Monday, February 25, 2013


It was long ago but clear to me,
The wisdom and the honesty,
In sacrifice it blessed.

I am a witness of the Savior,
Knowing of the perfect One,
In perfection He came.

And knowledge of the Savior,
Brings wisdom of the ones,
Angels on Earth, wingless and strong.

Sent here to love me, be saviors too,
Keep me on the right path,
Bring me back home.

And so I look to my Father and Brother,
Holding hands with those on Earth,
Someday we'll find our way.

So reaching across miles and days,
Or sometimes right there in front of me,
We touch the hearts of those we love.

And charity is our taste of perfection,
And I'm glad to know I am loved,
Ready to find my way.

And I walk in the right, love and with might,
We push and we pull together to find,
Our way back to Him.

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