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Sims 4 Playthrough: Get Famous Part 1

I have 14,000 satisfaction points. I buy the 'forever full' trait and thus - never have to eat again. I have 4k points left, but... well, forever fresh costs 8k, and so that's what I'm going to buy next.

If you couldn't tell by the title, I decide to play with Get Famous. That is - work on my celebrity cred.

I'm almost to a level 3 celebrity, so why not go all in and try out all that the pack has to offer?

Immediately I complete the first level of it, since I already have not just one but TWO fame perks. And now it's time to boost my fame.

First thing is first - publish the book I wrote. Then, it's the holiday New Skill Day, so I decide to go out and practice guitar wherever so I can boost that skill AND my fame. I take Dusty with me because he's my puppy and this way, other people can pet him and give him treats.

Before I leave, I make sure my needs are full. Then, I head to Del Sol Valley (since I'm using that pack) and Ward Park. Now it's Guitar Time.

I level both my guitar and singing skills to level seven, and call that good. I take Dusty on a long walk around Del Sol and then head home.

At home, I do a little bit of gardening, and then resume figuring out what artifacts are and if they're authentic and aaalll that stuff.

For the artifacts that aren't in dirt clumps, I figure out for a fee of 25 simoleons and a boost to my fame I can send them off to get authenticated, so I do that.

I donate one or two of the things I've authenticated myself to the museum and sell the rest - that is, unless I don't have it already in my collection. This boosts me to a three-star celebrity.

For some reason, New Skill Day ends with it being awful despite me having improved my guitar and singing skills. Humph.

Since this IS the "Get Famous" portion of my playthrough, I suppose I should share what perks I've chosen:

  • Noticeable
  • CelebuSerum
  • Established Name
  • Giving Back (from my "pristine" reputation)
With all my artifacts authenticated (or sent off for authentication), I allow artifacts to be sent to me so I can authenticate them and get fame and money for it.

With 50,000 simoleons to my name, I think it's about time I upgraded my house.

I'm terrible at building and decorating, but... I think it's okay? Maybe? Meh. I can always modify it later :P

With the updated house, I decide to host a celebrity meet and greet. Why not, right?

I decide to host it at a pool, at the one option of a pool given to me. Someone fans out so hard while I'm socializing that they faint.

Once I complete all the goals, I start swimming, because we're at a POOL, that's what you're SUPPOSED to do.

Predictably, I get the gold award and thus complete that task. I decide to do the final thing - visit a celebrity hotspot. I take Dusty with me, because dogs should be allowed everywhere.

I choose to go to Studio PBP. The next level of the ambition is unlocked - four star celebrity, deal with paparazzi three times, and be asked for a selfie three times. Cool, cool. I go and sing three songs on the microphone inside to show off in front of the other celebrities inside (all more famous than me). Then, I try socializin'.

I manage to introduce myself to Brytani Cho, and start putting in effort to befriend her. She introduced herself to my dog, so of course I prioritize her. I can't do much, but I ask about her interests and then for an autograph before I head home.

I realize that I have not yet updated my outfits for the Get Famous portion, and so I do that. Afterward, I go ahead and give Dusty a bath and take a shower myself.

I drink a celebuserum and then I go ahead and paint, to boost both the skill and my fame. I also go ahead and buy myself a violin to work on that skill - later, perhaps in a year when there's another New Skill Day :P

My painting ends up being a masterpiece. I quickly go and "survey ocean wildlife" for my job - I can't believe I forgot!

I do some gardening before it's off to work.

After work, I get the mail, pay my bills, and then teach Dusty how to play dead and to shake, thus maxing out my pet training skill at five AND teaching him All Of The Tricks.

I paint and put it on my rather empty walls before writing a conservation article, then peeing and cleaning the toilet.

I pet and love on Dusty, and then paint an Impressionist painting to fulfill a whim. I sell it to a collector, and while I'm still inspired I decide to write a travel guide. I... forgot to take a screenshot of it before I continued. :(

Since I'm in the middle of writing, I decide to work from home today.

I take the three samples of ocean I need to and feed and care for Dusty and myself, and then attempt to survey ocean wildlife and not have it check off my work requirement not once, not twice, not even three times, but five fucking times - some in a row, some after waiting a bit. I close and restart the Sims game...

After another two times of it not working, it starts raining so hard I can't do ANYTHING inside and my Sim is forced to run home. Of course, my new shift starts. I take PTO so I can take care of Dusty and do other things without having to worry about another glitched out episode like I just experienced. ARGH.

