Saturday, March 7, 2020

Self-love and Being Fat

I have been fat all of my life.

I have internalized it, hated it, fought with it the entire time. Every year, for years, my New Year's Resolution was to lose weight.

I tried diets from Weight Watchers when I was ten years old to different ones when I was older: cutting out meat, depriving myself of bread and sweets only to pig out in them a month or two later when I couldn't stand it anymore. I've gone to nutritionists and health classes over and over again. I've tried fruits and vegetables that I didn't like, tried healthy foods over and over again. I learned to cook in hopes of cooking healthy food.

I look back at my child self and I see someone round and big and fat surrounded by skinny-legged peers, by people who are points and angles when I am a mammoth. I see myself as someone tall, towering over the rest and never quite fitting in.

(It all comes back to that one issue, doesn't it? I know who I am and I refused to bend so I cried until I started biting myself because that was the only way to make it quiet. I have always walked to the beat of my own drum and it is so, so hard to see it for the blessing it is and to appreciate my sense of self as always a little off.)

My mom says I was never that much overweight. Ten pounds, maybe twenty. Round, fluffy, soft. I say it was fifty, one hundred, one-fifty, because I remember being fifty pounds away from my goal weight in Weight Watchers. Except, no - memory has twisted it. I was fifteen pounds away from my goal weight when we stopped; I only ever had fifty to lose. I try to look at myself like a stranger, take away my biases.

If it was someone who is not me, I would not be this cruel to myself. I would see that I was adorable, that I was fluffy moreso than fat, that chubby isn't that bad as long as I'm healthy.

I was a chubby kid. I didn't have the double chin that I carry now, or a butt that I can feel the wrinkles on. I used to have no stretch marks, and then small ones. I started gaining some weight when I was 12, but it wasn't until high school that I really started ballooning. Looking at myself, as a child - I ate vegetables, I've always enjoyed them, and I was far more active than I am now even as a voracious reader and someone who chose the computer above almost everything else.

Now I stagnate. I try brief attempts - a week, two, a month - at weight loss with diet and excersize and always fall back into old habits. Ice cream, chocolate; the absolute food explosion that comes at the end of the year starting in October and not ending until early January, spiking up around Valentine's Day and Easter once more.

But I was so different from my peers. Everyone was skinnier than me; I was the one fat kid in the ocean of 'average'. Even the rounder, softer people I knew didn't make me feel less fat, and there were times when I couldn't stand looking at myself in group pictures, even ones for my favorite birthdays.

I still can't stand looking at myself in group pictures. But sometimes I get dress up and I practice poses and I take selfies. Here, there - I can see the double chin, the wideness, the roundness, but I can also see my enchanting eyes and my gorgeous hair and the so-much-of-me that is beautiful.

Beautiful despite being fat. Beautiful, unattached to any other word, but conditioned to believe that the beauty is hiding away if I could just lose the weight.

And that fear, that horrible fear as if I am standing in a spotlight and the whole world is staring at me: even when I am ten, fifteen, twenty pounds overweight, I will still be considered fat. I will still be too-round and too-big. I will be a mammoth amongst people who are normal, average, whatever else. That even being healthy - because being slightly overweight is not bad - I will still stand out.

Because chances are I will always be a little bit chubby. Chances are I will always be soft and round and carry fat. It's the story of my family - overweight, fat, and even the skinnier ones aren't pencil-thin and pointed elbows. That's okay. Sturdiness is good, too, and when it's sturdiness built out of muscle and health then that's especially good.

But I had it pounded into me, as year after year I set goals to lose weight. As kids said "your new year's resolution isn't going so well, huh?" and "guess you'll just be fat forever" and "you're too fat to do this". As I watched other kids being able to be lifted by friends, screaming and squealing; as I took dance classes and ended up, in high school, not being able to do the same jumps as others; as I panicked at a group trust fall that I wouldn't be able to be caught despite the fact there were ten people gathered around to catch me, and adults that said, yes, it is fine; as being out of shape and being fat became one and the same so that as long as I perceive myself as fat I will never be capable.

In my worst moments, I have wished for an eating disorder. Anorexia, bulimia - anything. I have attempted and failed to make myself throw up food because it's all just calories. I have gone full days without eating and lamented my lack of willpower when I finally gave in.

Being fat has become as much a part of me as being a writer, in some ways. Even when I lose weight I will still see myself as fat, still see myself with a double-chin, a triple-chin, a turkey gobbler; still see my butt as too big, something that is too obvious and ill-placed, as bigger than it is in reality; still see my thighs as having too much fat.

So in the end, love has to come when I am fat. I have to love myself for who I am with a round belly and too many places that jiggle and that cursed double-chin. I have to find ways to say "I am beautiful" and then say "I am beautiful and fat, and I am beautiful RIGHT NOW. Not in spite of or because of or for being fat, but as two things that co-exist." I have to recognize my inner beauty AND my outer beauty and refuse to allow myself to hate myself for being fat.

Because if I hate myself, I punish myself. And if I punish myself, I stay fat.

And more than that - I have to learn to lose weight for health. Because if I lose weight to be pretty or to fit in then I will lose weight until I am underweight and unhealthy and have a very different but no less dangerous problem. I have to learn when my body is content, when my body is okay, when my organs aren't choked by fat deposits even if I still have a little bit extra.

I have to love myself. And I have to love myself as I am, as I have been, and as I will be.

Because as every fat person knows: the shame people place upon you does not help. It breaks you. It hurts you. It causes anorexia and bulimia where you don't actually lose weight because your body is made a certain way, and if you don't eat healthily and take care of yourself you cannot be healthy, you cannot lose weight.


