Saturday, August 2, 2014

A Happy, Completely Not-Bitter ,Very Much True Poem for Your Reading Pleasure

I see far too much good
To believe that everything is bad
To believe human nature is dark
When I see the child's dying wish to save another soul
Or the man who would pull another out of the sea,
I shake my head and wonder
How do we think so negatively?

Bitterness is not in my nature,
Because, time and time again,
I realize how blessed my life is,
And how beautiful the world is,
And I'm glad for all my friends.

I have learned that the ones
Who give good its very name
Are the quiet ones
Who do not seek fame.

So do not listen to the yells,
Do not watch the same old news.
Look closer, softer, on tip-toe.
See the city from a skyscraper,
And the mountain from within.
Be quiet, and you will realize
That good always wins.