Saturday, February 18, 2012


Smile, for today is different from yesterday;
It's new but with the stains of old,
Streaking fingers and tattle-tale hopes.
And memories, why, I remember
Once upon a time and happily ever after,
Never gonna happen and,
I'm already there.

Sometimes I am weak,
But mostly I am strong,
I'm imperfect, never claimed to be
More then me.
I'm different, never claimed to be,
Another clone.

Who I am is many things,
But I am living for today.
It's hard to take things one step at a time,
But it's living day to day,
Faith, promise, honesty,
It's all there and somewhere,
Distant perfect somewhere.

Tomorrow will be different,
Brand-new with clinging fingers of hope,
But I'm not waiting for tomorrow,
Tomorrow never comes;
Today is the day I need to change,
Begin life a new,
Streaking fingers of old.

New and old side-by-side,
Love can conquer hate,
Dreams I'm still dreaming,
Worlds I'm still making,
Like nothing will ever die,
It only ever comes true.

1 comment:

  1. Love this one. Love the hope and the positive in it. Love you.