Loving myself.

I will find it, someday. And whether I am fat or thin, I will love myself through it.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Sims 4 Playthrough: University Part One

When we last left off, Cassidy had become the pinnacle of fame. She went ahead and did one last acting gig (that I didn't type about) and did some skill-building. On Monday, Roger Barajas - a scientist - ended up dying. He was one of the three I fought the Mother with, so this is... sad. Cassidy ends up becoming 'very sad' from it and gets the Emotion Bomb quirk. I also painted a masterpiece on Tuesday and got my skill in singing to level nine so I can now license lyrics and leveled my painting skill to level nine as well. That's it for things of note.

Time to apply... to University! I send out three scholarships (Glimmerbrook Resident, cooking skills, future star) and then my 75 simoleon application. Now... to wait.

Someone invites me to a party at the bluffs, so I head out.

I swan dive into the pool and then do laps.

Dancing gets me a whole group watching me. Spoopy.

I also light off some fireworks since I still have those. During the fireworks opening, I get the "fan" mail quirk. How... delightful.

You can guess what happened here, I'm sure.
Despite being burnt and having stink lines, paparazzi still want pictures of me so I pose. Okay then.

When the party ends I leave, changing into clean clothes. Then I take Dusty on a walk, fulfilling a whim and giving the boy some attention.

Josephina Rojas shows up after I paint, tend to my bees, and garden some, so I go ahead and invite her inside to do some socializing.

Also, as a note: My famous sim, since level three, kept 'react with disgust' to EVERYTHING. It's a fame thing, it's an Issue. There are some mods out there for it, none of them updated. So I risked this save - that I would be miserable to lose - to test one: Coolspear on the Sims Asylum has the best ones, and I now have 'no bah humbug after fan interactions' (hugging, autographs, etc) and 'no react in digust'. They work and my save is undamaged.

She leaves after some brief socials, so I do more bee care (applying a mite treatment) and get honey. It's all excellent quality, and I just sell it because I'm lame and also want money. The log and dirt clump have respawned, so I get stuff from that (an eggplant frog and

That reminds me... new DLC, new outfits. I change clothes. I have a whim to do laundry when I get back, so... I do.

While that's going on, I write lyrics to an 'Epic Ballad' on the guitar. Which reminds me that I need to buy and place a piano...

I manage to squeeze the piano and a music-mixing station into the house.

After I finish writing the songs, I feed Dusty, tend to my bees, and then garden. I max out the skill... and hire a gardener. Because, uh, yeah.

Love Day also starts, but like... I don't want to get Cassidy romantically involved with anyone yet. I end up loving on Dusty enough to fulfill 'Romantic Spirit' so... that's cool.

I also craft another garden planter on the woodworking station, so I have enough space to grow some more flowers.

I am enjoying having two spawns right behind my house, because I look for yet another frog (surfer leaf) and dig once more.

I win all of my three scholarships, and get a University acceptance letter. It's Time to head out!

I head to Britechester, choosing Language&Literature and taking four classes this semester. Four total terms and I'll get the degree - and then I think I'm going to try out a science degree at Foxbury. Might as well be well-rounded, right?

However, I run into a problem: since Dusty is at home, I can't move out! Let's... table my University dreams, and see about getting a roommate to live with me so I can go and live on campus.

As small as it is, I'd totally be happy to live there. It has everything I need: a big window, a dresser, a bathroom, a Murphy bed (so it turns into a couch), and a desk with a computer...

The room is, essentially, a tiny home... aaanndd I forgot to wallpaper it. RIP.

I prune the bonsai I bought to fulfill a wish and gain the flower-arranging skill. So much for saving it for new skill day :P

I get the urge to produce a new track on the music mixer, so I do. Dusty... does not like the music mixer. Poor puppy.

I calm him down and then go and take him on a walk. I also finally get around to buying the 'Needs No One' trait, meaning the only need I have to worry about now is my fun need. Nice.

After I make a couple of paintings (including a mathematical diagram I keep), I bathe Dusty. I'm really just waiting for someone to respond to the roommate advertisement.

I'm gardening when I'm startled by a RANDOM PERSON IN MY HOUSE.

But, turns out, this is my future roommate! Cool beans.

After doing some Talk Like a Pirate Day interactions with her and getting us on good terms, I accept her as my new roommate.

I try out one flower arrangement, and then once more attempt to head to college.

...Nope, still no dice. So, with that being said... I go ahead and ask Samantha to join the household. Why not, right?

At last, FINALLY, I am off to University!

Here we go (:

I have zero simoleons because for some reason it wouldn't let me transfer any over, so off I go to earn some money. I also didn't even have to pay 200 out of pocket because of my qualifications and scholarships, so that was nice.

I head out to the quad to practice guitar for tips.

After a couple of hours of this, I give up and switch gears and go to UBrite Commons.

I go ahead and practice singing on the microphone, once more hoping for tips.

After I get over a hundred simoleons, I decide to work on my homework so I can be all prepped for classes on Monday.

It turns out to be a terrible idea because of how busy and crazy it is, so I head back to the dorms so I can actually get to work.

Summer starts while I start on the third class's homework. Woo, summer. Also, she uses a different, random desk every time instead of the desk that should be 'hers'. Maxis, allow us to assign Sims to desks plox.

I also get my royalties, so I actually have a decent amount of money.

After doing all my homework, my fun need is super low, so... time to go to the bar, maybe? Let's go have some fun! I also leveled up my writing skill to level nine. :)

Before I leave, I buy a bicycle and a 700 simoleon course book. uuughh. Maybe be a little LESS realistic, Sims.

