Thursday, November 22, 2012

I Feel Like Posting

*pokes the title*
But I don't know what to post.  This being said, ya'll know get a poem.

I wrote it a while back, it's called "I".  If I posted it before comment and I'll post a different one.  Love (:

I, who have never touched,
Thought, the mind, I,
Who has never believed in,
Anything but what is obvious, I,
Even I, can see beyond,
These painted masks, but I,
Find the people inside, I,
Who have no opinion,
The complexity almost overwhelming,
I, on only the shallowest layers,
Have seen the beast to kingdoms build,
And the creature to force them fall.

I, who do not exist,
Except in lies and myth, I,
Have seen the monster’s smile,
As true compassion is given,
And I have seen the mercy,
Of the demons and the devils, I,
Who does not matter, I,
Who has no soul, has seen,
My soul revealed before me, and
I, the sins of others forgiven,
Yet I, the true beast, they say,
I have seen Heaven but also Hell,
I, the one who listens, I,
Who sees unspeaking, I,
Have spoken God’s words and by God,
I deliver myself into Truth.

This being said, I also discovered the beginning of a story while hunting for that lovely poem I just put.  So now you get a potential story developing thing, too.  How wonderous (:

Up in an attic she wanders.  I know she does, because I have seen this before.  She opens the pages, surprised, and starts reading.  Suddenly she is immersed in a fantasy world.  A world where a girl her age is creating a story, creating a world that needs her help.  And she wants to enter so bad.  As she reads, she approaches the end.  She wants to go in.  She's about to find out.  And then I stop her.  I tell her that it's not real.  I tell her that this is real.  She says both worlds are real.  I say only this world is real.  And then I use magic to knock her out.  I open the book and look at the drawn girl's face.  "You can't ever come out," I tell her.  She looks mournful, her hand reaching, then falling, her head turning to the side.  "I'm going to burn you so you're not around until my next little sister arrives," I say.  And then I burn the book.  The little sister forgets, grows up, and then on my doorstep another baby girl is placed.  Another possible replacement for Constance.  And I protect her.  It is our eternal dance: I keep her from taking Constance's place, Constance's instincts forbid her from doing anything but luring the girl.  She longs to give the girl a happy ending, but she never can.  She never can because that's how this spell works.  Constance replaced my first little sister.  My first little sister, who I put in the book....

There you go!  See I posted and now there's pretty stuff to read! *claps*

I'm planning to do an in-depth researched post about a big deal in these days (no spoilers!).  Let's see if I actually get off of my lazy bum and do it ;)

Oh yeah, and to finish off... go visit my friend's blog, !  It's really amazing.  That girl is a fantastic writer, minus the spelling and grammar.  Her poetry is amazing.  We're creative BFFs.  Go comment.  Get her to her fifty comments goal.  *pushes in that general direction*