Sunday, March 19, 2017

Quiet and Dark

I like when it is early in the morning.

Two, three, four AM.

Nobody is up. It is quiet.

The house is dark.

There is no-one on Facebook.

There is no-one to talk to. No posts demanding my attention. No chores I need to do.

The animals are asleep. The only light is my phone, alarm clock, computer.

Sometimes I'm on my phone.

Sometimes I just sit there and embrace the silence.

There is just something about such a time.

When I have nothing to do, nothing that needs to be done.

Sometimes, people are awake.

And we chat.

We say things too scary and too big to say in daylight. We whisper words across a screen, talking about our day. Things we don't usually think about. Philosophy.

I like these times.

When nobody else is awake, when everything is still and quiet.

I like the times when I'm camping, or staying in a hotel or at a sleepover.

I wake up a lot. I hear the other people breathing.

I see the stars.

I close my eyes.

I wake up, and when I've waken up for the eighth or ninth or tenth time, I slide on shoes and creep across and over everyone, outside, and watch the sunrise.

I like the quiet times.

Whether at home or not, there is something about these times when I can't or won't sleep.

Something beautiful, special, sacred.

It is quiet, and it is dark.

So I write.