I go ahead and dance the Rumbasim there. Wish I brought a boombox so I could dance in my dorm :P

Once I fill my fun need, I head back to the dorm.

Back there, the statue's been covered in TP, so I take it down. I then practice singing for more tips. I get zero tips, but max my singing level so that's pretty legit. I switch to practicing guitar. There are very few people around because it's past midnight in the Sims, but maybe I'll get some tips anyway. We'll see.

I max out my guitar skill and stop playing guitar. Now to figure out what to do from 4:30 AM until 11, when my class starts...

I decide to study for The Write Expectations - my first class - with my coursebook, and a fan comes and asks me for an autograph during (which of course I do). At ten, I kill the studying and see if I can't go to class early - nope, no can do. Time to wait...

When done, I get a head start on the homework for that class until the next class starts.

I go to class, my fun is WRECKED, so I drink a fun celebuserum and go back to doing homework. Yaaay. .-. Homework brings me to charisma level eight, and then I'm upset because the serum wore off.

I upload a viral video on the one computer in the dorms, then go ahead and play some Blicbloc. After blicbloc, I study for my classes of today. After studying, I'm off to class. In between, I do homework... and after, more homework.

My fun need is low, so let's head back to the dorms and watch some TV.

And this is where I end this part, because it's gotten a bit long.

Friday, January 24, 2020

Sims 4 Playthrough: Get Famous Part 4

I ended on my new house, but I forgot to mention: I used 'Quirky Family Shell' by Peanut1330 from the gallery for the base and then HEAVILY edited it, and I gave the house the lot traits of 'Celebrity Home' (I'm a celebrity!), 'Home Studio', and 'Great Acoustics'.

I start off by looking for frogs in a log behind the house and grabbing some stones from a rock. I get a striped dart frog and throw it in the house, then take care of my garden and order a packet of uncommon plants. I get three lilies from it and plant two of them.

The welcome wagon for Glimmerbrook arrives. Remembering my mistake back in Sulani, I go ahead and let everyone inside.

Work starts in the middle of the welcome wagon, and so... we're off!

The joys of fame: zero costuming.
After steering the wheel, doing a sword fight, flirting, and finally performing a vampire bite scene, I'm done with gold. I also did all of the risky versions and leveled up to acting level three. (:

I introduce myself to my costars with my remaining time, though I'm pretty sure I could leave early. When it ends, I have 1300 more simoleons to my name and have earned a promotion. :D My next gig is Critters from Mauven Forest.

I start by practicing the guitar, and then I have to get into a playful mood and do funny interactions with people to 'research playful emotion'. Hmm. When I'm done with the guitar, I'm level nine and I fulfill a whim to upgrade a dryer. Done. I license the song I wrote for the guitar... now to just get singing to level nine. Licensing the song gets me to level five celebrityhood, which means all that I need to do now is get people to have positive responses to my cheers.

Holy moly.

With my three fame points, I get 'Star Treatment' and 'Easy Street' (these feel so... cheat-y), then 'PR Agency' because nothing else really seems all that interesting.

I decide to craft a bunch of furniture on the woodworking table.

I want to be a down-to-earth famous person.
I also level up to level seven handiness skill while make said furniture objects.

Once I make the furniture things and love on Dusty, I watch the comedy channel to try and get that playful mood.

My confident moodlet from woodworking is Too Powerful, so I go ahead and take a bubble bath as well to try and boost the playfulness further.

It works!

I take Dusty to Ward Park in Del Sol Valley to do my tile ceremony on Starlight Boulevard. My timing is poor, however... I'm going to miss Mua Pel'am's turtle hatching ceremony. Aaahh... oh well, I guess.

I incite some cheers, because you know, gotta finish that ambition yo. After getting 23/25 positive responses, I go and do some playful interactions with Reiko (since she showed up) in an attempt to complete my work tasks. In the process, I level to comedy five.

I do two more 'incite cheers' and... complete my ambition! HALLELUJAH. I become a 'fan favorite' with my extra perk.

Since I've completed my aspiration, I select a new one: 'Academic'.

That's right baby, we're headed to University!

University Time

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Sims 4 Playthrough: Get Famous Part 3

To start off with, I use my two fame points to give myself 'Rally' and 'Career Hopper'.

I then buy the 'forever fresh' trait, meaning only the fun and social needs decay for me now. I'm so close I can taste it. To what? I don't know, convenience?

Prank day pops up and I invite someone over so I can get into some mischief. I reach level two and complete the goals for the day. Then I chat some with the person I invited. Woo.

Someone invites themselves over so I chat with them when Brittany leaves, fulfilling some whims while I hang out and all of that.

You know... going someplace might be a good idea. Boost my fame some, incite cheers, sign autographs...

Once the uninvited guest leaves, I head off to San Myushuno and the Waterside Warble. Karaoke!

I incite some cheers, sing some songs... to be honest, I'm having a blast. I sign some autographs, then a karaoke contest starts, so OF COURSE I participate.

I end up scoring 85/100 points. Meh.

I order a 'sea of fire' from the bar and then try inciting some more cheers. I win the karaoke contest, which. Yay!

I sing a duet with someone I know a little bit, getting myself some fame in the process. By the time prank day ends, I have 13/25 positive responses from inciting cheers.

I head on over to Del Sol Valley again, hanging out Studio PBP. I bring Dusty, cuz why not? They can't stop me, I have four stars of fame!

