Thursday, June 4, 2015

Love Always Wins

Every day I learn a little more of what love is.
Love is distance.
Love given and love received is the best thing in the world.
Love is not soulmates.
It's not easy.
Love is time.
Love is eternal.
Once you've loved, you don't stop loving.
The person you've given your heart to
Will always have your heart,
Even if you both grow so far apart your differences can no longer be reconciled.
There is nothing else like love.
Nothing else like the ache in your body because it's so strong.
Nothing else like the brain twisting words together,
Reading into every move,
And concluding that love is the only answer.
A wise teacher who I greatly admire told us,
"Love is the best selfish illusion."
It is not the best (nor the worst).
Love is selfless.
And it's not an illusion.
What's the strongest memory?
When we dream, our stories are overcome
By love of friends, love of family, love of lover.
I see your flaws.
I love you.
Not in spite of, but because of.
That is true love:
You complement each other,
You love even the flaws.
I embrace every bit of you,
Freckles and acne, anger and pain.
I would lighten your problems and take them for my own, if I could.
Love is giving.
I will not provide the partial love,
The "I love your shoes" love is not enough.
I will only love with a charitable love,
A sacrificing love.
I will not give the selfish love but the selfless love.
The only love worth talking about it.
The true love I have for you.
Stranger or friend, God loves you.
And to truly be like Jesus, I can only walk in His path.
I love you unconditionally.
Anger and pain are a part of me,
And sometimes - rare as it is - I will hate.
But the love I feel I won't let fade.
So at the end of the day,
As the wisest always know,
Love wins.

I love you, love of mine, man of my heart.

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