Friday, March 25, 2016

I'm Not an -Ist

So.  Let's do a little exercise.
I'm going to run off a list of things/words/phrases and you're going to look at them and keep in mind what you thought of them.  Write it down if you want I guess, but honestly you really don't need to respond with what you thought.  Just kind of look at them and acknowledge it.

Animal right's activist
Human right's activist
Social Justice
Social Justice Warrior

If you didn't have some negativity about at least one of those, you're lying.  There's more I could have done, but I think I might offend enough people, so...
This is why I'm not an -ist.

I used to announce with pride that I'm an animal right's activist, and then always say "BUT NOT LIKE PETA" because PETA gave a bad name.  And while I'll still say I'm Christian and Mormon (hush, I believe Mormons are Christians, this is my blog, my opinions) I much prefer reciting the first article of faith ("I" instead of "we", but "I believe in Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost") and saying I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints more than anything.  Look at that.
You can't get confused with that.  You can't think I believe in polygamy or that I'm a part of FLDS or anything like that.  You just can't.
I'm not any of those things above.  I believe in equality, and love, and compassion, and respect, above all else.  You can't get confused with that.  You know exactly what I'm saying.

So sure, it takes more words.  But I don't mind using more words - simple words, easy words - in order to preserve clarity.  I'm not going to join a movement.  I'm not a part of a movement.
What I am a part of us the human race.  I will not add more labels to distinguish myself from my fellow brothers and sisters.  No sir.
So I'm not an -ist.  I'm not a feminist, or an activist, or what-have-you.

I will volunteer, and I will write, and I will fight for animals to be treated with respect instead of stuck in lonely cages where they can't turn around.  I will fight to make sure there's no more child brides and I will always, always remember to love and to care.

I'm not part of a movement.  I'm just me.  And you can say "oh but these things make you" whatever they make me, and maybe you're not wrong.  But I don't care.  I really don't.
And if you're calling me one of these things, the only one-word unclear answer I'll take is "Christian" or "Mormon" (slash LDS).  Otherwise?
Stop.  I'm not a part of this movement.  What name or label I claim for myself doesn't mean a thing.  What matters is what I believe in.
And quite frankly, if you've read anything in this blog at all, you already have at least some idea.

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