Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Because I Love to Write

the world spins.
slow, steady.
air fills, air collapses.

i have something to say
so i write
i have nothing to do
so i write
i am very very afraid
so i write
i hope for a better tomorrow
so i write

everything tumbles
sometimes i am confused
the blurs are mountains in my mind,
molehills blown out of proportion
yet the eponymous ephemeral moment
of these words, these letters,
the writer's codex,
the poet's spinning tornado

i do not know what else to do
so i write
i have too much to do
so i write
i am lonely
so i write
i have many friends
so i write

casting out my net into a sea
filled with people who maybe
will be drawn by the right letters
in the right order

i write because it is my everything
because it is how i contain my soul
when my soul is screaming, flying,
running away from me with melodious intent

i write because i must
i write, most importantly,
because i love to write

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Slow Improvement

I have come to the realization that I am not mentally healthy enough to live alone.

There will be times and dark days when I need the expectations of those around me to make me move.  There will be times and dark days when I need someone to squeeze my hands unbearably tight and remind me how to breath normally instead of the frantic in-and-out of panic.

I may never be healthy enough to live by myself.

But I'll manage because that's what you do.

I am healthy enough to recognize my issues, to talk about them even when I'm dark.  I'm healthy enough to take deep breaths and fight past my brain screaming epithets at me and speak up.  I'm healthy enough to take care of myself.

But taking care of myself means that I need people there to catch me.

I am beginning to learn, slowly but surely, that no matter your issues you can be a good mother.  That no matter your issues you can be a good friend, a good wife, a good daughter.

But I have also realized that I will always have dark days.  I will be able to fight my way out of the dark days, but I need help.  I can hold on for a long time on my own but climbing requires a hand.

And that's okay.  That's me, and what I need to do to take care of myself.  I'll take care of myself.  I know what makes me happy, I know the little ways to calm myself down.  Sometimes I need other people to do that.  But - and here's the important part - I can do that.

I'm brilliantly alive.  Slowly but surely, I am realizing that I am capable.  I am in the dark - this morning I woke up thinking that I wanted to die - but now I am taking deep breaths and saying I am capable even though my inner thoughts are telling me how pathetic I am.

I'm improving.

I may not achieve everything I want, but I'll find my own way and my own path and I'll do that with my friends and loved ones.  I'm not alone and I don't have to force isolation upon myself.

There's a fact that still leaves me whirling.
People want to help me.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Love is packed lunches.
Love is breakfast in bed.
Love is hugs.
Love is the willingness to cry
In front of someone
When you put on a front for the rest of the world.
Love is support.
Love is compassion.
Love is that careful, measured way you talk
When you know you have to say hard truths.
Love is those hard truths.
Love is a myriad of little things
That  add up into one big thing.
The biggest thing.
Love is steady, true, unfailing.
When everything else is broken
There's love in the shadows and the ashes.
Love from God. From family. From friends.
When all else fails, remember.
There's still love. And love?
Love is powerful.
Love is memorable.
Love is the one true, best thing.

Love is packed lunches.
Love is breakfast in bed.
Love is hugs.
Love is unconditional.