Before entering, I ask Dusty to go potty and then take a long walk. Finally, I hang out on Starlight Boulevard (or whatever it's called) and play some songs on my guitar.

I get a whim to earn fifty simoleons in tips, so I just start practicing it. Once I reach fifty I stop and head back home after doing one last 'incite cheer'.

At home, I take care of my bees and do some gardening. Someone calls me to make a donation to charity, so I do. I take care of Dusty, and end up teaching him not to jump on counters. Yay!

La'ei invites me to the Humor and Hijinks Festival, so I head on over.

After a moment of debate, I decide to join the pranksters so I can work on my mischief skill. In general, I lean towards more harmless pranks. Pranksters win, so I get a voodoo doll, some fireworks, and 500 simoleons. As a bonus, I got my mischief skill from level two to level five.

I light my fireworks off to complete the wish for the outing and thus have a successful one. Yay (:

My personal ones went off too fast for me to capture it, so have a big view.
Once the festival's over, I fulfill a couple of whims and then busk at the little station that's set up where I'm at. All of the Humor and Hijinks festival stuff is gone, of course.

However, the busking station soon disappears. So after only a short time, new things are up... including a floor mural. I decide to paint a cultural mural on it, and enlist the help of the individual who invited me to the festival in the first place. (That is, 'Paint Cultural Mural Together')

She ends up leaving to go to the bathroom or whatever else, but slowly the mural takes shape. Honestly, Sims can have some cool things.

Once that's done, I head back home.

I get a wish to take Dusty for a walk, so I do, and then I 'pamper on couch'.

A girl and her dog
I take a celebuserum, check my mail, and then start painting. Another figure painting of course :P

While painting, I also get a very special notification...

HELL yes. Now to just max out my career... I've given up on finding mermaids lol. But when I max out my career, I can work a different job :P

Reiko invites me to her birthday party while I'm authenticating an artifact, but I don't want to miss her party, so I head on over.

...particularly since, apparently, her party takes place at MY house. Okay then.

She doesn't like my gift of a firework (rude) so I try giving her a bunch of simoleons instead. THAT, she is much happier about.

I show off some of Dusty's tricks too.

The party: a caterer, Reiko herself, me, and Dusty.
When the party's all done and Reiko's aged to elder, I research some of the plants in my garden, just to have something to do with my time.

By the end of it, work's started. I head to work. When I get back home, I check my mail and then go ahead and do the 'survey ocean wildlife' task. I also buy a lottery ticket, since today is the lottery, apparently.

I also get my final promotion! I'm going to go to work just one more day, then quit my job and focus on selling various things for my money. Right now, I want to finish my current aspiration before I get a new one for UNIVERSITY and explore that.

Dusty is getting dirty, so when I get back I give him a bath. I then upgrade the tub to be self-cleaning, cuz why not?

When I finish upgrading the tub, I upgrade the toilet too. Note to self: bring tub and toilet WITH me when I next move. When the toilet's upgraded, it's off to work.

Once I get home... I quit my job. Sweet freedom! I do some gardening, take care of my bees, and then research plants and up my gardening skill to level nine. Woohoo.

I turn to painting once more, upping my painting skill, getting some fame, AND earning money in the process.

Since I AM working on fame, I decide to actually rejoin a career - this time, as an actress. My gigs will pay higher since I'm already a little bit famous, AND I should progress pretty fast in the career in general.

I join the Everyday Extras talent agency and immediately look for a gig. I sign up for Dead Sea Adventures right away, hoping to get on the higher price end, and then decide to head on over to a gym to boost my fitness skill by working out, since that's a job task.

Being famous, I acquire a crowd just by working out. In the yoga room, I practice acting... and also switch out the fake mats for real ones since I have Spa Day.

No regard for anyone, exactly like a celebrity.
When I finish that task, I try inciting some cheers. I get a couple of positive responses, bringing me to 16/25 cheers. Nine left!

In the meantime, I practice some singing to get myself some fame. Why not, right? A yoga class starts, and I decide to join, thus unlocking the wellness skill. Woo. After the yoga class, I hang out in the lobby and practice guitar because I can.

Once I reach level eight guitar skill, I switch to practicing singing so I can reach level eight there, too. With both guitar and singing at level eight, I can start writing songs, so I decide to compose a song on the guitar.

In the middle of that, I get invited to the spice festival and so I head out to check it out. I harvest the plants at the festival and then buy some ingredients to fulfill my goal for the outing.

Then, knowing I'll fail, I enter the curry competition. Despite my low skill, I somehow manage to eat the curry. Nice!

I drink a celebuserum before hanging out in the karaoke bar and doing some karaoke. It's raining out there, dangit!

Afterwards I head home and continue writing the song on my guitar. I had a small glitch with it, but apparently just... taking the guitar out of my inventory and writing songs from there works. Still. Annoying.

Aaandd it turns out I can't license my songs until level nine, rip me. Duly noted. Once I write the song, I authenticate an artifact and feed Dusty, then take the pup on a walk.

I am feeling the urge to move. So... I store the things I want to keep, sell the things I don't, bulldoze the lot... and move on out.

I move to Glimmerbrook Watch in... I'm sure you know where. I take full advantage of basements, this go-round... particularly because the lot is smaller AND I want to keep the trees.

I ended up not keeping the trees, and... accidentally ended up deleting ALL of my collectibles. I'm upset about that, but... hey, the house looks nice, and now that I'm not collecting things I don't need a basement.

Part Four (Finale)

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Sims 4 Playthrough: Get Famous Part 2

Last we left off, I was questioning my mortality while Cassidy played chess with Brittany Ceja. You might remember the fact I fought the mother plant with her - although I'm pretty sure she was a young adult, just like Cassidy still is, at the time.

