Saturday, December 10, 2011


The truth is out at last,
It's never been this or that,
Black and white is all a lie,
All that is just makes me cry.
Hope, peace, harmony,
I thought it all would come back to me,
Now here I am, proven wrong,
Dissapointment is my song.
I thought I'd have him, I thought he'd care,
But now I'm back to pulling out my hair.
It's not her fault, it's not mine,
It's only his, not the divine,
I thought he'd come back to love,
My Father in Heaven's gift from above,
How dare he prove me wrong again!
When my heart was just beginning to mend!

Daddy dearest, why so cruel,
Can't you make up your mind?
I'm sick of waiting when I can't find
A single ounce of truth.
I've been used by you and now I'm done,
Good luck, and find your own freaking sun.

But I don't give up, I'm always the optimist,
Even when things aren't really optimistic,
So since nobody's trying I'll give it a go,
Fifteen years old and hey, what do you know?
Praying for a family that will never be fixed;
Father in Heaven, help me be steeled,
The worse that can happen is next to appear.


  1. Sweety, you are so strong. God will help you to be made of steel. Lean on Him and He will hold you up. People are people and they are worth little time if they deem you unimportant. Let your ma know you love her and you think she is worth the world. She has to be convinced of worldy love before she can have faith in that of The Divine. When you show her she is worth something to you, that will open the door to proving she is worth something to God. I can see you're strong enough just by what you have typed here. People say that being an optimist means you're nieve...but it really just means you are smarter than the majority of this sinful world. You are smart enough to realize that the day is longer than the night.

  2. My precious girl, I wish I could protect you from these ups and downs. I wish I knew a way to make it all better - to heal both of us and to heal him. All we can do is pray and hope. Thank you for being such a sweet, loving and amazing daughter. You are, and always have been, the sunshine and joy of my life. I am so lucky to have you for a daughter.
    I love you.