Lessen learned, work from home's messed up. I pick this up after last touching it in October - hi, it's January now. I have Discover University to do, too, now.

I hop in and give my bees a mite treatment before doing some bonding.

Please don't sting me, please don't sting me...
After that, I go for a jog with Dusty.

I try out the new 'figure painting' that pops up on the Easel, and go ahead and sell that painting to get more of that delicious, delicious fame.

I don't know what I expected.
I decide the best way to deal with fans and paparazzi is to ~go somewhere~. I head to Del Sol Valley's Orchid A Go Go. I can practice my singing skill here, too.

I do some quick rearranging, including adding a computer and a bar to the VIP section, and then send Cassidy up to write a short comedy routine. Why not, right? Let's up that low-level comedy skill. Ultimate Sim on her way to the top!

I find out I accidently put the door facing the wrong way, so a paparazzo sneaks right in where I and "Thorne Bailey" are. Oops.

Highlighted for your convenience.
I stop in the middle of composing my routine to pose for the paparazzi. Let's work on my ambition, eh?

Then I go back to composing my short routine. Once it's done, I head downstairs and out of the VIP section to perform it.

I perform it again to level up my comedy skill, because eff you that's why.

Then... I chill and wait for people to ask to take selfies with me. C'mon, people.

I take the opportunity to pose for paparazzi again. My reputation is flawless, I am the best. As a test, I take a selfie with a fan, but... nope, no dice; they have to ASK me. Argh.

I ask for an autograph of Thorne since he's here, and I have one of Judith Ward, so why not, right?

I take a confidence celebruserum just before running off to work. Yeehaw. Just before I go, I catch a couple of fans gossiping about me. NICE.

I get home with a promotion, which is freakin' awesome. Then I run off to survey ocean wildlife. When I'm done with that, I decide to have some fun and take a bath with soaks to take care of my hygiene need.

I need to max my logic skill to level ten as a promotion task, so I start by analyzing samples that are in my inventory.

I apply another mite treatment to the bee box, then take a microscope slide of one of my plants to analyze under said microscope.

It doesn't take very long, so then I switch gears and start stargazing. I reach logic level nine, which: yay! One more to go.

It's interrupted by Cassidy needing to go to the bathroom, so I do that - then I spend some time loving on Dusty (he's sad) before giving him a bath. I then fertilize a plant with a poop that Dusty did. Thanks, Dusty xD

The observatory has 'search for the truth' pop up, so that is exactly what I do. I get a print from it, but it's a print I already have, so I just go ahead and sell it.

The holiday 'neighborhood brawl' starts which. I just. Why? I end it early, because... why. Just. Why.

I get another two prints from the observatory, neither of which I have, and then it's off to work!

When I get back, I collect my mail and do some gardening. Then, I head upstairs and use the toilet. I get a whim to use the observatory, so I do!

After that, I complete my daily work task of surveying ocean wildlife. I got sent an artifact to authenticate, so I do so. I mail it back and then spend some time with Dusty.

Since I have my days off and don't have to worry about working for the next four days (yay), I head off to Del Sol Valley again in hopes of 1) upping my fame and 2) walking on Starlight Boulevard to fulfill a whim.

My bladder starts bothering me, so I go ahead and buy 'steel bladder' since I have 6,000 points. I quickly add a chess table to the park and start playing with someone.

Paparazzi and fans EVERYWHERE
Someone interrupts me to ask for a selfie, which - yay, one step closer to completing my ambition! But, like, also, I'm trying to level my logic skill here xD

Someone calls me up to the flea market, so I head out.

I buy something there (origami crane latern. It's big but pretty!) and then try a hookah with the person who invited me. Oh, sorry - I mean a bubble bar.

It impacts my reputation, but I don't quite glimpse what it is other than green. I don't mind too much either way - my angelic reputation is not gonna get killed by one or two measly points.

I jam on my guitar some, because why not.

I drink a celebruserum - an energy one I don't actually need, mostly to get rid of it - and then, when the flea market is over, head to Strangerville.

I need some youth from the mother plant, yo. She sends my life progress back to the beginning, as she does.

After that, I head on over to the Strangerville Library. After putting away some books, I start playing chess. Level that logic skill up!

It's interesting. Two of the people I fought the mother plant with at the start of this playthrough are elders now, thanks to the mother plant herself. The other one was an elder at the time, and since he no longer comes up to socialize with, I'm... pretty sure he's dead.

Sims can sure make you think about your mortality, huh?

Part Two

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