.

After socializing, I do more work on artifacts with the table near the bar.

I take a break from that to "assemble a mystical relic". First I refine a crystal, and then I use a base I got in combination with the 'zazatotl' relic. Then I add the crystal, and... voila. Mystical relic complete.

I make it to level five cultural skill, too. All that's left is two natural dangers and then I can move on to the next step of my aspiration.

I dance the Rumbasim (a Selvadoran dance) to boost my fun need, then head to camp to take a shower.

I also pay my bills, which is currently over 3000 simoleons thanks to the fact I have 50 artifacts in my inventory. I sell some doubles of artifacts, along with the counterfeits I've gotten.

I play some songs, do some digging, harvest some things, and generally hang out at base and wait for the "creepy crawlies" lot trait to come into effect so I can face the dangers of the jungle and move on with my freaking ambition.

I do some dancing of the rumbasim and get to dance level five, then update on social media.

A stray dog named Dusty comes for a visit, so... I hang out with the dog. Because puppies.

I'm sure you all know where this is going. Cassidy now has a pet dog named Dusty.

I rush down to the market to buy pet supplies for the remainder of the vacation.

Since there's only a day left, I teach Dusty how to sit, lay down, and roll over and achieve pet training skill level three in the process.

With me back at home - with a new pet - the part one of Jungle Adventures ends. Now, then. I think a new, larger house is in order... the only question is, where?

Part Two

Sims 4 Playthrough: Island Living Part 4

I start off with a shower when I get home, and then a large painting from reference. I sell it to a collector once it is done.

By now my social need is low, so I try calling up a friend. Everyone is sleeping at 3:15 AM, so I paint another painting instead. It's fiiine.

I like this one.

I graft the pineapple cutting to one of the green pea plants. I get an achievement and the research the pinapple/green pea hybrid.

I then "Sell All" (harvest+sell) and then weed the plants. Yay weeding.

After watering the plants that need to be watered, I just have to weed or water one more time to complete this stage of my aspiration. SO CLOSE.

I take a cutting of the taro root behind my house and then graft it to one of my onion plants because Why Not?

After quickly doing some social media stuff, it's time for work. I had Cassidy leave for the rabbit hole this go-around, so I just sit and wait for her to get back. At work, I make her socialize with coworkers to help with her social need since I wasn't able to take care of it.

When she gets home, I pay the bills and check my mail. I get more clay from the fan mail so I just mold it because Why not. Cassidy also has a wish involving the bee box, so I check it. I apply the mite treatment and then Bond With Bees.

I also collect honey and collect swarm, and have the swarm pollinate my plants. I open one of the presents from the present pile, courtesy of a wish. I get a bunch of upgrade parts from the present, which, yay!

I make and eat chili, then fulfill the wish to play in the rain. Yay rain! I get a wish to plant something and so plant a couple of lemons near the beebox.

Someone visits at 10 PM, so I let him in and say hey. I take this opportunity to spread conservation awareness and thus complete my job task.

Changing out of work clothes is overrated.

George Cahill also stops by. It's a party.

While they're here, I decide to paint some more. Up the skill and up my fame level, it's a win-win.

I start a second painting just to get to level six. Yay! (: I then start a non-fiction book.

After I finish it, I sell all the new harvestables and then fulfill the wish I have to fertilize a plant by fertilizing both of my spliced plants.

Then I sell the book to publisher and fulfill another wish/whim by painting. I also achieve the Rising Star fame level, so that's level two. Sweet!

After the painting, I head to work. I come back home to sell it. Do some gardening, take care of my bees, someone comes and starts using my stuff, someone comes to visit and breaks my computer, I take a bath... and then fix the computer, of course.

After doing more stuff at home, I head off, DETERMINED to find a mermaid. I travel to the beach in Lani St. Taz.

I blow the conch shell a few times, wander around a bit, and then meet and become good friends with someone (and get level 6 charisma). I ask her if she's a mermaid...


I fulfill a wish by lighting the bonfire, and then go and scuba dive to see if I can't find a mermaid that way.

I reach fitness level five while doing it.

