Monday, November 3, 2014


I'm suffocating.
Dying in this old circle, unable to escape.
Same old story as others before.
I pull, I tug, I try to release;
Like the maze, the endless run,
I am not lucky I am weak.
It covers my mouth, the way it's covered all the rest;
It glues my hands until I can't move;
I am the mask.

This horrifying mystery,
The solution is obvious,
But nobody looks there.
I scream, I scream,
It's all inside;
You can't let go,
You can't show,
We've been hiding all along.

And once upon a time,
And this miracle, indeed;
I've become so involved that it's easy to lie,
The tangle, the maze, it's me.

It's become so easy to lie,
The way I match their eyes,
My only tell the clenching of my heart,
Invisible to a human's eyes.
It's become so easy to lie,
The way I match their eyes,
Stronger than the truth, as if of the words are speak,
The only ones that are true, are false.

I wonder how deep I'll go.
So far it's little, but it's daily.
I used to be so honest;
But when you're faking happiness,
Lies become the default,
Scared to let anyone in,
Scared to leave.

I'm suffocating.
I can't get it off, though I try.
The smile is a mockery, an effigy,
This is not me!
But if you burn I'll die.
It's covering my mouth, the way it's covered all my lies,
Soaking me in the smile that I hid behind.
I can't move, can't speak, can't breathe,
I am the mask,
Trapped in my own lies.

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