Friday, April 26, 2013

The Light

A glimmer from the flashlight, shining out on moonlight waters, dancing like tomorrow

like tomorrow is already gone, dancing like life is beautiful and painless and dreaming of all sorts of crazy things,

moon and stars shining and creating boundaries to the wild, making the light sparkle in control,

so the fire doesn’t burn and consume everything, a powerful force that sparkles and


Reflected on glass-like creations, purring, content and happy in its life, hoping and praying and wondering

please that you’d see what you can do, values and hopes and dreams and things people don’t really think about,

like how you don’t have to take sides, and this real war isn’t about that at all; no, it’s more about


How that’s what we’ve been fighting for, person to person, creature to creature, connected,

though of course the light whispers this in a language that nobody quite understands, but shhh, listen, you can hear it,

straining its voice and telling you, yes you, that you’re beautiful and important and it knows without a doubt that you’re

just right.

How can you argue with it?  the light that’s dancing, shimmering, showing you a whole world you’d never seen before

of city streets and jungle trees in peaceful co-existence, and while lions don’t lay with lambs they don’t hate them, either,

and it’s showing you how beautiful it is, when a tree rises against a high-rise and a house shelters a family of mice,


This is the world now, it whispers, the light, a flashlight or a glimmer of moon or sun or whatever it is,

whatever it is it’s telling you, showing you, showing all of us, that the city’s as natural as the rain, and that we’re all interconnected,

saying that interconnected, there’s a solution and a way and people thing there’s only one thing, a me-or-them fight, but it’s a fight that means


We can make it out of this, this pit of dark blackness because it isn’t oppressive, and that’s what the light’s trying to say, sparkling and fizzling like a firecracker,

a firecracker wise in all ways of life, demanding our attention and if you just listen, you can hear it,

hear how content it is with itself and with you and how it hopes you can realize that it’s all together, all connected, and their can be peace and co-existence and every life


So it is not a one way path and it is not good that people hurt each other or any sort of crazy idea you can come up with,

instead it is a multi-wayed path and eventually the solution will be reach, the solution when people lay down their guns because they feel safe and lions and lambs sing music hymns together,

and there’s no worries of political battles and manipulations and hatred, instead it’s nice, because of


And one hundred years from now we’ll be telling our grandchildren how we’d all but given up hope,

but hope wasn’t ready to be given up and so it sparkled and whispered in a still, small voice, echoing all the whispers of slaves saying prayers and children taken from homes, the hope that’s in all of us that’s telling us to realize and to wake up and understand,

that it’s not a war of human versus earth or human versus human but of hatred versus hope, and that hope can and will win and do not give


Look up instead, and smiling because there’s something sparkling up there, dazzling the eyes with its displays, and look down and see the pavement and the grass, and how they seem to be content,

and peaceful and at home, co-existing, like we all should be, and do not forget

that little light, shining on the water, glittering like a firecracker, whispering in a voice so soft but if you just listen really closely, you’ll hear it:

“Believe me, we belong here, and all will be okay.”

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