Monday, February 20, 2012

More then Shells

Can you tell me what it's like
To give up your heart, let it break,
Feel it shatter when you seperate,
Make that chance, create that try,
Be more then a shell, nothing inside?

Can I tell you what it's like,
To struggle to forgive just one,
Let the hatred come when you worked so hard,
To love each soul that comes,
But then you can't, just once?

Does anyone know what it's like,
To be perfect and make no mistakes,
Do everything right the first time,
Give second chances but don't need them?
Only One; He's not here but there.

Can someone show me what it's like,
To never doubt, but be broken inside?
Or maybe you know only what it's like,
To be doubting and hating all the time?
But more then a shell, all empty inside.

This world is hard, who told you 'easy'?
Just a warning, it gets worse,
But people are living and loving, managing,
And taking risks, more then shells,
Broken and hurting but surviving.

Survival isn't just about "life";
Being a shell, empty inside,
That could be worse; no risks, no joys,
Left as a broken piece, an unloved piece of,
Dark judgement and bitterness.

And the thing is I'm broken beyond repair,
But so are you, and everyone out there,
But we repair ourselves each time,
We take a risk, we continue to try,
More then shells: full inside.

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