I dive twice before giving up and going home. I give up. I'm going to finish the freelance botanist aspiration and then move on. It's time to do something - anything - else but deal with Sulani nonsense.

After I use the bathroom at home, I use the observatory and wait for the chance to weed or water a plant. Save meee.

Screw it. I want to do some Jungle Adventures stuff. Time to switch aspirations and head for El Salvarado.

The beginning of Jungle Adventures

Sims 4 Playthrough: Island Living Part 3

I decide to tackle 'Freelance Botanist'.

I also get the 10,000 'never weary' trait as I've just made enough for that.

Now, despite the fact I have some experience gardening, I start from rock bottom, which means planting 3 plants and weeding or watering 10 times. No problem.

Since I have 'never weary', I visit the Mother and, once I'm possessed, communicate with her. Once it's finished, I apply the vaccine. Time to save up for more traits.

When I get back home, I do some gardening.

Then I do more wish-fulfillment, including some painting, and then more gardening (yay).  I end up with my power shut off (oops) and so promptly pay my bills after collecting some honey from my bees. I get a swarm of them and then pollinate plants. Bees are so cool. I love bees. In real life, not just in the Sims.

I get fanmail, which includes a lump of clay, a fish, and a spoiled cupcake. Stop sending me food.

I paint to try and level up in the skill and fulfill a wish. Once I complete that wish, I get the wish to fertilize a plant... so I do.

I get hungry so I grab the last leftover grilled cheese. Delicious.

I get an offer to be a regional manager but decline. Conservation plz.

I bond with the bees and get another swarm, which I send to fetch a gift.  They get me a melaco, which I sell.

I decide to write a children's book.  I IMMEDIATELY reach level seven. Nice.

I finish and then work starts. I work from home again and get the goals to spread conservation awareness and explore the cave. I head off to the cave first.

I feel inspired after seeing a lake inside of the cave, so I respond by playing my guitar. Once I hit level five, I go and find a sim to spread conservation awareness to. And clean up some trash on the way.

I also end up improving Mua Pel'am. Yay!

After cleaning up more trash, I do some snorkeling. By then I'm hungry, so I head home to eat.

Oh look... someone's painting my house AGAIN. >(

I reach gourmet cooking level five while making dinner. Yay.

I head off to the Sand Bar and 'sing songs' on my guitar. This ups my fame, guitar skill, AND singing skill, so a win-win-win. After I sing some songs and level to five, I just straight practice in the hopes of earning simoleons (which fulfills a wish).

Once I collect fifty simoleons, I head on back home.

Work starts and I get a promotion to Nature Historian. Nice. I work from home yet ago, because I have some things I need to do AT home. I need to take samples from the ocean and take pictures of Mua Pel'am. I finish the things to do at home, then take a sample from the ocean before heading to Mua Pel'am.

In taking pictures, I acquire the photography skill. Cool. When I finish my tasks, I run into an "anti-environmentalist". Why are people against taking care of the environment? Honestly. I confront them about their wrongdoing.

When I finish, someone asks me to donate 1000 simoleons to charity. I have enough, so of course I donate. I'm left angry because the anti-environmentalist refused to listen. Ugh.

I analyze the samples of ocean water I collected, hoping I can confront them again later. They start arguing with me in the midst of it, interrupting what I'm doing and having the ocean water sample damaged.

I start chatting with her instead, hoping to maybe get some positive interaction and then try again when I am no longer angry.

I spread conservation awareness and enthuse about conservation as well. During the conversation, I level up in cooking. The option to confront her goes away and I'm hungry, so I leave in short order and head home.

To fulfill a wish, I practice dancing in the floor mirror. I also sell some gifts I got that I don't want to use, so I have nearly ten thousand simoleons. Nice.

When she finishes, I take a bath with lavender foam soak.

When I'm done, George Cahill shows up at my door, so I invite him in. Once he's in, I open a present, sell what I got (digital camera), and then analyze the two ocean samples I have left.

I extract a fossil and end up with a prehistoric rock. Cool beans! Makoa leaves while I'm chatting with George.

I collect a microscopic sample from the fossil and then analyze it on my microscrope.

