Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thoughts of The Ick

it's this title because I feel icky.

but it's actually kind of beautiful.

also a good example of why astronomy, philosophy, sociology, and psychology are horrible things to take at the same time even if they make beautiful things.

so I'm just going to start of by saying:

we are made of stardust.

people say they are unimportant all the time and the best I can do is throw "I LOVE YOU" and "GOD HAS A PLAN FOR YOU" but man if you're an atheist that's like the lamest thing ever.  But now I can add "YOU ARE MADE OF STARDUST" to my repertoire.

Think about it, the night sky is so beautiful.  Stars may be made of hydrogen gas colliding together into helium but they still are beautiful.  They fight this fight against gravity for their whole lives, and then at their deaths they have so many possibilities.  I love the night sky; it's so jaw-droppingly beautiful, you get these millions of twinkling lights and I feel so small but I feel so small in a good way, in the way that 'I am here among these millions of mischances, among these billions of possibilties, and I am the possibility that exists!'

It's amazing.  And even more amazing is that all it is, is hydrogen and helium.  Burning balls of gas in the night sky and they look so amazing.  I mean farts aren't amazing.  They're stinky and horrible and you can't even see them.

But stars?  They're beautiful.  They are the source of life.  If an old star didn't explode into a beautiful supernova we would not be here today.  We exist because of stars.  We are, ultimately, stars waiting to be born; the imagery of a supernova is true because once upon a time we were one, and we can be that brilliantly beautiful again.

And even shooting stars, little balls of rock, they're beautiful.  Who doesn't love meteor showers?  And I mean, everyone takes a wish on them.  People wish on stars.

That is absolutely beautiful; that is amazing.  It's a little bit of hope for an hour, a day, and that hope can fall deep enough that someone does something to make their life better, to make all of our lives better.

We are stardust.  We eat stardust.  Everything that's iron and lighter than iron, all these elements, came from stars; all the heavier ones came from the explosions of stars.

It is beautiful and jaw-dropping and amazing.  Just take a moment and think about it.

So yeah.
You, reading this, right here, ignore every misconception you, me, or anyone else has of you.  You're beautiful.  I love you, because you're a human being.  God has a plan for you.
And we are the billionth lucky chance in the world, the right two people coming together to create us in a miracle, and we are made of stardust.

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