Sunday, January 15, 2012

But We Try

Bitter torn pieces
that make us up,
each and every one,
a formation of dark and bitter,
regret, forget,
fallen ignorants,
a sky too blue to understand,
but we try.

No leaving things to rest
no magic in the world,
no love and peace,
no letting things be,
always have to understand,
explain, and be right,
sometimes it's not possible,
but we try.

Where did the faith go
and the hope,
and the dreams,
building us up into
more then we are?
they're long-lost,
but we try.

My heart aches,
because I will never get it right,
and you will never get it right,
and they will never get it right,
we will never get it right,
but we try.

And perhaps I should find the peace,
if I could get it right,
that's something,
but everyone is fighting,
a fight for peace, contradiction,
a fight for love, contradiction,
it's not religion, it's human error,
but we try.

The blame is not on us,
even though it is,
the fault of each and every one,
the other,
some people try, and maybe they get it right,
but most get it wrong,
but still we try.

But we try,
to find the hope,
the love,
the things long-lost,
and bring back happiness,
the stuff we forgot.

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