Cassidy wants to level up in her dancing skill, so I start her dancing. After she dances in front of the mirror, I check on the bees. They have mites! A quick application of the treatment fixes it, and then I bond with them.

I collect honey and a swarm, and have the swarm cheer up George.

Time for dancing. Woo.

Talk like a pirate starts at 6 AM, so that's fun! I head into work, just after my dancing skill gets leveled. Yay (:

I switch work to 'gather field samples' and continue to wait for her return home. While I'm away, George breaks my radio. Argh. Of course, he also fixed it... so I can't be too upset, haha.

He may be a little TOO comfortable...

I get a promotion when I get home, which is nice. Then I start to clean up George's mess.

Look at this mess! So rude!

I get a wish to open a present and so I do. I then collect honey to fulfill another wish. I also get a wish to harvest a plant and my plants are harvestable, so I do that. And, finally, I make some food cuz I'm hungry.

I have a wish to level up in gardening skill, so I go ahead and check the garden. Some plants need watering, yay. And then I repair the broken kitchen sink. -sigh-

Out of nowhere, my needs suddenly jump to entirely full. I'm... I'm not sure what happened??? I'm not going to question it and just keep doing things. Yeah.

While I'm 'very focused', I paint a mathematical diagram. It brings me to level six of the logic skill, which is what my job requires. Yay.

I discover I was in the middle of a book - 'Call of the Ocean' - and start back in on that. Neat. When I'm done, I 'spread conservation awareness' to George to complete my job tasks. Currently, I'm on my day off, but it never hurts to be prepared.

I sell the book to the publisher and get mail. My book gets nominated for an award, which is really super cool! I get clay and a fish from more Strangerville fan mail. Woo.

 I stopped playing for a while and then come back to it, after Realm of Magic has been unleashed. That's going to be my next goal after Sulani, I think. Or maybe I'll focus on Jungle Adventures first instead? Decisions, decisions.

With needs high and nothing that needs to be done, I decide to head out scuba diving. I buy all of the gear first, and then dive with the camera to take pictures.

Uh-oh... there's sharks. Luckily, they pass by with nothing happen. I miss a text for the flea market, oh well.

My needs are still high so... let's dive again perhaps?

I dive back in for treasure. I also get an offer to be an actress. Eh, no thanks.

I see a litterbug on my way to the bathroom, so pause and decide to "Confront about wrongdoing". Alas, they leave before I can get to them and I REALLY GOTTA GO so I just have Cassidy make her way to the public bathrooms. Then, I pick up some trash around the area. I also chase away some seagulls.

By now, I'm hungry. So I go travel to the beach in the neighborhood with my house. There, I grill up some baked potatoes.

Also, pretty picture with pretty fishy.

After I eat, I restore some sand sculptures, cuz why not?

I take a cutting from a wild pineapple plant, and then head home because I am both cold and need a shower.

Part Four

Friday, July 26, 2019

Sims 4 Playthrough: Island Living Part 2

During my beachcombing, I got an "ordinary" conch shell. There are quotes around it. I blow it.

Nothing happens, so I do some snorkeling.

Snorkeling ends up with me upping my fitness skill and getting a cramp. Hm.

After I finish snorkeling, I end up possessed. Possession leaves me with an hour for work, so I head home.  I practice singing until work happens.

Once I get back from work, it's off to the cave (after I roam around a beach in hopes that maybe that will find it. Nope, thank you for your help Google).

The cave is located in the Admiral's Wreckage, so that's where I head to. And sure enough - cave!

I put my name on a wall in the cave, and then head back in for one more round.  I run into some bats, so I start to look around. I find some trash and of course I clean it up.

I see a very populous fishing spot, and so once I'm done cleaning, it's fishing time.

New skill, woo. Hopefully I'll fish up some buried treasure with this.

I catch a lump of clay, and head home.  On my way, I pick up some more trash and end up swallowing water and getting cut by the trash. Woo, super uncomfortable.

I pay my bills before anything can get shut down, and then eat before I start a landscape painting.  I end up inspired and so practice singing some.

I sing until I'm possessed, then when I'm no longer possessed I find a new job. Time to be a conservationist, I think.