Brittany leaves, but I keep playing by myself for a little while longer.

My bills get delivered, and I pay all 8,000 simoleons of them. Yargh. It's all the artifacts I keep holding onto... the dangers of collecting, I s'pose. In the meantime, I max my logic skill. Heck yeah!

With that, I head home. Time to take care of Dusty and then do... whatever else, I guess.

Apparently, there's a famous celebrity at the lounge - Orchid A-Go Go - so that's where I go. I perform the comedy routine I've got written - fame! - and then hang out.

I get a really creepy message from Roger Barajas...

-backs away slowly-
I then chat with the person who invited me. She leaves before I can ask her if she's a mermaid. RIP.

I sing a song with an overwhelmingly positive reaction. I want fans to ask me for pictures please. Aaaa.

I then go ahead and write another comedy routine, because why not, right?

A fan attempts to bribe her way in...
And there's a fight.
When I finish writing it, I go ahead and perform it.

I get a call to make a generous donation to charity, and OF COURSE I do so.

I drink another energy celebruserum - again, just to GET RID OF IT - and wait for someone - anyone - to ask for a selfie with me....

I level up my acting skill, because apparently I can practice acting at the microphone. Sweet. At level two, I stop practicing.

The trash can outside has been knocked over, so I scavenge for parts in the trash and then pick up everything. Why not, right? I go back inside (it's raining like crazy) and play a song on the guitar. Someone ask me for a selfie. Please.

While waiting, GeekCon starts and I get invited. Let's do it, why not?

Rocket Time
Meanwhile, I notice that I have the quirk 'public number' (...yaaay .-.) and I decide to spend my extra fame point on 'Networking'.

So that makes my quirks

  • Refined Palate
  • Public Number
And my perks
  • Giving Back
  • Established Name
  • CelebuSerum
  • Noticeable
  • Networking
All pretty cool.

I spend the entire GeekCon building the rocket, but nevertheless... IT IS BUILT. And my rocket science skill is now level 3, almost level 4.

Someone asks me for a selfie, and then, JUST before GeekCon ends... I use the rocket ship.

I head home now, planning to take a shower. I really need the Forever Fresh trait, but it's 8,000 points and I only have 5,000. RIP me.

I take the shower, love on Dusty, and jam on the guitar to fulfill a whim. Then I do a figure painting on the easel just cuz.

Winterfest is tomorrow! So I change out my large window and replace it with a small one so I can fit in a fireplace. And then I buy an evergreen tree and decorate it. So much fun.

I sell my painting to a collector. Then I rummage for decorations, get them all set up, decorate the fireplace...

Aw yis, it looks good. Very holiday.

I authenticate the artifact sent to me from the museum and get some fame and a decent price for it.

Winterfest is here! When it gets closer to 8, I'm gonna start up a party and cook a Grand Meal for people. So much fun~

I walk and then bathe Dusty, making sure he's all taken care of. I do some gardening as well. At about 3, I start the party and then start making the meal. I host a dinner party, which is usually goaled, but there's no goals during the holiday. Which - thank. goodness.

Since I'm in Sulani, I go ahead and make a fish dinner. Om nom. Father Winter arrives just before the party ends, and I get my present. Then... everyone says goodbye as it ends, leaving me to clean up alone. RIP.

Winterfest ends at 2 AM with a resounding success! I take a shower, because I'm dirty now - after, of course, feeding Dusty.

I authenticate an artifact sent to me from the museum for the money and the fame. Father Winter gifted me a new fridge, so I give the old one to a fan cuz why not, right?

I drink a fun celebuserum since my fun need is getting low, then update my social media stuff. Gotta boost that fame, yo.

I paint a 'mathematical diagram' since I'm focused, then head off to work.

...Except I don't actually go and earn zero dollars but it says I've done work??? What???


I go ahead and survey ocean wildlife, then head out with Dusty. We go for a jog around Ward Park, and... well, there's paparazzi and fans.

I get a call about a world-famous circus, and who am I to pass on the opportunity?

Paparazzo gets a picture of me loving on my dog.

Back home, I take a shower. Then I do some gardening. C'mon, I wanna level up xD I don't, but when the garden's all taken care of I fulfill a whim by walking Dusty.

I then just talk to plants, trying DESPERATELY to level up my gardening skill. I wanna max it, dangit! I make it to the next level, level eight, and call that good for today xD I play with Dusty some more, and then I'm off to work.

When I get back, despite the fact there's a thunderstorm, I go ahead and survey wildlife. Dolphins arrive and so I play with a dolphin a bit. Yay dolphins! I get a call to go head down to a talent showcase at the Stargazer Lounge, so I do.

I sign up to perform, just playing the guitar. And then since I don't have to get off the stage, I sing a song on the microphone, Because I Can.

I sing a duet with the person who invited me, AND THEN FINALLY, THE LAST SIM I NEED... asks me for a selfie. Now all I need to do is boost my fame that last little bit and we're in business, baby!

Ah yes, facing the wall: the only way to perform.
All that done, I head back home. I didn't actually succeed at surveying ocean wildlife - possibly because it was raining crazily - so let's go do that.

(As a side note, I did so well at karaoke I got a 'songbird deluxe' moodlet. Which. Nice.)

It fails AGAIN, but my work task is completed so I go ahead and move on with my life. I paint, in hopes to sell the painting for both fame and money.

Dusty ends up being sick, so I rush off to see the vet and hope that I get holiday pay for New Year's Eve.

