Monday, September 15, 2014


That's really all I can say.
It's in my head.
My heart.
Hurting so goddamn hard I can't even -
It's not me.
Cancer comes like a stealthy villain and you can't escape.
It seems like once someone you know gets it, someone you love will die.
Maybe twice over.
(Good-bye, Rudy.  How's heaven?)
It's hard to be okay.  I'm not okay.
Soon, my cat will leave me.

Good-bye, Lacey.  I love you, my sweetheart, my old cat.  You made it fifteen and a half years.  If you made it to April, you would be sixteen.  If you were a human that means you'd be old enough to drive.
(You'd still be alive)
I'm sorry you're hurting.


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