Friday, July 26, 2013

The Wonderful Things About Writing

As I'm sure you can assume, I am a writer.  I am also very partial to scifi and fantasy (though I prefer fantasy to scifi; still, they are ridiculously similar).

This post was inspired by this:

Ah, yes, writing.  There are also many more inventions that were inspired by science fiction.  In the future, there may be an invisibility cloak, and it's about darned time that they're getting close to creating a hover board.  (read here for more).  Future inventions and past, the imagination of authors has inspired so many of these.  It starts with the idea; the idea that is written down.

Even fantasy ideas can come to life.  As an author, I may be the one who inspires that next brilliant invention that, decades from now, people can't imagine living without.  But it's not just the ability to inspire others that makes writing so great.

As I'm a fantasy writer (and occasionally delve into scifi), I create worlds.  I get to come up with unique species, stories, people, histories - all of that.  I am creating something brand new.  And as a reader, I get to experience other people's words (and even become inspired by them in ways I write!)

Writing is one of the most fantastic ways to express yourself.  And it has some of the most fantastic results.  There is nothing like diving into someone else's world, or immersing yourself in one of your dreams.  I know a lot of my stories come from dreams that I have.

I mean, when it comes to writing, there is absolutely nothing like it.  When you read, you can go all over the world and through a couple dozen dimensions, without ever leaving your seat at home.  When you write, you are the person who controls where you go; you have a power.  It's part of the appeal of Sims and many other games; the control of who-knows-where.

And who knows?  Maybe that short story you posted somewhere... You never know when it might give someone an idea for the next great invention.