Sunday, January 8, 2017


the urge to be happy is buried deep, but there,
and even when darkness surrounds you light has a say.
suddenly, happiness! joy! when everything seems lost.
you're not alone, there's two you know.

such a small thing can a flower grow,
and though delicate, it's more than enough.
patience has our fingers crossed
when it's compassion there isn't a cost.

sunshine can be found in stormy weather,
when the blizzards and hurricanes toss you under.
take a deep breath and make life your own,
oh, harder to do than it is to say i know.

hope is hard to tamp down and hide away,
the heart may be broken but it's here to stay,
when you're doubting and lost there's still a way,
a door or a window or even a hole to escape.

to guard life few things are needed:
shelter, water, food, and friendship.
when given love a soul will blossom,
you're not alone, there's two you know.

when it's compassion there isn't a cost,
and never ever is all hope lost,
you can find happiness in the darkest of days,
it just takes a lot of patience and a little bit of grace.

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