I get the assignment to research conservation, and so I do.  It upgrades my handiness skill to four, although it's supposed to be boosting logic... ok. It also boosts my gardening skill to five, so clearly it does multiple skills. Neat.

Winterfest begins while I'm working. Yay Winterfest!  I buy a fireplace so Father Winter will come and do some decorating.

I then invite people over to begin the holiday and start on a grand meal.

It's not an official party, it's just me inviting over whoever I can, but... Cassidy seems to have fun and so does everyone else, and that's what counts.

I get a bunch of Strangerville fanmail, including some spoiled food (ew), a cupcake, and a lump of clay. Okay.

I regret the two fish I got and get rid of the food, and then Father Winter has arrived!

He rebuilds the present pile and makes it BIGGER, nice. And that's for just me this time :P  I give him the remainder of the cookies I had baked, since that's traditional and they haven't spoiled yet since they've been in the fridge.  I also invite him to eat the leftovers of the Grand Meal.

I suppose it is the thought that counts, because he has none of the food.

Father Winter makes his departure just as I become possessed. I go ahead and chat with the plant. After possession ends, I clean up, garden, and then practice guitar until work.

I get a promotion, and then my job's daily task is to 'spread conservation awareness to other sims'.

I head over to the beach after filling my motives to get started on that (and then I can look for buried treasure after).

After some beachcombing, I start fishing.

I catch a cichlid fairly quickly, which is cool, but not what I want.  I also get myself a plumbing upgrade part, a digital camera, a digitalistic sketchpad, and a 'rainborz'.  Possession ends my fishing expedition and I head home.

When the possession ends, I make a mobile app. I head to work in the middle of it, and the holiday Night on the Town starts.

 When I'm back home, I'm off again to mooch food and drink off of some venue or another. I head to The Sand Bar, since it's in Sulani.

I order my favorite drink, which is supposedly a 'frizzy fruity drink', and enjoy it.  I also order some fish and chips, and then practice singing.  Possession ends the session, and once again I head back home.

I finally replace the observatory once the posession ends. I reach level nine of the programming skill, and it's New Year's Day so I don't have work.

I decorate and buy a TV and radio for the holiday, since both will be needed. I stop making the app to go ahead and worry about doing the holiday activities.

First off: Making a resolution. I decide to aim for a promotion. I invite people over to my house to make holiday activities a little bit easier (and to have someone to talk about conservation with for my job).

Almost everyone heads home, but only after I complete all but the final task, to watch the New Year's countdown.

Roger invites me to the romance festival, lel.

I dance some more now that I'm entirely home alone and with no other goals to complete (FOR NOW).

I reach dance level 2. Once I level, I resume making the mobile app.

At about 11:30, I start to watch the countdown to midnight. Midnight comes and goes, and finally, it's spring.

Once that's done, I continue to make the mobile app until possession time (tm). The holiday ends as a resounding success.

Once the possession ends, I open a present (the present pile is very big and I live alone) and then continue working on the mobile app.

Brittany Ceja wants to come over, so I let her, because I want to spread conservation awareness for my job :P

I finish the app and max my programming skill level. Noice. I do gardening when the app is done.

Someone joins in my conversation with Brittany, but either way I finish the conservation and do motive filling after. AND THEN. My toilet breaks. Because of course it does. -sigh-

I upgrade the tub with sturdy faucets, and then it's Possession Time (tm)

I play in the rain some when the possession ends. Immediately after I finish that wish, I get a wish to level up my dancing skill, so that's what I start. Meanwhile... I have enough money to build a pool, so I FINALLY complete that wish.

It's a small pool, but I like it :)

My sim gets a wish for a bee box, so I buy that too. Why not? x3

I interrupt my dancing to bond with the bees. After bonding, I garden, then dance until work.

I get bills to the tune of 1244. Woo. I also get that promotion I put into my resolution!

I play in the rain and open a present, taking care of the two wishes.

I buy a floor mirror and practice dancing in it for yet another wish.

Someone stops by with exta food. It isn't 'excellent', so I'm just going to throw it out. But I spread conservation awareness to complete that for my job.

I level my charisma to five and become 'good friends' with a neighbor... so I ask him if he's a mermaid. Haha.