I mop while I wait, and get Dusty the most expensive treatment. I love my dog, dangit! Once cured, I head back home and get ready to throw a late night New Year's party.

I decorate and make a resolution (to complete an aspiration milestone, which I am SO CLOSE to doing), and then decide to chill until about 8 o'clock when I'll get the party started.

I do some gardening and then paint, trying to get my fame up.

I get my mail, authenticate an artifact for the museum (or whatever), give said artifact back for fame and money, drink and inspired celebuserum, and then paint some more.

I complete my resolution and level up my ambition. HELL yes.

Now, I need to:
  • Sign three autographs
  • Get 25 positive responses from inciting cheers
  • and become a five-star celebrity
I'm hyped, honestly.

I try out the 'shoot nature documentary' I have for Cassidy. When I get back, I invite people over so we can celebrate the new year properly.

New Year's Eve ends up being disappointing, but I try my best. And then I try to take a shower.


Sims 4 Playthrough: Get Famous Part 1

I have 14,000 satisfaction points. I buy the 'forever full' trait and thus - never have to eat again. I have 4k points left, but... well, forever fresh costs 8k, and so that's what I'm going to buy next.

If you couldn't tell by the title, I decide to play with Get Famous. That is - work on my celebrity cred.

I'm almost to a level 3 celebrity, so why not go all in and try out all that the pack has to offer?

Immediately I complete the first level of it, since I already have not just one but TWO fame perks. And now it's time to boost my fame.

First thing is first - publish the book I wrote. Then, it's the holiday New Skill Day, so I decide to go out and practice guitar wherever so I can boost that skill AND my fame. I take Dusty with me because he's my puppy and this way, other people can pet him and give him treats.

Before I leave, I make sure my needs are full. Then, I head to Del Sol Valley (since I'm using that pack) and Ward Park. Now it's Guitar Time.

I level both my guitar and singing skills to level seven, and call that good. I take Dusty on a long walk around Del Sol and then head home.

At home, I do a little bit of gardening, and then resume figuring out what artifacts are and if they're authentic and aaalll that stuff.

For the artifacts that aren't in dirt clumps, I figure out for a fee of 25 simoleons and a boost to my fame I can send them off to get authenticated, so I do that.

I donate one or two of the things I've authenticated myself to the museum and sell the rest - that is, unless I don't have it already in my collection. This boosts me to a three-star celebrity.

For some reason, New Skill Day ends with it being awful despite me having improved my guitar and singing skills. Humph.

Since this IS the "Get Famous" portion of my playthrough, I suppose I should share what perks I've chosen:

  • Noticeable
  • CelebuSerum
  • Established Name
  • Giving Back (from my "pristine" reputation)
With all my artifacts authenticated (or sent off for authentication), I allow artifacts to be sent to me so I can authenticate them and get fame and money for it.

With 50,000 simoleons to my name, I think it's about time I upgraded my house.

I'm terrible at building and decorating, but... I think it's okay? Maybe? Meh. I can always modify it later :P

With the updated house, I decide to host a celebrity meet and greet. Why not, right?

I decide to host it at a pool, at the one option of a pool given to me. Someone fans out so hard while I'm socializing that they faint.

Once I complete all the goals, I start swimming, because we're at a POOL, that's what you're SUPPOSED to do.

Predictably, I get the gold award and thus complete that task. I decide to do the final thing - visit a celebrity hotspot. I take Dusty with me, because dogs should be allowed everywhere.

I choose to go to Studio PBP. The next level of the ambition is unlocked - four star celebrity, deal with paparazzi three times, and be asked for a selfie three times. Cool, cool. I go and sing three songs on the microphone inside to show off in front of the other celebrities inside (all more famous than me). Then, I try socializin'.

I manage to introduce myself to Brytani Cho, and start putting in effort to befriend her. She introduced herself to my dog, so of course I prioritize her. I can't do much, but I ask about her interests and then for an autograph before I head home.

I realize that I have not yet updated my outfits for the Get Famous portion, and so I do that. Afterward, I go ahead and give Dusty a bath and take a shower myself.

I drink a celebuserum and then I go ahead and paint, to boost both the skill and my fame. I also go ahead and buy myself a violin to work on that skill - later, perhaps in a year when there's another New Skill Day :P

My painting ends up being a masterpiece. I quickly go and "survey ocean wildlife" for my job - I can't believe I forgot!

I do some gardening before it's off to work.

After work, I get the mail, pay my bills, and then teach Dusty how to play dead and to shake, thus maxing out my pet training skill at five AND teaching him All Of The Tricks.

I paint and put it on my rather empty walls before writing a conservation article, then peeing and cleaning the toilet.

I pet and love on Dusty, and then paint an Impressionist painting to fulfill a whim. I sell it to a collector, and while I'm still inspired I decide to write a travel guide. I... forgot to take a screenshot of it before I continued. :(

Since I'm in the middle of writing, I decide to work from home today.

I take the three samples of ocean I need to and feed and care for Dusty and myself, and then attempt to survey ocean wildlife and not have it check off my work requirement not once, not twice, not even three times, but five fucking times - some in a row, some after waiting a bit. I close and restart the Sims game...

After another two times of it not working, it starts raining so hard I can't do ANYTHING inside and my Sim is forced to run home. Of course, my new shift starts. I take PTO so I can take care of Dusty and do other things without having to worry about another glitched out episode like I just experienced. ARGH.

Lessen learned, work from home's messed up. I pick this up after last touching it in October - hi, it's January now. I have Discover University to do, too, now.

