Sunday, August 7, 2016


Nobody wants to be called 'evil'
But the truth is we're all a villain
In somebody else's tale.

In the end of the dust and the breeze
We'll all fade away,
With memory and patience,
Because life never stays.

And I'd like to see a love that really lasts forever,
When it seems all the fairy tales end.
No hero stays a hero in a world determined to break you.

When you're there there's only one thing to see,
It's the heartbreak symphony, cacophony,
Love songs and brokenness can't quite explain this end.

And you can write lyrics into poetry
And try to pretend when really
It's obvious you're not okay.

You're determined the ending's coming,
You've determined that you're done.
But something keeps you here, anyway,
And it's killing you, every day.

So you walk further down that road,
Never looking back.
And when your map fails you,
And when the road ends,
What will you do then?

All your secrets add up somehow,
Into your greatest mystery.
You can't tell the truth, but then again...

Here's to hoping that all the good things,
You still think of from time to time,
Come to find you once again.
Come to fix your heart like they never did before.

Nobody wants to be called 'evil',
But the truth is no-one's a hero,
We're all just kids playing pretend.

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