He is not a mermaid. :(

I make four grilled cheeses so I can make him one, since he brought me food. It... it makes sense, right? I garden after we eat, and then practice dancing into the floor mirror. It levels me up to three and I get a portable dance floor.

I chat with Makoa (the neighbor) until I get possessed. And then I chat with him more, as a possessed sim. Mwahaha.

When it ends, I create a social media profile. I then stargaze with the observatory to fulfill a wish.

I garden and play around until work. I open another present and get a pet poop. Today for work, I work from home to try it out.

First thing's first: I research conservationism. And then I need to take samples from the ocean.

Researching levels several skills. I find some debris on the beach, then take samples from several areas.

When I finish job tasks, I locate a diving buoy. It's in the Lani St. Taz area, and I buy a rebreather and a treasure tool. And then I DIVE FOR TREASURE :D

I do it twice, and on the second time I get 'The Heart of Sulani'. SUCCESS!

My milestone finished, the last thing I need to do to complete this is to doze off in a lounge chair or float lounger. I head home, to use the bathroom and eat.

While analyzing the ocean samples I took earlier... suddenly, I'm blue?

What Happened Here o_o

I safely collect honey from the bee box and fulfill a wish (:

From there, I head out to relax on the floating lounger and hope it a) doesn't glitch and b) lets me fall asleep before I get possessed by the Mother.


Houston, we have landing.

While I may have finished the beach life aspiration, there's obviously a lot more of Sulani to discover. So I'm going to find a new aspiration that seems like fun and keep working on conservation and beautifying Sulani. Along with finding mermaids and island spirits, of course.

See you next time!

Part Three

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Sims 4 Playthrough: Island Living Part 1

I save enough money to move into Tangled Flat. It isn't on the ocean like I was hoping for, but it's my best bet since I don't have that much money.

I first start by upgrading everything and converting the second bedroom into an office.

Here we are, with about 500 simoleons left. Not bad, eh? Of course, much of this was already bought, haha.

After defeating the mother plant, my needs were full when I got home, so now I can start off by Doing Things.

Like finishing that mobile app I've been working on for a while now, haha.

I become possessed during this, and realize I need to create a vaccine for myself since I ate a bizarre plant. -headbang-

In other news, mail is delivered once I return from work, so I grab that. Oh, hey, elements from the Geo Council!

Someone also randomly comes in and starts panting.

The mobile app got me a fame point so I'm a 'Notable Newcomer' now. I'm gonna ignore fame, so I'll probably be jumping up and down. Although, hmm - maybe after all this my next aspiration can involve fame? We'll see.

Meanwhile, the welcome wagon has arrived. Which still doesn't explain the blonde chick.

Oh yeah, that reminds me... now that I'm on the island, I should probably update my wardrobe.

I sell the painting left (a decent landscape) and then decide to buy a thermostat to complete a wish.

After that, I start a book. Why not? I start off with a short story.

I have no idea. I just like relating the books to the current section of the playthrough I'm on.

Another person from the welcome wagon arrives, and another person comes right into my house and start painting on my easel. Since I have a wish to meet someone new, I introduce myself to the other person from the welcome wagon.

I get a relationship drop from all the welcome wagon people because I forgot to invite them inside. Argh.

Although everyone seems happy enough to come inside ANYWAY...

Okay, back to writing the book.

Also... I can sell the paintings other people make. Mwahaha.

I finish the book, publish it, take care of needs, and change my outfits, before finally going to sleep.  I wake up at 1 AM possessed. Ah... yes... right. That.

Random person in my house (still) breaks my computer, so once I'm no longer possessed I go ahead and fix that.

At least possession fills ALL of my needs.  Hmm... Maybe it's not a problem. 3 hours to fill Every. Single. Need? That takes less time than doing it manually...

Even at work, the person is. still. there. My goodness!

I fulfill a wish by buying an umbrella stand.

I go ahead and ask if she's a mermaid, and lose some relationship. Darn. She finally gets up, but I have a wish to paint, so... I do!

I immediately get another wish to paint and do it again. Haha. I reach level two of the painting skill while doing it, so I'd say a good use of time.

