Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I Know Why They Die

Last night I was gazing at the sky, and a star shot across it,
Headed to some impossible place I cannot comprehend,
A meteorite burning in the atmosphere,
But it never lands.

A week ago, to the hour, I was sleeping in the sun,
I tossed and turned, could not comprehend,
Why what happens, happens,
Why we cannot escape.

But last night a meteorite gave me this quiet, little answer,
When I made a wish, which is just a prayer,
And I felt safe, and at peace, and it was wonderful,
All is fair.

Two years ago, I held her dying in my arms, as she was unable to move,
Black fur was just an overcoat on an empty shell.
I thought then there was no rhyme or reason,
That Earth... was really hell.

Last night as I watched the flickers of the remaining bits of dust,
Lighting the night in a fireworks display soft and quiet,
I realized a truth and I fell to my knees,
I couldn't keep it private.

Why good people die young is because of reasons humans cannot comprehend,
But occasionally I think we can just slightly understand,
For last night I came to the discovery,
That each death is carefully planned.

The best are always taken from us early, so we can barely experience their light,
But that's okay, they're still around, checking in,
They are unable, incapable, as in life,
They could never sin.

Last night the meteorite told me the answer, whispered I know why they die,
And I will tell you that they are far too good to stay on Earth,
So they become angels, loving us, guiding us, instead,
For the weak they search.

Tomorrow I will wake up with the rising sun, and I will tilt my head and smile,
And I will wave at the angels that are flying, soaring all about,
Taken from us on Earth to do the most magnificent of duties,
And in joy I will shout.

Yes, I know why they die, it gives me peace of mind,
To know they are doing grandiose things,
Twenty-four hours they are working, but they haven't forgotten us,
Checking in on us, our hands, our dreams.

So next time you see a shooting star cry out your wish to know,
The meteorite will tell you, no price will it take from you,
And you will understand as I do that they are taken from us because
Their hearts are the purest truth.

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