Friday, February 19, 2016

Not For Me

I thought for once in my life, ‘forever’ could actually be.
I just can’t see the light.
I knew this was coming for far too long
But I thought it was worth the fight.
All things must end,
And now my chest is tight.
My heart is broken, my hands are aching,
All I can do is write.
I’ve found a song and now it's on repeat,
I don’t have as much strength or might.
As everyone seems to think.
Of anything good I’m losing sight.
This is a losing battle, it was from day one,
But I’m an underdog, that’s the blight,
The curse and the blessing God gave to me.
I dreamed of our children flying kites,
But I guess that will never be.
I just wasn’t the one for you
And you weren’t the one for me.

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