Saturday, June 20, 2015


I've been told so many conflicting things,
And my mind fills to the brim with words.
I tip it over, I learn
Every time someone speaks.
Every time, including me.

I've been told
To never let it bother me
I've been told
My problems aren't as real as they seem.
I've been told
To stand up for what I believe in.
I've been told
My problems count too.
I've been told
these opposites
And I've learned to stay true.

Oh, you say, don't take my color away,
That's fine.
To see you as you, then, well,
I won't be blind.

Cuz love takes a lot of sacrifice
And broken hearts.
Yes love takes a lot of selflessness
And renewing starts.

You say
don't go, just stay.

Well I'll stay up 'til 3 AM to cure a broken heart.
And if I have to find a way to cross a thousand miles,
I will.

Oh I say.
Let it be there.
Let it be real.
Let your heart beat.
You never know what you'll feel.

Yes love with all your heart.
Never let it go.
Hate will sink you but
With love you'll soar.

I know I'm not perfect,
And I have a lot of flaws,
And I'm scared of smiling,
I'm scared to be a cause.
But one day -
Far away, one day -
I will soar farther than before.

What I do is take moments
Hold them in my hands.
And love each person
Whoever crosses my path.

And you can hurt me,
Stab me in the back,
But I'll still smile.
I'll still smile,
And give you my heart.

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