Thursday, March 17, 2016

You Know Who You Are If You're One of These People

(Or, alternatively, either one of these:
"Because Really, Stop Trying to Corrupt Me, You’re Not Helping Anything I Swear"
"Why Is Changing My Personality Something You're So Excited To Do")

People assume many things about me.
But never do they assume that I
am very

I know this is because
I am naive and innocent
But they do not realize
How much I have fought
To be this way.

I am an optimist
Who believes in love
Who cries
Who watches Disney movies
Who has a very big heart
And always feels

So people assume
That I need to be fixed
As though being
Positive and innocent
Is some sort of curse
Unless you are a child.

They do not realize
That I am happy with who I am,
Or somewhere, circling,
In the vicinity.

They do not realize
That depression
Can make it hard
To move.
But still...
I wake up
And I smile
And I believe
In the happy ever after,
In the better,
In the 'maybe's.

I am emotional and innocent
Someone to be protected.
What is unseen is how strong I am.
How hard I fight for every little scrap
Of innocence
Of optimism
Of looking in the mirror
And not hating myself,
From my hair,
To my eyes slowly growing more and more brown,
To the extra weight I hold.

It is strange to me
How people take my innocence
As a challenge,
How the best goal
Is to corrupt me -
How, in pretending kindness,
They claim it is to 'protect' me,
Never realizing
That by being innocence
That by being positive
I am slowly proving the world wrong
Letting my heart grow bigger,
Even though it's been shattered before,
That I am becoming more.

And yes.
I cry easily,
But I also laugh easily,
And if you ever need someone,
I'm used to being a rock,
Someone with good advice,
Someone to listen,
And I may be naive,
But I am also

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