Friday, September 13, 2019

Sims 4 Playthrough: Jungle Adventures Part 4

At the bar, there's someone I know so I start talking in hopes to boost my social need. I give an archeology lecture right off, since it'll boost my fame too.

After my social need is full, I go to the bathroom and then order and eat some food. It's "normal" quality so of course, I get a debuff. Sigh, the price of fame. xD

Once I eat, I refine the sapphire crystal in my inventory and debate about going back into the jungle. Has it been enough time? Pro... probably not.

I go ahead and check out the statue again, deciding to "show respect" to her. After that, I take my guitar and sing songs because why not.

I drink an inspired celubuserum and then do it again (the guitar) because SKILL GAIN. Yeah. Then I fulfill a whim to authenticate an artifact.

I play guitar until I get 50 simoleons in tips to fulfill another wish, then play chess for YET ANOTHER whim. Woo.

I head back to base to take a shower and then make food, using my gourmet cooking skill since I'm maxed on cooking. I have a variety of maxed skills and I am so proud of myself.

While I play the guitar to fulfill another whim, I get attacked by spiders. Luckily, I effortlessly avoid any damage. Aw yiss.

Finally, I head back into the jungle. It's time to finish this aspiration, methinks. I rescue someone from a carnivorous plant and get some treasures which is always nice.

This temple is especially lovely.

I excavate the piles and then examine the mechanisms in hopes to find my way through. Apparently, they're based on handiness skill, which I thought it was logic? Whatever, close enough, same difference, or... something?

All the same, first puzzle is done with zero guessing on my part.

I get a "Blessing of the Ancients" and attacked by spiders that I easily outsmart. Take that, spiders.

Next level has a type of mechanism I haven't seen before, with no option from it leading to opening the door. Sadness. However, I am easily able to move on. The next room has a wall of glyphs, although they seem randomly placed.

Unlike previous temples, when I open to the next stage, I go down a level.

Much spook, many wow.

The next room holds the final treasure chest. And the verdict is...

No base. Drat. Looks like it's time to cheat one in then, because... no. Just, no. My vacation ends pretty much as soon as I finish the temple, which is excellent timing.

I make a wealth relic with the cat statue and the watcher relic base and get some simoleons. Nice.

When I get home, I give some love to Dusty, then garden, and slowly begin to uncover, authenticate, and organize my goodies. It's a Process.

Actually, scratch that, hold on. There's a whole archeology knowledge tree. I pay my bills and then use an artifact on someone. Tada, ambition completed, moving on.

The next ambition is archeology scholar, and so I immediately uncover an artifact from a dirt clump before I go to work.

With my newfound vacation day, I head back to the jungle but only for a couple of days. I also try a fancier living area, a bit curious as to what it looks like. Hey - I'm wealthy from my time in the jungle, and I'm only going to earn more money as I go on.

This time, I take Dusty with me, because I don't want to leave him alone at home again. I set it for three days, just to make sure I have plenty of time.

I make food for myself and Dusty after claiming the downstairs bedroom. I'll be staying with Madison Gamble it seems.

After bathing Dusty, I dance the rumbasim to up my fun need, and then it's time to head into the jungle to do some excavations.

While I'm in the jungle excavating and exploring, Dusty gets bitten by a squirrel. Uh-oh.

I come back and make Dusty and myself some food, maxing out my gourmet cooking skill. Now the only reason to cook is to make myself meals for the next few days :P

With harvest fest coming tomorrow, I do some cheating to get some decorations in. Of course I'll invite as many people over as possible and make a grand meal and it'll be fun and great and etc. And then hopefully I'll never be on vacation during holiday again :P

I authenticate the three artifacts I need to to move on to the next level of my ambition and comfort and love on Dusty. Sure enough, he's gotten sick from that darn squirrel. When I get back, the first thing I'll do is take him to the vet's.

Harvestfest starts after I establish the necessary number of excavation sites, so I start participating. I appease a gnome with pie.

I think I made a mistake. Red fire is not promising.

Then I invite a bunch of people over and start cooking a Grand Meal for everyone. Obviously, for Harvestfest - the Sims equivalent of Thanksgiving, I think - I make a turkey dinner.

Dusty gets bitten by another squirrel while I'm cooking. I appease the gnomes some more, and then with almost everyone there I call everyone to eat the grand meal.

I manage to make one gnome happy. Hurray! The other one also acquires red fire instead of a halo, which is... not hurray.

I plead the angry gnomes for forgiveness, which apparently makes them angrier. Crap.

With angry gnomes, all of my guests quickly leave. I don't blame 'em, I don't want to be around angry gnomes.

I try pleading for forgiveness a few more times, and one gnome comes around. After the other zaps me about ten times I give up and start dancing to boost my fun need.

(The Sims is so random, sometimes.)

I comfort Dusty again, and then decide screw it - priority number one is vet's office. I use my phone to see if I can get there. I can't go without cutting my vacation short, it seems, so that is exactly what I do. I don't need to stay in Selvadarado for the rest of my ambition anyway.

And I take Dusty to the vet clinic, at last, so he can get better.

Man alive, I wish vet tables did that in real life. It'd be so convenient.

I pay the 750 simoleons for the expensive treatment. Cure my baby.

I give him love then take him home to feed him.

With that being done, I go back to authenticating and uncovering artifacts. Wheee.

Harvestfest finishes as a success, so that's nice at least.

After I use the bathroom, I authenticate one more artifact before having to go to work. RIP work: ruining Sims dreams as much as real ones.

When I get home, I have to feed Dusty, repair the toilet, clean things, and then make myself food before I garden and give my bees a mite treatment and collect their honey.

I authenticate another artifact and then play fetch with Dusty before... going back to authenticating and uncovering, and only 'EXCELLENT' quality.

After another two artifacts, it's back to work for me.

Home brings about more gardening, then feeding Dusty, then feeding myself. Yay leftovers.

Someone throws a charity benefit in the middle of me authenticating an artifact, so I head out. Sadly, they're at a place I can't bring Dusty. Sadness.

I had authenticated enough artifacts to be on the last stage of the ambition, so I go ahead and give an archeology lecture and hope it's successful. It's a success, which means just chillin' about until I can go back home. I find a spot to stand and play the guitar.

Someone is giving a comedy performance, so after playing a few rounds I go and watch that.

I become focused from my genius trait, so I go ahead and just "read something". The party ends, and I leave without finishing the book since my whim is completed. When I get home, I give Dusty some loves, then go ahead and start on my archeology book.

And with that, my ambition is completed.

Next time, I'll be moving on. Most likely to Realm of Magic, but I might stop and do some other DLC in the process.

Also - this is my thirteenth book with this post published on Friday the 13th, with a full moon and harvest moon. Spooky Times (:

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