Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Despite all the times and all the lies,
Despite the doubts and regrets,
Despite the thoguhts, the things that aren't,
Despite the lack of knowledge, wisdom,
Despite the loss of love,
I know out there, there's Someone,
And He always listens, but I can't speak,
It's hard to explain what's hiding deep inside me,
I'm a little girl, useless and frail,
But there's a strength inside.
I'm waiting to be heard, I'm waiting to be loved,
I have a Father in Heaven so far above.
And I remember the times,
When I've given into doubt,
But someone's come through.

I may not be made up of much,
And this world may be a dark and bitter place,
But when there's evil there is good;
When fear, there comes hope,
And maybe there won't be peace and love,
But I know they're inside of me.
And even though I don't finish everything,
And sometimes am forgetful, irresponsible,
I can really come through,
Despite all the words pushing me down,
Despite all the laughter at me,
Despite all the tears and hate,
Despite the weakness I hold,
I'm still a brave and beautiful someone.

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