Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Quiet

i have a secret,
something i want to share.

There are those who will tell you many things -
And there are days when, maybe,
You might just believe them;
But let's set the record straight,
They're wrong.

Love comes in many forms,
And who are we to say
Which one is more or less valid?
The best cure to a curse
Is love of a mother.

There is value, regardless
Of how you were born
Of who you are,
Or who you'll be.

And some will stomp their feet,
as if drowning out the quiet voices
will ever make them feel better.

But you and I, we know better.
It's the soft voice of reason,
The becoming little bit of love.
Compassion is the best way to teach.

And wasn't it Jesus who said
Love one another?
Wasn't it Jesus who
Spent time with the sinners?
We're all a little broken and that's okay.

Some will stomp their feet,
As if loud can overcome soft,
But though soft is quiet,
Though sometimes soft is unseen,
Soft finds its way to the scars and the bruises,
And patches them up.

So yes, this is a secret,
Because loud is so easy to hear,
But listen to the quiet,
The quiet singing love, love, love.

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