Monday, June 20, 2011


What is gone?
Sometimes it is leaving inside
And all that’s left is an empty shell.
Other times, it’s someone who goes away
Because they’ve stopped loving and don’t care anymore.

Gone can be the one who’s forgotten who they are
And forgotten how to care.
Or maybe it is when someone looses hope and faith
And forgets how to love
And everything is gone.

One day all we know
And all that we don’t
Will be gone,
Leaving us behind,
Empty and void.

So then why do people keep trying,
Pushing through and running,
Hoping, believing, forgetting, and loving,
Hating and glaring, ignoring,
When things will end?

It took me a while
To find the words to say
To learn of why things don’t stay the same
To learn of why there are those who try
Who hope to make it to a better place.

But now I know,
Despite beliefs, longings, and forgetting,
There is something more,
And in everyone's heart they know,
Someday, even pain will be gone too.

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