I hop in and give my bees a mite treatment before doing some bonding.

Please don't sting me, please don't sting me...
After that, I go for a jog with Dusty.

I try out the new 'figure painting' that pops up on the Easel, and go ahead and sell that painting to get more of that delicious, delicious fame.

I don't know what I expected.
I decide the best way to deal with fans and paparazzi is to ~go somewhere~. I head to Del Sol Valley's Orchid A Go Go. I can practice my singing skill here, too.

I do some quick rearranging, including adding a computer and a bar to the VIP section, and then send Cassidy up to write a short comedy routine. Why not, right? Let's up that low-level comedy skill. Ultimate Sim on her way to the top!

I find out I accidently put the door facing the wrong way, so a paparazzo sneaks right in where I and "Thorne Bailey" are. Oops.

Highlighted for your convenience.
I stop in the middle of composing my routine to pose for the paparazzi. Let's work on my ambition, eh?

Then I go back to composing my short routine. Once it's done, I head downstairs and out of the VIP section to perform it.

I perform it again to level up my comedy skill, because eff you that's why.

Then... I chill and wait for people to ask to take selfies with me. C'mon, people.

I take the opportunity to pose for paparazzi again. My reputation is flawless, I am the best. As a test, I take a selfie with a fan, but... nope, no dice; they have to ASK me. Argh.

I ask for an autograph of Thorne since he's here, and I have one of Judith Ward, so why not, right?

I take a confidence celebruserum just before running off to work. Yeehaw. Just before I go, I catch a couple of fans gossiping about me. NICE.

I get home with a promotion, which is freakin' awesome. Then I run off to survey ocean wildlife. When I'm done with that, I decide to have some fun and take a bath with soaks to take care of my hygiene need.

I need to max my logic skill to level ten as a promotion task, so I start by analyzing samples that are in my inventory.

I apply another mite treatment to the bee box, then take a microscope slide of one of my plants to analyze under said microscope.

It doesn't take very long, so then I switch gears and start stargazing. I reach logic level nine, which: yay! One more to go.

It's interrupted by Cassidy needing to go to the bathroom, so I do that - then I spend some time loving on Dusty (he's sad) before giving him a bath. I then fertilize a plant with a poop that Dusty did. Thanks, Dusty xD

The observatory has 'search for the truth' pop up, so that is exactly what I do. I get a print from it, but it's a print I already have, so I just go ahead and sell it.

The holiday 'neighborhood brawl' starts which. I just. Why? I end it early, because... why. Just. Why.

I get another two prints from the observatory, neither of which I have, and then it's off to work!

When I get back, I collect my mail and do some gardening. Then, I head upstairs and use the toilet. I get a whim to use the observatory, so I do!

After that, I complete my daily work task of surveying ocean wildlife. I got sent an artifact to authenticate, so I do so. I mail it back and then spend some time with Dusty.

Since I have my days off and don't have to worry about working for the next four days (yay), I head off to Del Sol Valley again in hopes of 1) upping my fame and 2) walking on Starlight Boulevard to fulfill a whim.

My bladder starts bothering me, so I go ahead and buy 'steel bladder' since I have 6,000 points. I quickly add a chess table to the park and start playing with someone.

Paparazzi and fans EVERYWHERE
Someone interrupts me to ask for a selfie, which - yay, one step closer to completing my ambition! But, like, also, I'm trying to level my logic skill here xD

Someone calls me up to the flea market, so I head out.

I buy something there (origami crane latern. It's big but pretty!) and then try a hookah with the person who invited me. Oh, sorry - I mean a bubble bar.

It impacts my reputation, but I don't quite glimpse what it is other than green. I don't mind too much either way - my angelic reputation is not gonna get killed by one or two measly points.

I jam on my guitar some, because why not.

I drink a celebruserum - an energy one I don't actually need, mostly to get rid of it - and then, when the flea market is over, head to Strangerville.

I need some youth from the mother plant, yo. She sends my life progress back to the beginning, as she does.

After that, I head on over to the Strangerville Library. After putting away some books, I start playing chess. Level that logic skill up!

It's interesting. Two of the people I fought the mother plant with at the start of this playthrough are elders now, thanks to the mother plant herself. The other one was an elder at the time, and since he no longer comes up to socialize with, I'm... pretty sure he's dead.

Sims can sure make you think about your mortality, huh?

Part Two

Friday, September 13, 2019

Sims 4 Playthrough: Jungle Adventures Part 4

At the bar, there's someone I know so I start talking in hopes to boost my social need. I give an archeology lecture right off, since it'll boost my fame too.

After my social need is full, I go to the bathroom and then order and eat some food. It's "normal" quality so of course, I get a debuff. Sigh, the price of fame. xD

Once I eat, I refine the sapphire crystal in my inventory and debate about going back into the jungle. Has it been enough time? Pro... probably not.

I go ahead and check out the statue again, deciding to "show respect" to her. After that, I take my guitar and sing songs because why not.

I drink an inspired celubuserum and then do it again (the guitar) because SKILL GAIN. Yeah. Then I fulfill a whim to authenticate an artifact.

I play guitar until I get 50 simoleons in tips to fulfill another wish, then play chess for YET ANOTHER whim. Woo.

I head back to base to take a shower and then make food, using my gourmet cooking skill since I'm maxed on cooking. I have a variety of maxed skills and I am so proud of myself.

While I play the guitar to fulfill another whim, I get attacked by spiders. Luckily, I effortlessly avoid any damage. Aw yiss.

Finally, I head back into the jungle. It's time to finish this aspiration, methinks. I rescue someone from a carnivorous plant and get some treasures which is always nice.

