Saturday, June 11, 2011


Silence can hold so many things,
A treasure box, a wonder, new.
Brilliant is the world if you only know how to see,
But nobody knows how to see
Past the hate and shame and pain,
Bitterness turning gray,
Nothing's ever into simplicity.

The one who understands is gone away,
And the one who dares to try never stays,
And those who fade into the crowd are everywhere.
It's blind as follow-the-leader comes along,
Too scared to try, too scared to stay,
Terrified to go.

And the step is taken, the breath is taken,
Breathe, just breathe and let it out,
Take it in there's brilliance,
So hard to see the worth
When everything turns to gray.

Left as empty husks despised,
We were filled with hate but hate just steals.
Love is forgotten but it always was,
And those who hope can only be naive.

Who here used to believe? Everybody
We can't ever forget the days of faith.
Where's all the faith?

So the bleak world comes crashing in,
And it's made strange and bitter and filled with hate.

So we run away to find the good things.

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