Tuesday, November 22, 2011


There is such great importance on sight,
And to see there should be light;
The blind only see the black,
We say there is something they lack.

There is such great importance to hear,
And to hear is to tell us fear;
The deaf never hear the fright,
And we say they're not safe each night.

There is such great importance to speak,
And to speak is to have values we keep;
The mute never say a word,
And we say they haven't learned.

But the blind do not judge on color of skin,
On hair, on eyes, makeup, or outside win,
Instead they decide who someone is,
By the heart that guides, that lives.

The deaf do not hear the bitter words
That come from gossip learned,
They only see and taste and smell,
And therefore, never fell.

And the mute cannot say cruel things,
And break down other's dreams;
Perhaps they can think it, but say it they can't,
And so a little seed of hope they plant.

Perhaps what we have is a bit overrated;
And what is lost is clearly understated.
So care and love, think with the heart;
It is time for us to share all our part.

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