Friday, April 5, 2013


Dude I had a seriously weird dream last night.

It involved a group of friends, two straight guys and three gay girls.  And also Minecraft and various other video games.  Including stuff that doesn’t exist irl.

It was insane.  I even got like two names!  but I only remember one.  Shane Carson.  Who was a girl.  And also black.  She was lesbian but got hit on by guys a lot.  Though one of the guys in her friend group joked with her.  It was actually a funny situation.

This, my friends, was a dream.

I have a weird brain.

I do want to write about these people now.  They were pretty cool.

Two of the three girls could also sing.  They sung in my dream.  One of them sang about Minecraft, and the other one was Shane and she sang about being hit on even though she was lesbo.

Fun fun fun.

I do want to write about these peeps anyway though.  They’re pretty cool.

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