This temple is especially lovely.

I excavate the piles and then examine the mechanisms in hopes to find my way through. Apparently, they're based on handiness skill, which I thought it was logic? Whatever, close enough, same difference, or... something?

All the same, first puzzle is done with zero guessing on my part.

I get a "Blessing of the Ancients" and attacked by spiders that I easily outsmart. Take that, spiders.

Next level has a type of mechanism I haven't seen before, with no option from it leading to opening the door. Sadness. However, I am easily able to move on. The next room has a wall of glyphs, although they seem randomly placed.

Unlike previous temples, when I open to the next stage, I go down a level.

Much spook, many wow.

The next room holds the final treasure chest. And the verdict is...

No base. Drat. Looks like it's time to cheat one in then, because... no. Just, no. My vacation ends pretty much as soon as I finish the temple, which is excellent timing.

I make a wealth relic with the cat statue and the watcher relic base and get some simoleons. Nice.

When I get home, I give some love to Dusty, then garden, and slowly begin to uncover, authenticate, and organize my goodies. It's a Process.

Actually, scratch that, hold on. There's a whole archeology knowledge tree. I pay my bills and then use an artifact on someone. Tada, ambition completed, moving on.

The next ambition is archeology scholar, and so I immediately uncover an artifact from a dirt clump before I go to work.

With my newfound vacation day, I head back to the jungle but only for a couple of days. I also try a fancier living area, a bit curious as to what it looks like. Hey - I'm wealthy from my time in the jungle, and I'm only going to earn more money as I go on.

This time, I take Dusty with me, because I don't want to leave him alone at home again. I set it for three days, just to make sure I have plenty of time.

I make food for myself and Dusty after claiming the downstairs bedroom. I'll be staying with Madison Gamble it seems.

After bathing Dusty, I dance the rumbasim to up my fun need, and then it's time to head into the jungle to do some excavations.

While I'm in the jungle excavating and exploring, Dusty gets bitten by a squirrel. Uh-oh.

I come back and make Dusty and myself some food, maxing out my gourmet cooking skill. Now the only reason to cook is to make myself meals for the next few days :P

With harvest fest coming tomorrow, I do some cheating to get some decorations in. Of course I'll invite as many people over as possible and make a grand meal and it'll be fun and great and etc. And then hopefully I'll never be on vacation during holiday again :P

I authenticate the three artifacts I need to to move on to the next level of my ambition and comfort and love on Dusty. Sure enough, he's gotten sick from that darn squirrel. When I get back, the first thing I'll do is take him to the vet's.

Harvestfest starts after I establish the necessary number of excavation sites, so I start participating. I appease a gnome with pie.

I think I made a mistake. Red fire is not promising.

Then I invite a bunch of people over and start cooking a Grand Meal for everyone. Obviously, for Harvestfest - the Sims equivalent of Thanksgiving, I think - I make a turkey dinner.

Dusty gets bitten by another squirrel while I'm cooking. I appease the gnomes some more, and then with almost everyone there I call everyone to eat the grand meal.

I manage to make one gnome happy. Hurray! The other one also acquires red fire instead of a halo, which is... not hurray.

I plead the angry gnomes for forgiveness, which apparently makes them angrier. Crap.

With angry gnomes, all of my guests quickly leave. I don't blame 'em, I don't want to be around angry gnomes.

I try pleading for forgiveness a few more times, and one gnome comes around. After the other zaps me about ten times I give up and start dancing to boost my fun need.

(The Sims is so random, sometimes.)

I comfort Dusty again, and then decide screw it - priority number one is vet's office. I use my phone to see if I can get there. I can't go without cutting my vacation short, it seems, so that is exactly what I do. I don't need to stay in Selvadarado for the rest of my ambition anyway.

And I take Dusty to the vet clinic, at last, so he can get better.

Man alive, I wish vet tables did that in real life. It'd be so convenient.

I pay the 750 simoleons for the expensive treatment. Cure my baby.

I give him love then take him home to feed him.

With that being done, I go back to authenticating and uncovering artifacts. Wheee.

Harvestfest finishes as a success, so that's nice at least.

After I use the bathroom, I authenticate one more artifact before having to go to work. RIP work: ruining Sims dreams as much as real ones.

When I get home, I have to feed Dusty, repair the toilet, clean things, and then make myself food before I garden and give my bees a mite treatment and collect their honey.

I authenticate another artifact and then play fetch with Dusty before... going back to authenticating and uncovering, and only 'EXCELLENT' quality.

After another two artifacts, it's back to work for me.

Home brings about more gardening, then feeding Dusty, then feeding myself. Yay leftovers.

Someone throws a charity benefit in the middle of me authenticating an artifact, so I head out. Sadly, they're at a place I can't bring Dusty. Sadness.

I had authenticated enough artifacts to be on the last stage of the ambition, so I go ahead and give an archeology lecture and hope it's successful. It's a success, which means just chillin' about until I can go back home. I find a spot to stand and play the guitar.

Someone is giving a comedy performance, so after playing a few rounds I go and watch that.

I become focused from my genius trait, so I go ahead and just "read something". The party ends, and I leave without finishing the book since my whim is completed. When I get home, I give Dusty some loves, then go ahead and start on my archeology book.

And with that, my ambition is completed.

Next time, I'll be moving on. Most likely to Realm of Magic, but I might stop and do some other DLC in the process.

Also - this is my thirteenth book with this post published on Friday the 13th, with a full moon and harvest moon. Spooky Times (:

Get Famous