Friday, December 23, 2011


Sit down beside, the one alone,
Ask who, the response,
"I'm nobody who matters."
And walk away,
Slowly fade,
This is life, that's okay.
Sit down beside, the one alone,
Ask why, the response,
"It's nothing that matters."
Stay silent, no questions,
Slowly stay,
This is life, that's alright.
Sit down beside, the one alone,
Ask how, the response,
"No way that matters."
A careful hug, a careful push,
Slowly walk away,
This is life, forever one way.

Nobody sits silent,
Sat and lost, dreams gone crashing,
Everyone will grow up,
Loose dreams and imagination,
Of course, it'll always be,
In one aspect alone forever.
Give up, give in, hide it and live,
But show the world something special,
Show the world magic indeed.

But nobody is everybody,
No matter in anyone,
Value is nothing,
But then, if such a case,
Why is there such change?
Someone out there, always caring,
Learn and live and die.

Nobody is everybody,
The importance isn't there,
All are empty songs,
Forgotten worth, disappeared.
What you know, gone.
Smile weakly, smile slow,
And maybe, somewhere, hope will grow.

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