Friday, January 25, 2013

Blog Postings

holy crap.
In the year of 2011, I had 93 posts.  In the year of 2012, I had 30 posts.
I could blame high school but really it's just my laziness.  And the fact my depression is a wild roller coaster ride of weirdness.
But yeah.
I've changed a lot even in just two years.  It's... strange.
luckily it's been mostly for the better.

Yup.  This is a rather unsubstantial post.
I can make up for it with a poem.  Maybe.
Do I have one I haven't shared yet?  I probably do...
Or I could do an old one... noo.  that's not cool.
maybe I could write one.

Okay I found one.  I posted it on Facebook originally.  But here it is (and it's recent!):

I just want to curl up and cry,

Be weak on the outside.

But I just smile like I'm alright,

Pretending I'm dancing in the light.

Because I look around and see the pain,

And say, "They have it worse than me."

I have a home, family, friends,

I'm not rich but we make our ends.

I still want to cry.

There are days I wake up hoping to die.

But my problems are tiny, they don't count,

So I fake a smile, I pretend I'm alright,

But is being the strong one, the kind one, really worth the fight?

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