Thursday, November 28, 2013

Crazy, Silly People

I am one of those crazy, silly people who are high on life, livin' la vida loca, singing songs of wild and crazy swinging things. don't stop believing- never have and never will. So when you ask me "Do you believe in magic?" the answer is always yes. The syncopated rhythm in the city, broken and unending, cycling its own Bohemian rhapsody that lifts you away, breathless, in the beat of victory pounding 22 city lights, blown away by the electric twist of movement. It's all the things that make me brave, the breathing recklessness of freedom - these bare necessities of being royals and ruling despite being broke as dirt. But life is a lovesick drug all on its own, and I am a wild spark, singing this is the life I want to live and everything worth it.
All those links are songs. I'm sure you'll know some of them at glance, and others... CLICK IT XD I have a good variety of genres and such up there so it should be worth it. It started as the first sentence, minus the "singing songs... swinging things" parts. And then I realized "Hey that's a song title!" and everything else appeared.
I wrote this probably like two weeks ago? But didn't post it. Now I've transcribed it, linked the songs, and voila, here you are.

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