Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Why Do I Suck at Titles

People are richly complex, in-depth, and beautiful,
And you and I are no exception.

I am a lyricist, putting pieces together,
Making puzzles into holes, and emptying time,
Trying to fit in music and rhyme.

We all live the dreams we make,
And the nightmares that make us shake,
And any way you try to put it you could still say,
You could still say we'll be wrong for another day.

And what if we're all wrong? What if none of us are right?

I am a dreamer, not a doer,
I'd rather live in my mind.
But you have to sketch it out sometimes,
Imagination to life,
Trying to find what goes right.

People hold tight to meaningless things,
And you and I just do the same.
It's easier that way.

There's so much more than what you and I say,
What we see,
So much deeper than we'd like to believe.

I am a lyricist, writing out my soul,
Because how else am I supposed to feel?
The words I speak, the way I breathe, hold on tight to destiny,
And then let tomorrow go.

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