My current goals for the aspiration are: have a gold-level kava party, get a suntan, and eat a coconut. Eat a coconut, huh...? Well, let's find a coconut!  Since it's winter, suntan will probably have to wait for spring. But a coconut, she just has to find where to buy it.

Meanwhile, Roger wants to invite himself over, but I decline. After all, I'm about to head out!

There is a vending machine with beach supplies, so I get myself a coconut. And splurge on a canoe, a towel, a floating lounger, and some kava root. I am left with 601 simoleons.

Coconut: Eaten.

I take a brief detour back to Strangerville, in order to work on that vaccine. You know, just in case I ever do want it.

I get a bizarre fruit and some riches (915 simoleons) from Mother, then make the vaccine before heading back home.

Once home, I fill motives.  I was going to write a poetry book to fulfill a wish, but I have the opportunity to write a motivational book while confident so of course, I do that!

Here we go. I reach level six pretty much as soon as I start, and acquire the ability to write screenplays. Nice.

It's raining outside, so I start on a poetry book before publishing the motivational one.

In the middle of it, I end up possessed. I plant a bizarre plant to have something to do while possessed.

Once done with that, I continue writing. I do some quick gardening, then sell both of my books to a publisher.

Since it's Saturday, I don't work, so I see about putting together a kava party. I invite Roger, Brittany, and George, then the people I've met from the island.

I start with preparing kava, and someone socializes with me while I do that to work on the goal to socialize with guests. Nice.

Once the kava is made, I invite everyone to drink it, as you do.

While drinking kava I just... start taking... a bath?  Okay...

I make a kava toast for one of the goals, then a group fruit and yoghurt parfait.

I autonomously tell a joke, completing half of that goal, while I'm cooking. Nice! I go ahead and intentionally tell another.

I call people to meal and buy a radio and start music to have dancing happen, since that's a goal.

The party ends on a gold. Nice :)

I start working on a screenplay, since I don't have anything I have to do at the moment.

While writing, I buy an observatory to fulfill a wish.

I have over 7000 lifetime rewards points, but my first priority is 'Never Weary' so I no longer need to sleep, so I must save more.

My sim wants a pool, but I can't afford it. On the other hand, she also wants to bake cookies...

With someone hanging out in my house occasionally chatting with me, I level up to charisma level four. Nice.

Possession occurs! I chat with the bizarre plant and sit out in the rain.

Once the possession ends, I bake the cookies Cassidy wants to make.

Without much to do, I practice the guitar skill.  It becomes new skill day and I level up, thus completing the tradition with zero effort. Woo.

The kleptomaniac in the house has stolen my posters, all but one. At least she didn't steal the freaking autographed picture.

George Cahill invites me to the flea market, and I agree.

It's a blizzard in San Myushuno, but I ignore it to start tending a table and make some mons off of random crap in my inventory.

Yup. With that done, I head back home to take advantage more of New Skill Day's increased skill gain.

Or I would, but Lia (not the klepto) invites me to her house. Alright then!

When I get hungry, I head home.

I get a quirk - 'refined palate'. Okay then.

I practice guitar, paint, then level my singing skill to two, then three, and then I'm possessed. Time to just stand around for three hours, whee.

My observatory broke at some point, but I can't afford to replace it and there's no option to repair it, so for now I just ignore it.

I get two art pieces from looking at plant samples, and then I'm off to work.  When I return, I head to a beach lot. It's time to sunbathe and get that tan!

Tanlines are overrated.

Tanning on the floating things is glitched, so I save+quit and then move on over to a ground-bound seat. I get a perfect tan thanks to being nude, and then start combing the beach for things to fulfill one step of the next level of the aspiration. I get hungry, so it's time to grill, barbeque, or roast something here.

I light a fire and grill something, then hang out and eat. When I'm done, I beachcomb one last time before heading home.

I buy a grill and then just. Grill excessively.

I finish the goal as I level up to cooking level seven. Nice.

I travel back to the beach to do more beach combing and lay out my food for random people to eat.

I finish my goals and get 'explore the beach cave' and 'discover buried treasure' with the new ones. Cool.

Onwards to the next part.

Part Two